I love and respect my blood
relative like myself
About movies produced by Dr. Mohan Shenoy
List of Movies
of Mohan Productions

1. Satti shanthi of Manjunath

2. Pondycherry, here I come.

3. Tanjavur.

4. Kolhapur, Shirdi, Nasik

5. Ellora, Ajantha, Bijapur

6. Ooty, Kodaikanal

7. Hyderabad Times

8. Kolkata Loves You

9. Natarajanada Krishna

10. Preethi, My Daughter

11. Mukundray Kamath, the last of the Mijar

12. Gopalmam's Tragedy, how Gopalmam

13. Hill Stations of South India

14. Padharo Mare Desh,
Rajasthan Tour, Jaipur,
Ajmer, Pushkar, Jaisalmer,
Jodhpur, Chittorgad, Udaipur,
Abu Road.

15. Ambakkali Kani, complete
story of Adyar Gopal Parivar.

16. Devarayana Durga tour

17. Preethi weds Ashwin

18. Karavali Yathra

19. Sugamashree Shivamogga

20. Namma Pravasa, Mysore to

21. Bhavana, Chintana,
Vikasana, book review.

22. Know Your Health
parts 1 and 2.

23. Centenarian of Surathkal
(Sri Krishnaray Shenoy)

24. 101st Birthday of Adyar
Gopal,  event.

25. Ganapathy High School Old
Students' Association
Platinum Jubilee 2006 event.

26. Education System in India,
an opinion.

27. Veda Ganitha Sangama
2006,  parts 1 and 2.

28. Vaidya Kalaranga Annual
event 2007.

29. Shivanasamudra, Talakadu,
Somanathapura tour.

30. Radha Bai (Instant Video and Download)
available on Amazon
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* G.S.B. stands for Gowda Saraswath Brahmin
"We make movies to showcase our GSB* culture."
The first movie that Dr. Shenoy produced was in 1972
using his Nikon Super 8 Movie Camera. This camera
used film of the super 8 size without sound recording.
These silent movies were converted into videos in
the year 2003 by Dr. Shenoy using a Canon projector
and the wall as a screen.  He then shot the movie
projected on the wall using a Panasonic Digital Video
Camcorder.  The Sony movie camera was used in
1978 also to shoot some events in the family as well
as some travel documentaries.  All of them have been
converted into analog videos. These movies have
been extensively used in producing the movies listed
in this page.                          
  Dr. Shenoy also used hundreds of thousands of
photographs and slides to make these movies.
 Dr. Shenoy has now transferred his movies to the
Adyar Gopal Parivar for distribution. All the movies
made by Dr.Shenoy have been distributed to his
relatives and friends free of cost.  Adyar Gopal Parivar
will send by either speed post or by registered post
any movie to the members of Adyar Gopal Parivar
upon request.      
 There is no charge to the members.  The movies are
compact discs and these discs may be returned by
the member after viewing at leisure.
 The movies are made in English, Kannada and
Konkani languages.  Some of them have English titles
and others have Kannada titles.
 The movies are of various durations and range from
25 minutes onwards. One or two movies are as long
as 6 hours' duration.
The subjects range from travel and tours, life events,
family stories, interviews with personalities etc.
 Any one who is a member of Adyar Gopal Parivar
can contact us for any information with regards to
these movies. These movies are generally not to be
screened in public places like temples, society
meetings, schools, and other large audiences.  They
are home movies.      

A movie-maker is
interested in knowing
if his movie is watched
by his audience.  If not
why not.
He wants to know if his
movie is technically
entirely playable
without interruption
and can be screened
fully till the end in
another location using
the ordinarily available
player and screen.
Movie-maker is always
willing to take critical
suggestions and
wishes to know if
there are any technical
faults in the movie
which he has missed
inspite of his being
very careful.
He will ofcourse
appreciate if his
audience finds the
movie worth watching
but he will certainly be
happy if the audience
enjoyed the movie
even in the most
ordinary sense.  He is
not keen to make his
movie a hit, but he
wants to know if the
movie can be watched
when any audience
has time to spare.
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