What is HIV
and what is AIDS
           Since the disease is now managed
illegally by non-medical personnel in the
government and the NGOs who do not
possess either the medical qualification or
the license to practice medicine they follow
the wrong advice given by the vested
interest bodies.  The patients suffer in the
process.  The medical profession prefers to
remain silent because treatment of a patient
for either HIV or AIDS is such a wasteful
For all purposes, the non-medical personnel
should be banned from giving medical
advice to the population and only a
registered medical practitioner and HIV
specialist must be consulted for even the
smallest detail regarding management of HIV
positive patients.  Now the campaign should
be to educate the masses with the slogan 'It
is entirely safe to mingle with a person who
is HIV test positive'.  He will not pass it on to
another person without engaging in
abnormal sex.

         Many experts of HIV and AIDS that
work for the NGOs, do not wish to keep the
two separate or make a distinction between
the two because it helps the NGOs and the
government agencies get monetary aid from
the international and national drug
companies that make AIDS drugs, the
vested interest. Most of the sales of AIDS
drugs are for HIV patients and very little for
the AIDS patients.

         AIDS is a serious disease but HIV is
symptomless and mild. HIV could be no
disease at all. But the NGOs get their money
from abroad on the basis of statistics
regarding the HIV and AIDS disease in our
country. Most of the sales of the drugs also
depend upon how motivated are the patients
with these NGOs and government agencies
keeping the general citizenry on tenterhooks
regarding AIDS and scare them to death
about the whole thing.

         The symptoms such as diarrhoea and
fever, given in the newspapers, magazine
and TV advertisements for HIV and AIDS
under the heading 'symptoms of HIV' are the
symptoms of full blown HIV.  These
symptoms are not seen in a person who is
only HIV test positive.  It does not make
sense to mention these symptoms for HIV,  
because these symptoms are common in
many diseases routinely seen in any clinic.  
The symptoms of diarrhoea and fever are
seen also in many non-HIV diseases.

         TB has been mentioned in the list
specifically, because a larger percentage of
the patients with TB are positive for HIV test,
than in the general population.  These
patients are not necessarily patients of AIDS
disease.  Only if these patients had an HIV
positive test prior to developing the TB will
they be considered to have got the TB as a
complication of the AIDS disease and not
otherwise.  Most often the TB patients never
had an HIV test done before.  TB has been
in the world since millions of years, but AIDS
has been described as recently as 20 years
ago.  We have a lot of misgivings about
         The care-givers overlook the fact that
these TB patients may not be suffering from
AIDS, but they are only HIV test positive.  
These are the patients who will not get
loving care by the doctors and nurses due to
the scare created by the media and
governmental and non-governmental
organisations regarding AIDS and HIV.  
These patients die of TB because they are
treated primarily for their HIV positivity and
TB treatment is relegated aside.  Because
the patients and the care-givers have been
told that these patients are going to die
anyway, they are given the toxic
anti-retroviral drugs in full doses without
their viral count or the CD4 cell count being
done to determine if they need these drugs.  
They are sentenced to death by slow

         The care and treatment of HIV positive
status and of AIDS disease are complex.  
Since the disease is now managed illegally
by non-medical personnel in the government
and the NGOs who do not possess either
the medical qualification or the license to
practice medicine they follow the wrong
advice given by the vested interest bodies.  
The patients suffer in the process.  The
medical profession prefers to remain silent
because treatment of a patient for either HIV
or AIDS is such a wasteful exercise.  There
is a vast amount of confusing and
unsolicited advice from the vested interest
bodies to the doctors.  The doctors have not
developed expertise in managing HIV/AIDS
generally, and prefer to refer the patient to
government clinics.
There is a lot of confusion about the condom
being effective to prevent HIV/AIDS.
Previously every notice and advertisement
used to recommend condoms as useful to
prevent HIV/AIDS.

What is HIV and what is AIDS?
By Dr. Mohan Shenoy
(June 2008)
Why are these two diseases lumped together?
Is it necessary to make a distinction between the two?
Why shall we say 'HIV and AIDS' every time we name
the diseases, and not say AIDS only, or HIV only?
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By Mohan Shenoy
But now these notices and
advertisements do not include condom in
the list of measures in "Prevention of
HIV/AIDS". We notice that recently there
has been no advertisements in the TV for
use of condom to protect oneself from HIV.

         The campaign managers for
prevention and elimination of HIV/AIDS in
the country have now realised that
condoms are of no use in the prevention
of HIV/AIDS. The condom is useless in the
prevention of HIV/AIDS for many reasons.
But I have not seen any notice or
advertisement mentioning that 'hey, we
are sorry that we made such a fuss about
the use of condom to prevent the deadly
disease AIDS, but you know what, the use
of condom does not protect one from
Condom gives a false sense of protection
because the HIV virus is said to be
present not only in the semen but also in
the pre-play fluids.  Pre-play is impossible
after condom is worn.  

         Also the anti-sperm chemical in the
condom surface is not fully investigated if
it can cause premature delivery.  Why is
premature delivery more common these
days, does any one know?  Can the more
common use of condom be responsible?

         One has to go and see the patients
in the AIDS ward of a hospital to know
who is being treated there.  I will not be
surprised if one sees only the HIV test
positive patients and not those with
symptoms of AIDS.  As soon as it is
announced that a person is HIV positive
even his close relatives will shun him
although he is perfectly normal in all
respects.  This is the result of the alarm
created in respect of HIV and it is a
criminal conspiracy implemented by the
promoters of HIV test kits and drugs.  
There will soon be many retractions from
the recommended measures to combat
AIDS as time goes by like what is
happening with regards to the condom.  
Like condom many of the other measures
recommended for AIDS will slowly
disappear as the promoters are not
interested anymore in further expansion of
the market.  They have realized that the
market is already tearing at the seams.  
Ultimately the people will realise that they
have been handsomely fooled.

         There are wide gaps between the
figures given by the UN bodies and our
Department of Health investigators in
India, of the reported deaths due to AIDS
disease. The figures given by our Health
Department are not so alarming as it is
made out to be by the UN bodies.   
Statistical studies and findings of honest
researchers is refuted by influential and
powerful foreign lobbies.

         The UN and other International
Health bodies and vested interest
agencies insist that the HIV tests be
performed regularly on everyone. They
project that unless HIV test is conducted
to detect the anti-bodies the people can
not contain the spread of the disease.  
Also it is projected that any one who is
HIV test positive must be given full course
of treatment.  No mention is made about
the need for the evaluation tests(ET) like
the viral count or CD4 cell count.  The
anti-retroviral drugs used to treat HIV and
AIDS quickly fail because of the virus
develops resistance, easily and speedily.
The drugs are immensely expensive.  
These facts are not revealed to the
general public. Toxicity of the drugs and
side-effects are also played down.

         The evaluation tests (ET) viz. the
viral count and the CD4 cell count are
useful in the management of AIDS.   
When the viral count is sufficiently high in
the blood and the CD4 cell count is near
zero then the patient has developed
AIDS.  If such a patient dies with or
without complications then the cause of
death is AIDS.  If on the other hand the
ETs are normal then the patient has died
of the accompanying non-HIV disease.  It
is that simple.  But the ETs are expensive
and very difficult to perform even in the
hands of experts.  But they are not
entirely inconsistent or unreliable.

         For the millions and millions of
Indians who will never be HIV positive in
spite of normal sexual practices there is
no fear of AIDS.  As far as pre-testing the
blood for transfusion with HIV test, there
can not be an argument, as other tests
like for syphilis and hepatitis are routinely
conducted.  But treating a HIV positive but
AIDS negative pregnant woman with the
ART is questionable until further studies
are conducted as to the side-effects on
the newborn.
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