Adyar Gopal Parivar
 The print media and the electronic media in
collaboration with some of the intellectuals (herein
referred as 'the pseudosecularists') try to misrepresent
the fact that if a famous artist renounces his citizenship
of India then it is a matter of great shame. This is non-

On the other hand if the Indian government restricts the
freedom of the painter in choosing his citizenship then it
will be a shame. There are several lakhs of citizens of
India who after living abroad have renounced the
citizenship of India and chose to become citizens of the
country of their residence.

The pseudosecularists contend that Indians should
ponder important questions relating to democracy, rule
of law and public culture. I say that the
pseudosecularists should study the Indian Constitution
for answers to these questions.  The term democracy
means only that the form of government is such that the
citizens have the power and they decide the form and
functions of the government. The Indian democracy is
fully compliant with this definition of democracy and its
reputation can not be blackened unless the government
becomes non-democratic. The Indian Constitution under
Article 25 gives every citizen the right to freedom of
religion. The rule of law in India is one of the best in the
whole world. The public culture most peace-loving in

The pseudosecularists keep harping that there are thugs
in the Sangh Parivar. If there are thugs in Sangh Parivar
then any one has the right to lodge a complaint with the
nearest police station. The Sangh Parivar is pictured to
be a monster larger than its size, while it is really not the
main body that creates disturbances at the exhibitions of
paintings of the artist. All Hindus dislike what the artist-
painter has painted in his paintings showing the Hindu
gods indecently.

These pseudosecularists commit a grave error by
terming the large groups of Hindus belonging to
Bhajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad as ‘lumpen
arms’ engaged in illegal activities. Obviously the big
crime of the famous artist in painting the Hindu gods in
indecent pictures is, in their view, not an illegal activity.
Artist renounces Indian Citizenship
                                                       By Mohan Shenoy
Family Lines
Public Importance
And that the leadership of the Sangh Parivar is
responsible for the latest decision of the artist-painter in
not returning to India. That is utterly non-sense. None
other than the government can prevent artist-citizen
from returning to India, until he is branded as a criminal
and not welcome, and could cause a law and order
problem here. Many good Indians have renounced their
Indian citizenship on personal grounds. Mere
renouncement of citizenship does not result in refusal of
visa to them. If the artist intends to come and stay in
India he will be issued a visa since he is a person of
Indian origin.

The artist-painter decided to stay away from India
because he has realized that he has committed grave
sins by misusing his artistic ability to hurt the sentiments
of Hindus.

Only the pseudosecularists are sympathetic to the
viewpoint that the artist’s ability to paint is always
greater than what he depicts in his paintings. No matter
what an artist paints, he should be revered as an asset
belonging to the country, is what their definition of
democracy is. I am sure this is not an accepted
definition of democracy.

India can not depend upon the world for its reputation in
terms of  freedom granted to its citizens outside its
Constitution. The Indian Constitution clearly states by
Article 25(1) that freedom of religion also has to take
care that in its wake there is no law and order problem
arisen, in this case by hurting the sentiments of many
Hindus. Democracy is the religion of India and none in
the world can point a finger at Indian democracy for
what it is.

After misinterpreting the meaning of democracy at the
beginning, the pseudosecularists go on towards the end
to accuse the state governments of mishandling the
case of the famous artist. The democracy which they
talk about is not true democracy but a democracy in
which the lunatic artists who habitually offend the Hindu
community are allowed a free hand.

A famous Artist renounces Indian Citizenship
By Mohan Shenoy
Adyar Gopal and Radha Bai
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