An Opinion of Dr. Mohan Shenoy
Once I study and learn and start a project
then I must educate others for support without
which I won’t succeed even if I am all-powerful.

Keeping children engaged in reading,
doing odd jobs at home, serving at prayer halls,
etc., by parents will keep them safe from bad

As a human being I am challenged by
everything; the sky, wind, earth, water,
fire, other human beings, animals, etc., but I

A doctor’s life is full of challenges just like
in any other profession. But there are
opportunities to serve as shown in my book:

Getting out of the way of those who
dislike our style will not help, especially in the
case of our near and dear ones. They need our

After school and college I embarked as a
self-employed professional; studied all
Laws and Acts applicable so that I am not caught

No one taught me that I should stay clear
of the traffic on the roads but learnt it myself.
I must stay abreast of all Laws and Acts too.

As a small time self-employed professional
I kept my books of account myself to avoid
falling into a trap and accused of cheating on

I am sure that Politics was not my cup
of tea because I had wife and children to look
after. Politicians can succeed well without a

Employees are forced to retire at certain age
but self-employed professionals can continue
to work. I pursued my hobbies rather than work.

One important hour was lost, 8.45 p.m. to
9.45 p.m. on 22-05-2015 in Padmanabhanagar
Bangalore due to load shedding. Not good for

Submitting to the caretaker for bath,
toilet, food, etc., is required when we are old,
weak, or sick and not fight the caretaker or

I am not a politician, only politically
minded and so I do contribute my mite
in nation building. For example, I support
the Land Bill 2015.

The sun is responsible. Yes, the red hot
sun that is responsible for our daily
routine and not the cock that crows and wakes
us up at dawn.

Right from the time of birth I wanted to
draw the attention of people and things
around me beginning from my mother, to fight
through life.

I am free to do what I want in private but
that is where I overlook the fact that I am
watching myself if what I am doing is right or

When my wife acts and behaves like the
Opposition in Parliament, who can not be
dispensed with, then I have to somehow
induce her to concur.

Social media such as help people like
me to express views in a civilized manner and
thereby quench awful thirst for exhibition.


If I shut all communication lines and deal only
with those activities of immediate concern then
it’s like fasting and can’t last very long.

When I was born I got added. When I die they
will subtract. But the total mass remains the
same no matter how many births or deaths occur.

I always look at the prospects. Is my decision
hurting a few but bringing justice to the public in
general and to my country in particular?

I cannot be a Russian, nor an American, nor a
Chinese, a Japanese or any other National. I can
only be an Indian and I feel proud to be one.

When I face a personal problem then my mind
searches its memory for past examples but I
choose only moral and legal answers from
among them.

We write for the readers. We sing for the
listeners. We dance for an audience. We cook
for the gourmet. The lucky of us have plenty of

I have limited agenda but the tools like the social
media are very vast and depending on the
number of followers my spread is also limited.

I am becoming more and more familiar with
connecting to Internet using the broadband line
and not spend hours trying to connect like before.

Democracy is somewhere between dictatorship
and anarchy. A Republic like India must spend
more on governance to keep all her citizens

I know I should help myself; to retrieve my
trunk, I request a tall man to reach top shelf and
a swimmer to dive in water to help me get it.

I don’t want to become an anti-national by
littering, spitting, and generally spoiling looks and
feel of my neighbourhood, town and country.

Laws on human rights intrigue me. When an
embryo, which the ignorant woman never
wanted, is conceived then the Laws disregard
human rights.

I sympathize with judges when they decide if the
human rights of the woman with unwanted
embryo is more important or a living mass of

When I am aware that a National interest
prevails over the personal benefit of a citizen
then I understand why we need to save a girl

It takes 9 months for a conception to result in
birth. Citizenship claimed of the country of
conception should be as valid as that of birth.
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I always have difficulty to comprehend time.
Yesterday appeared to have passed at a high
speed but now the next hour
seems to be crawling.

I was a science student and Economics was
distant to me until I read a few books. Economy
reflects nation’s resources
and moral integrity.

Economics is as good as Ecology, which is Earth
Science and not just money and commerce. I
want to think Economics
as ABCD of moral living.

I was like any other adolescent, later a young
man was a prey to vices but I found smoking
cigarettes or chewing paan
are the least harmful.

If there was ban on smoking in 1950-60s, like it
is now, then I might have taken up some other
vice such as drugs,
alcohol, etc., as is now.

I found drinking 4 cups of coffee or tea
with/without sugar is worse for health than
smoking ten cigarettes a day
but all of them help man.

Rise in use of drugs and alcohol is a counter-
product of ban on smoking as the drudgery and
boredom of 8-hr work
needs recreation for youth.

When I think I am the smartest then a bolt from
the blue hits me that there are so many people on
earth that consider
themselves as smarter.

For me, smoking a cigarette (a habit not an
addiction) helps in dieting, in moving bowels well,
in refreshment and relaxing
in-between work.

Experimental animals are made to smoke more
than 40 cigarettes a day to detect effects, is it
not? Smoking like many things
is double edged.

A danger of smoking is fire coming off an
unextinguished butt or a lighter, match box, etc.
Another is chronic effect on
respiratory tract.

60 years from now there won’t be any tobacco
product available in the market. Man won’t stop
looking for other means,
like liquor and drugs.

At present there are millions of helpless innocent
smokers on earth; the anti-tobacco lobby is
shaming them. Governments
are buckling under.

Anti Child Labour lobby is also shaming honest
hard working innocent poor urban children
engaged in work for their
ROZI-ROTI and education.

I am only 1 among millions of people on earth,
only 5 ft 3 in ht and 68 kg in wt but I pride
myself that my mind spans the
entire universe.

After reading about living conditions in the past
couple of centuries in India, I find that there have
been changes in life for
the better.

My mind can picturize a lot of scenes by
imagination when I see through my eyes, read
books, newspapers; watch TV etc.
hear through my ears.

My mind can make me happy, make me feel
tense, feel afraid, become devotional, recall
events I saw or I did before and
build my personality.

I had a MWC (Mind-Wisdom-Conscience
combination) of parental and ancestral cult at
birth. I had to adapt to the modern
ociety as I grew up.

I say, ‘Mine is Truth’; you say, ‘No, mine’; he
says, ‘No, you both wrong. Mine is.’ The Wise
says, ‘You fight. The winner’s
becomes Truth.’

I look like one person but my mind is
multifaceted especially showing two persons; one
that has animal instincts and
the other human morals.

Repeat the slogan at every bend and it will
become a hymn hard to erase, without a question
whether it is true or false
and for all to sing.

My motivation to live has been a woman all my
life, be it the mother, sisters, wife, daughter or
granddaughter in spite
of any impertinence.

My eyes mistake a rope for a serpent but my ears
recognize the roar of a tiger unmistakably. I sift
information and select;
yet I go wrong.

Any public property is not mine and therefore it
is not right for me to maintain it. Abolish public
ownership and then see
how town shines.

It is not possible for me to order people around to
keep their surroundings swatcha and clean like I
do. They say, ‘mind
your own business.’

When it comes to maintenance the recurring
expenses for it have to be provided, which if I
ignore then I am ruining
my property on purpose.

Private(for the Public): Being a husband and a
provider I am all powerful but in front of my wife
should I become just
plain dust the way she decimates me?

I am lucky to get help from unexpected quarter
but I have to spot the source and encourage it to
help me, nay make a fervent appeal for it.
At the age of 14, in my school I studied languages,
maths, science, civics, physical education, etc.,
but nothing about my future career.

When I had reached the 8th class, I was 14 years
and receptive to career guidance like all
youngsters of that age, from parents and others.

I, like everyone else, was not aware how
important it was to begin early my pursuit of a
career, supported by my parents and teachers

With only one or two children, the parents can
focus better on their child’s career, starting at
age 14 and select one that’s most suitable.

At the age of 14 a child is anxious to achieve and
wishes to prepare himself for his future mainly by
looking for support from his father.

System of Education available in the region
determines the career chosen by the child, the
father or the mother and not merely the ambition.

The government decides the kind of system of
education for schools, which prepare the child in
taking up a career most suitable for him/her.

Ordinary people normally would send their
children to local schools that adopt the
government system of education and are easily

There are many careers such as priests and other
religious offices for which the regular schools do
not provide path, education or training.

Indian Constitution gives freedom of religion;
does not promote any particular religion and
therefore religions are not part of curriculum.

‘Morals’ was a subject included in the school
curriculum but religion was never made a subject
to be taught and examinations conducted in.

Language(s), arithmetic, basic science and basic
social studies are the main subjects that are
included in the curriculum in all schools.

An appropriate career is chosen for their child by
the parents by applying their knowledge and
belief so that the same will bring happiness.

Before a career is chosen for the 14-year old
child, the parents would make sure that the
required education and training are within reach.

Since early 20th Century Indian education
especially the Secondary School Pre-matric
syllabus has been oriented towards degree

For many careers such as a potter, SSLC or the
degree are unnecessary and the years spent in the
school after 8th class is a waste of time.

If a 14-year old is not told to focus on a certain
career and set on its path for education and
training then the child will drift aimless.

A career chosen by a 14-yr old child can be
modified and changed later according to
circumstances and capacity and accessibility of

Making a 14-yr old child go through and study for
many years after his 8th class without a definite
career in sight is an unhelpful outcome.

careers and provide us financial security and
happiness in life if planned and pursued early.

Earlier we decide on our life’s career better
could we decide our place of residence and style
of living thus gaining control and security.

The main purpose of deciding on a career early is
to get the child think about his future
independence and looming responsibilities in life.

The 8th pass being sufficient for most of the skills
and occupations diversification of education and
training may begin with the 9th class.

Management of the adolescent by the parents is
as tricky as of toddler but the situation differs
owing to change in child’s way of thinking.

To keep 14-yr old away from vices and bad
company it is useful to firmly advise him to take
up education and training for his future career.

A 14-yr old is at the right age for making him love
and respect his country, culture and tradition and
allowed in nationalistic activities.

There is a high point in life of a child after 8th
class when he/she and parents decide if they
select self-employment as the career or not.

A 14-yr old girl would be wise to listen to her
mother and other older women regarding her
future career, as she would herself be a mother.

Wise parents make a list of careers for their 14-yr
old to select from. The child then would work
harder and with determination towards it.

Parents are directly responsible till 14 but later it
is the school, friends and the government that
intervenes to influence the child’s ID.

Govt’s influence is uppermost since examinations
are conducted and degree necessary for child to
take up career is issued by Govt agencies.

Diversification of courses starts from 12th class
onwards at present, forcing students to delay
choosing of their career by 4 years in maze.

Since about a hundred years, the Indian 14-yr old
child has been forced to wait for another 4 years
to begin career education and training.

Parents, especially the mother, would want her
14-yr old child to live a happy life for which
he/she selects a family oriented occupation.
It takes time to change the norm but an 8th pass
14-yr old may be permitted to join ITI-like training
institutes to begin his career quest.

Smart parents treat their 8th pass 14-yr old with
love and respect because he or she is going to be
the future torchbearer of the family.

Smart parents put their 8th pass 14-yr old on a
track to spend the next 4 years in building the
blocks for a career education and training.

Even MBBS or BE could be the career options for
an 8th pass 14-yr old and the focus would provide
the child an aim to cling on and get busy.

Let 8th pass be the new school graduation from
where the young one will embark on a planned,
parent-approved and self-chosen career option.

14 years of life, love and activity since birth
forms a big chunk of lifespan and passing 8th class
is an achievement equal to merit medal.

Up to 8th Class be common for all careers and 8th
Pass the standard Graduation following which be
Specialization towards the chosen career.

My Shiksha Suthra – 1st Graduation – 8th Pass; 2nd
Graduation 10th Pass; 3rd Graduation 12th Pass; 4th
Graduation Degree

A Structure of Education that will create a
workforce of skilled men and women ready to
work in farms, industries and professions is

At present even 20 years study in schools and
colleges usually does not make us READY TO START
WORKING in farms, industries and professions.

At present a student after 8th Class crams lessons
to pass the exams, the subjects of which may not
be applicable to her/his career chosen.

Our lives’ most crucial years, in which we prepare
ourselves for a bright future career, are 15th to
20th, which need guidance from parents.

Our life’s 15th and 16th years are for honing skills
and 17th to 20th are for specializing in various
professions, so help us, Educators!

Education is predominantly state subject and
therefore it is left to each state to declare 8th
class as standard educational qualification.

If we start at 14th yr by first listening to our
parents and friends and then deciding on our own,
we can choose the career and excel too.

Declaring 8th class pass as School Leaving or
Matric class, and 10th, 12thand degree as post
Matric the government would redirect education.

Youth are becoming literate very much sooner
than yesterday and making them wait till 16th
year for Matric Cert., is out of place and cruel.

What is learnt during eight years from 1st to 8th
class in these costly days should be highly valued
and honoured making 8th Pass as Matric.

At present the 8th Pass 14 yr. old youth is groping
in the dark as regards the future since she/he is
not shown light out of school tunnel.

At present S. S. L. C. (Matric) is upon completion
of 10th Class, out of which 9th and 10th could be
replaced with career relevant subjects.

The government must make it easy for the 8th
Pass 14 yr old youth to take up the line of
education and training that fits her/his career.

At present the classes 9th and 10th are trackless
and 11th and 12th are excluding common career
pursuits like farming and self-employment.

Indian Structure of Education I hope changes into a
focused and purposeful machination in which a
career for 14 yr old 8th pass is built-in.

For a parent the prospects of a good marriage for
their ward may be important but it is the career
that provides stability to wedded life.

Prospects of a good marriage depend not so much
on the degree held as on the chosen career,
profession and employability of the groom/bride.

After 8th class and 14 years of age it is important
from where we get the facts, skills and wisdom.
From parents, friends, books, Internet?

The age of 14 years is a point where every youth
has an opportunity to mend and bend and fall back
on the track with self-will & self-power.

The will and vigour at the age of 14 needs
grooming and goading to kindle its fire and exploit
its force and not shut up in weird syllabi.

New Structure: The 8th is School-Leaving Class
/Matric. From 9th choose one among the six
Career Courses from basic Science to Professional.

New Structure: Agriculture, Animal husbandry,
Textiles, Commerce, Languages, Humanities, Arts
and Crafts, Basic Sciences, etc., 9th onwards.

Government’s first step to restructure education:
Declare 8th pass as School Leaving (Matric) level
and as First Graduation (Not Drop-outs).

If youth is not engaged with a career by the age
of 14 years then the youth will drift into
unpredictable adventurism like an untamed horse.

Lucky are the parents who agree among
themselves and make up their mind as to what
career their child who is turning 14 should follow

In making up mind as to the career for her child
turning 14, the mother often can not think right,
being overprotective and extra-cautious.