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Martyr's Day 30th Jan 2008
Shyness 5th Feb 2008
"Sankara" 15th Feb 2008
The Price of Being an Indian 10th Mar 2008
How far can we stick to our tradition 22nd Mar 2008
The Role of Women in our Society 10th Apr 2008
The Adult All-in-one Provider Person 24th Apr 2008
What is HIV and what is AIDS 4th June 2008
Veer Savarkar 15th May 2008
What is Child Labour? 14th July 2008
The C-C Connection 10th Aug 2008
Sri Krishna Jayanthi
Gowri Ganesha Festival
Sexual harassment at Workplace 4th September 2008
Birth Anniversary of the Mahatma 2nd October 2008
Confessions of a Smoker 5th October 2008
Praarabhdha 24th October 2008
Conversion and Demography 12th Sept. 2008
The Non-Saffron Hindus
The Fall of the Roman Empire
Sankranthi Festival
Hindu Calendar (January 2009)
The Evolution of Knowledge (Janurary 2009)
Republic Day (Jan 26 2009)
The Hand of the Press (February 2009)
Our Voting Rights 22nd March 2009
Raamanavami Festival
Election Candidates with Criminal Record
Navarathri Festival and Dassera
Monsoon Rains July 2009
Vande Mataram Nov 2009
Role of Religion in Terror Nov 2009
Indira Gandhi October 2009
Mulageni and Muli Rights November 2009
The Value of Money (August 2010)
Caste and Reservation September 2010
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