An Opinion of Dr Mohan Shenoy
A majority of careers chosen by youngsters do not need subjects taught in present 9th to 12th classes,
which only dislodge their ambitions.

When the youngster knows that subjects he is studying in the 9th to 12th classes are not going to be of any
help to him he gets frustrated.

Those 14 yr old 8th pass youngsters who chose higher education are admitted into the courses meant for
them in new Structure of Education.

The present Structure of Education with 10th class as the School Leaving (SL) is unsuitable for India of
2016. Make 8th class pass as the SL.

The British found a Structure of Education in India with 11th class as School Leaving (SL) class. 8th is
better for India of the present.

Make 8th class pass as the School Leaving (SL) and diversify 9th onward for various careers including
Medicine and Engineering.

People talk about schooling and learning being different and about need of a paradigm shift in our
education system but not about how to do.

Making 8th pass as the School Leaving class followed by career-specific diverse classes would be a
paradigm shift in our education system.

Make 8th pass the end of schooling and 9th the beginning of learning as to how to live with an occupation
the student and his parents wish.

The class 9th to 12th is a long journey and about half of the students do not benefit from what they learn
in them being inapt career wise.

What is inapt for most of the careers such as the syllabus in the 9th to 12th class may be avoided if we
adopt a new Structure of Education.

Change our Education system to make the most of our young receptive bright minds of students especially
in their 15th to 18th years of life.

Spoken law comes from Court Judges and written law comes from Legislature; only these power bodies
can reform our Structure of Education.

At present there is no choice but to continue schooling until 12th class, which be set right by making the
8th pass as School Leaving class.

A career in agriculture begins at 15th year provided our Structure of Education is reformed and 8th pass
declared as School Leaving class.

A career in carpentry, plumbing, painting, masonry, garment making, are all staple careers needing two
years apprenticeship after 8th class.  

Convert 9th class into post-Matriculation class (as against 11th as at present) and reap focused learning by
well-guided lively youngsters.

Naming 8th class pass as the School Leaving class is a major shift in education system and it will not happen
without government initiative.

Although naming 8th class pass as School Leaving class is a big decision, it only builds an earlier platform to
embark upon careers sooner.

Although naming 8th class pass as School Leaving class is big decision, doing so does not alter basic pattern
of imparting skills to youth.

If tea and coffee are foods then tobacco and alcohol are also foods. Moderation in consumption will keep
away man from other harmful drugs.

One of the causes of increase in usage of harmful drugs by youngsters is the campaign against smoking
from every quarter including the Law.

Anti-smoking lobby will not get any donations from the cigarette manufacturers if the latter suffer loss
because of activity of the former.

Sipping tea, coffee, smoking cigarette, playing cards, chess, etc., is harmful in one or other way but not
as much as drinking liquor daily.

It is incredible that a cigarette smoker has to work against the government and a whole lot of non-
governmental organizations to just enjoy.

If a few articles by eminent scientists raising doubt in cause-effect link of cancer with tobacco appear in
newspapers then the deal is off.

Give less importance to History in school syllabus so that what is written from memory and observation
does not vitiate future prospects.

History keeps repeating and has neither beginning nor end. Ancient Indians avoided recording dates to
refrain from writing personal taints.

We spend our precious first few years of life at home and in school and wish our parents and society take
care we don’t dropout by weakness.

Educational qualifictn., decide whom we work for. Parents and government help us acquire our intended
education early to embark on a career.

For a job both school certificate and experience are needed but for starting up our own business we need
real know-how money and motivation.

Governments could help parents by recognizing 8th class pass as end of first phase of schooling and
beginning of training for many careers.

Where there is will there are ways. Will Indian wise men coax the governments to make it easy for
youngsters to get education and a career?

Employers are wary of employing holder of degrees and diplomas if the latter consistently fail to do the
given work efficiently as expected.

How best the employee can handle real issues in the work place is what tells us about the education and
training the employee claims to own.

By hiring for personal, communal or political purposes any employer, private or public would find such
employee a big burden and liability.

Rules and regulations imposed by the government on hiring and firing by a business are usually hidden
behind incentives offered to starters.

Great enthusiasm to start a business blinds us of the enormous responsibilities that hide behind it and
need to be addressed simultaneously.

Whose money is it anyway! Go for a government job if you want God’s money to repay in next birth rather
than work hard at your own business.

Human nature is to get something in return for what we give. Men and women always do it but taking
bribe for government work is corruption.

The fact that the government person who accepts bribe does it under cover itself indicates that it is a
stealthy operation and anti-social.

Change Structure of Education. Abolish the present 9th to 12th run-of-the-mill, go-nowhere classes
replacing them with career aimed options.

Not all parents are rich enough to give education to their children their way; poor and middle class
parents take what the government gives.

Even after 12 years of learning as at present a student is not ready for a job because she has not been
given education to acquire a skill.

I pity those students who slog in the schools from 9th to 12th classes, by-heart set answers to questions,
pass the exams but have no skills.

Present 9th to 12th classes impart education to become a clerk, a teacher in lower school or study further
but not go for other occupations.

Avoid shaming 8th pass students who leave school to take up occupations as school dropouts. Make 8th
class pass a graduation in education.

A child gets education and passes the 8th class examinations; then child is ready for better education than
the present 9th to 12th classes.

What a child learns in 9th to 12th classes at present makes him a scholar but unfit for job until he takes
another four years of education.

What we learn in 9th to 12 classes is hard to unlearn; therefore to learn a trade or profession begin after
8th pass, so help us government.

We are inviting heavy responsibility by making India a developed country; no worry if 8th class continues
as a pressure point for the poor.

Poor people cannot afford a car, a bungalow or education for years together, and wish their wards to
begin earning at an early age decently.

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When passing 8th class becomes an important event in our Structure of Education then students join 9th
that caters to their chosen careers.

Spare the rod but don’t spoil the child is the modern saying; spare the child from burden of subjects not
connected to the selected career.

9th –12th classes at present discourage those who want to earn by 17th year. Use these years instead to
exact career education and training.

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Watch how fast GDP will increase if and when 8th class pass is made School Leaving class. Government
should modify grading education levels.

Smokers are peace loving and not troublemakers and designating areas in cities, airports, bus and railway
stations makes us all a happy lot.

We got to live through many curses on the society one of them being the anti-tobacco curse. A day will
come too late if at all to reinstate.

Blowing out of proportion the cancers caused by tobacco, anti-tobacco activists have made life miserable
for millions of smokers world over.

Fire hazard is more likely than cancer by lighting up cigarettes and peril of dirt more likely than cancer by
chewing tobacco; so take care.

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‘Freedom’ and ‘Liberty’ refer to rights of the citizens to walk along the path laid down by Law and not to
disrupt Order by misbehaviour.

A good primary school is the one in which teachers keep an eye on pupils to prevent them from drifting
away from studies and good manners.

The good school makes up for any deficiency at home and often helps parents learn from their wards ways
to improve their manners & methods.

Delaying vocational education until completion of 12th class is unsuitable for people who must earn their
livelihood by 17th year of life.

Most vital is the age of a person, and once past a certain age activities get restricted. Agility at 15, at
21and at 31 is not the same.

Boys and girls at 15 become most eager to help themselves and everyone around them including their
country provided they are guided well.

We abuse those enterprising poor youngsters who took 8th class pass as enough for the time to embark on
a career by calling them ‘dropouts’.

Not all students have resources to join medical, dental, engineering and similar educational colleges.
They look for other affordable ways.

Only the governments can make changes to the Structure of Education these days; such as making 8th
class pass as the School Leaving class.

School Leaving doesn’t mean curbing studies. It’s only a landing presently the 10th, from where students
launch the career course of choice.

If there are only Non-stop buses then we cannot alight at a place of our choice, like the present Non-stop
education past 8 till 10th class.

Years and semesters are natural but Non-stop education till 10th is irrational. Let them alight gracefully
after 8th pass with graduation.

After 8th class pass let there be 1st and 2nd PVC (Pre-Vocation Course) and not 9th and 10th class. 11th
and 12th will be Training classes.

A student likes to do service to humanity but he/she needs guidance; he/she will imbibe best at age of 15
years i.e. after 8th class pass.

A child gets prodded to emulate great persons of the past but he/she is miseducated and misguided and
waste talent in 9th to 12th classes.

Aim is to teach children that come from different financial backgrounds how to earn their livelihood; not
to make them saints or saadhus.

Students do not consider advice as pressure such as from parents, teachers and friends. Parents advice
their wards out of their experience.

Responsibility of parents for their wards is most significant because they have to nurture the children to
shape the future of the Nation.

The bond of parents with their children is to be strengthened and not weakened by outside stories and
statistics of pressure and prejudice.

Increase in world population is big natural calamity for which Nature will devise unpredictable tool to
restore normalcy, slowly but surely.

All living creatures are dependent on each other for food and comfort. Disease of one is desire of
another. Death and destruction are parts.

Desire to live be strong but not strong enough to counter foolhardy unscientific beliefs and misguided
motivations that provoke us to die.

All professional colleges and vocational institutions will in due course admit 8th class pass students to
introduce them into their courses.

Catching them young helps in two ways. One they get to aim for a career of their choice early and two,
they steer clear of being jobless.

Children of working mothers learn life’s contemporary ways thoroughly when trained and mature
caretakers attend to them in daycare centers.

Media can in due course turn the tables for the better or for the worse just as they termed the 8th class
pass leaving school as a dropout.

The term ‘school dropout’ indicates the student to have stopped studying. If an 8th class pass opts for a
career he is not a school dropout.

Common Law follows human conscience and affirms good habits. Booked Law will adhere to man and
society provided it reflects the Common Law.

Where does human conscience come from? We can only guess. My guess is that it comes from our parents
and ancestors just as our body does.

Our conscience is formed in the fertilized ovum, which as it grows learns to copy and tries to fit in with
the surrounding human activities

Our brain is the seat of mind, thought process and memory all of which together develop conscience that
directs our actions, good and bad.

Our conscience is our property, which we develop as we grow and makes up our life’s directions, success,
failure, retrials, lies and truths.

However much we pray God for daily meals, shelter and clothes, we will not get any of them unless we
walk to the store and buy all we need.

We got to teach students not so much as to pray God as how much hard work is needed to become wise,
rich, famous and get marked in society.

However rich, famous or honoured would a man be, his happiness lies in harmonious running of his
household members and close relationships.

Animals and birds do not save for the future. They consume on day-to-day basis. A wise man would save
his earnings for future requirements.

As an employee of the Government in a capitalist country a youth would gain stability and security of job.
But honesty would not help much.

Honesty is a long-term even life-long commitment and often causes temporary setback but only honesty
keeps our conscience neat and spotless.

There is need for more astute integration of Modern Medicine into Indian Medicine (mainly Ayurveda) to
avoid layman’s confusion at choice.

These days one man cannot make basic changes in teaching Medicine such as merging Modern Medicine
and Indian Medicine; we need a Committee.

Indian Medicine has been kept aloof and unreformed. Its educators need to give up invalid theories and
modernize more fully than at present.

The Ayush (A.veda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, H-pathy,) educators have to become bold like the household
remedy users who discarded old theories.

Patients especially in rural India cannot make informed decision if Ayush doctors claim cure for all
diseases not disclosing the prognosis.

Claiming divine attributes to medical theories we fool ourselves into stagnation, lack of innovation and
forgo benefits of modern thoughts.

We need to disconnect medical treatment from ghosts, spirits and from heavenly bodies because Medicine
is plainly earth-bound common-sense.

By relegating success in treating diseases to pleasure of heavenly bodies and not to proficiency of doctors
we deflect from Modern Medicine.

Modern Medicine is not just Allopathic. Modern Medicine has imbibed all kinds of medical systems
including Ayurvedic, our own Indian system.

Cannot marry a cock with a monkey. Ayurveda system has to change its basics to really become Indian
Modern Medicine; not just ‘Integrated’.

Object is universal: human body and its health. Medical systems are different. One known to be most
useful must become government-promoted.

Ailments and diseases treated and health restored by right kind of medical intervention but disinformation
can make us pick the wrong kind.

Love for Indian and the Ancient might be patriotism but when we need to pick a medical system for our
well being we choose Modern Medicine.

Treating diseases is not tailor-made since each individual is different in body, mind and intelligence.
Prescriptions are written specially.

I guess 2 to 10 percent of our ailments are hereditary, so also ability of our body to overcome diseases.
Information about health is vital.

Cost of medical care is such that only rich people can afford the best modern medical treatment. Hard to
say what is best going by results.

Human endeavor in medical research slowed down turnover of world population over past sixty years.
People live a longer and healthier life.

Small roadside shop-like clinics of licensed doctors are the best way to cater to healthy towns and cities.
Pl modify licensing eligibility.

Speculative statements from any source either ancient or popular and refuted by modern findings may be
dumped for advancement in Medicine.

Why blame eager and ignorant patients who fall for the promises of dishonest quacks? Healthcare cost hit
the roof and patient bit the floor.

Wise elderly people advise youngsters to get necessary experience of visiting a doctor before one gets
really sick. Prevention is the best.

Too many guidelines spoil the initiative and blunt the innovative but leaving everything to the doctor is
unfit for health care of masses.

As if it is not enough to have developed deadly diseases, economically weaker patients embrace dishonest
quacks thereby multiplying misery.

Life as an economically weak person is not so bad as being advised to undergo costly treatment available
for diseases with poor prognosis.

When we do not have money to undergo costly treatment of diseases of poor prognosis then we better not
make close relatives bear the burden.

When we have a child who needs our savings for its future and we fall ill with a deadly disease of poor
prognosis then our dilemma is cruel.

It will be a tragedy for a parent and children alike when the former falls ill with a deadly disease of poor
prognosis and costly treatment.

Managing healthcare of the masses is different from treating individual cases. Even managing hospital is
left to non-doctor administrators.

Hospital doctors are immensely better equipped with all kinds of drugs and modern medical gadgets than
individual practitioners in clinics.

Only when we fall sick and our home remedies do not work within a short time then we visit a doctor and
find how our doctor treats illness.