I received this note from a close relative of
mine along with the book 'Adyar Gopal Shakthi
Phato'. The book is distributed free of charge to
all the members and even some friends of the
Parivar. The relative is a member of the family of
Adyar Gopal Krishna Shenoy and a prominent
member of the Adyar Gopal Parivar. She or he
returned the book along with the note the image
of which is given above.

  I had sent the book to my relative since he did
not attend the Convention 2010 and had no
chance to take a copy at the meeting held at
Moodbidri. Although one can guess that the
person to whom the article was addressed
returned the book, it is possible that that person
did not see the book before it was returned.
When a book-post arrives, anyone in the house
can get hold of it. The addressee might not be
aware of the arrival of the article. The person
who picked up the article from the post-box
might not show it to the addressee. This person
might simply return the article as it was probably
done in this case. Therefore I do not want to
blame the addressee for the above note nor for
return of the book.

  If she or he did not wish to possess the book,
she or he could have simply thrown it in the
dustbin. It was not a book for sale. No money was
demanded from the addressee for the book.
But the person did not take recource to such an
action. If the person simply tossed it in the
dust-bin I would not have suffered as much as I
did when the book was returned with the above
note attached.

  The person who sent the note and returned the
book wished me to suffer the effects of getting
one's post thrown back at oneself.
This is not the first time that a close relative of
mine has shown her or his anger to me at my
activities. My wife is showing her severe
resentment when ever she gets a chance. She
gets enraged simply by looking at the photographs
of my parents printed on the cover of the book.
She showers curses on those members of the
Parivar who call me on the phone when she picks
up the receiver and comes to know that the
person on the other end of the line is a member
of the Parivar. She throws all qualms about the
nicities of telephone conversation when she talks
to these innocents and hurls abuses at them.
They have not done anything for which my wife
has to be angry at them.

  There are a few other people that are direct
descendants of Adyar Gopal himself who hate my
Adyar Gopal campaign tooth and nail. Those who
know my past life and who might have suffered
miseries by my words and or deeds in the past are
the ones that are most resentful. I can not blame
them for what they are doing. I simply observe
these reactions coming from people to my
activities. I do not react against this except by
writing my opinion like this one.
An Opinion
If a man works hard and makes money by
honest means, then it need not be considered
as greed, even if he is possessing already so
much money that others consider to be more
than enough. Saving money is a good way to
avoid bad habits. One can save money to add
to his treasure which may already be a large
There are occasions when a man has no control
over the expenses incurred by his wife and
children. If he does not approve of the
independence of his wife and children in
spending his money then he will be unhappy.
Many of the expenses by his wife and children
and other relatives and friends could appear to
be wasteful to the man.
These matters are complex.
   By the term Life-Partners is meant either the
husband or the wife.

   A life-partner would be "unscrupulous" if he
or she does not recognize the damage caused
by a particular action of one or the other
partner. If there is disagreement on certain
matters the mutual affection required to live
happily would be affected.

   On certain matters pertaining to bringing up
the children, cheating a customer, evasion of
taxes, giving or taking bribe for government or
police work or spending money for charity, both
husband and wife have to agree with each
other for their married life to be peaceful.
Many a time the husband is the earning person
but the wife would like to have a say in how
the money is used. She would like to limit his
spending for charity or for his personal
extra-domestic activities.

   She would encourage him or dissuade him
from taking bribes, evade taxes or she would
protest or not if the husband takes a wrong
path in earning money and wealth. For a
husband to follow a right path, the wife will
have to go along with the husband's decisions.
If the wife objects use of some portion of the
earnings for charity, then it is the duty of the
husband not to follow the wife's advice and be
firm in carrying out his philanthropic activities.

For the husband to follow a righteous path, the
wife will have to go along with the husband. But if
the wife objects use of some portion of the
earnings for charity,  then it is the duty of the
husband not to follow the wife's advice and be
firm in carrying out his philanthropic activities.
Adyar Gopal Parivar
Don't Send Us Anything
By Mohan Shenoy
   My activities are harmless to others. I do not
ask for money from others for my activities. I do
not force them to join in my activities. I do not
take offence if they spurn my offers to join in
our activities. I do not resent if the book or
other articles are returned to me. What I am
doing is totally non-offensive. What I do is not
insulting to them, nor unpleasant since they do
not attend these functions. My activities are not
aggressive in any way.
Adyar Gopal and Radha Bai
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