Power of a woman is hidden behind her engaging
appearance but it increases with her age and
ultimately makes her
A person, ignorant of processes of life/death may
commit suicide to achieve a vengeful objective but he
won’t live to see if he succeeded.

I am rich and powerful because the society let me be.
After I looked after myself now it is time to help my
family, relatives, friends, etc.

The world cannot now deny India is really rich and
powerful with Modi government utilizing the nascent
greatness of India, such as in Nepal.

I might be rich and powerful but when I help others
with money and material I will be careful not to
humiliate them for being in distress.

No new law is needed to define Secularism as it is
beyond definition and its meaning comes out of its
practice. createspace.com/5436677

Practicing Secularism is a means of adjustment,
consequent upon need to overcome disputable issues
holding back progress. createspace.com/5436677

Never mind what others say so long as I have faith in
the correctness of my work. Defeat comes because I
dither and doubt my aim and reason.

When I want to giveaway (because I am rich and
elderly) then, I feel, my wife and children are not
eligible. They should stand in the wings.

The fact that more than 120,00,00,000 people enjoy
freedom, etc., in India as a nation is itself a great
triumph. Bharath is here to stay.

Death and destruction are sad events but they also
create opportunities for the survivors. See book:

Most of what I post in the social media impacts a small
section of people, a section much larger than I am, a
sand particle on the beach.

Time is out of control which fact I learnt before it was
too late. For me to act next, my time arriving is as
slow as 60 seconds/minute.

I face conflict of interest when some one close to me
speaks against and objects to what I truly believe in
with full faith in its aptness.

I fail to understand how even the most faithful would
assume that any prayers would be answered positively
if expensive gifts were offered?

What is true today may not have been true yesterday
and may not be true tomorrow. Truth is relative.
Deviations in truth are hard to notice.

I make the most of what I have today such as my
home, education, neighbourhood, and not harp on
what I had in my past. I look to the future.

In the Constitution, Equality is not based on birth,
titles, etc. Even descendants of past rulers enjoy only
the benefits of own labour.

I fool myself if I try to treat everyone as equal. I feel
at home with people of my race, religion, language
etc., by my tribal instinct.
Modern lifestyle requires us to regulate our food-intake
and add body exercises like Yoga Aasanas into our
schedule before it is too late.

Society gives much respect to elderly people but
dislike how some elders take undue advantage and
force their outdated views on public affairs.

History is what man writes from memory and
observation but the future is what he shapes by
utilizing his skills and knowledge.

Courage and boldness lies in going along with our
parents, teachers, relatives, neighbours, etc. for the
welfare of all, even at our cost.

Novels with ‘adult content’ may have four letter words
and other abusive language. Please keep books for
general readership and children’s books clean.

Christianity spread fast in Europe after 400 A.D.,
because Bible was translated into local languages.
English displaced all, even Sanskrit, in India.

Globalization requires India to compete with the world
by introducing new currency the Indian Dollar IND equal
to 100 Rupees.

Bribe taking is livelihood for a large proportion of
people, like for example, tobacco farming. Alternatives
are required to eliminate it.

I wonder if females are born physically weaker than
males on purpose to fulfill any requirement in their
natural functions.

The first thing the East India Company did was to open
Red Light Areas in the territories they won to keep
peace. Do we learn from history?

I do not know much about women other than my
mother, sisters, wife, aunts, grandmother, teacher,
workers all of whom feel proud to have me.

I am proud to be a father of a female child (now
mother of her own daughter) and give credit to my
wife for bearing and bringing her up.

Breaking convention of including only males in line I’ve
included all the females in our extended family tree in
my book Adyar Gopal World.

When someone wants to make public his or her word
or voice apart from the press conference the social
media and mobilecast come abreast.

I am not ashamed to change my colours if it helps me
to stop brooding over gory past inimical to my present
affluence and future prospects.

I can not imagine cattle as meat on the table. One who
has no qualms about killing animals, would kill humans
with no remorse of any kind.

I can not imagine cattle as meat on the table. One who
has no qualms about killing animals, would kill anything.

One of the ways to be free and enjoy life is not get
stuck with own land, house, farm, the immovable. I
broke away from root cause of misery.

The Constitution is the guide for governance and
constitutional bodies and not, I believe, for individuals
to conduct their private lives.

Transparency in governance is double-edged tool.
‘Sathyam Brooyath, Priyam Brooyath, Na Brooyath
Sathyam Apriyam.’ No need to show all.

Is it possible for any public person to switch the media
(journalists) on or off at will? Some such persons have
been successful, it seems.

Necessity incites Invention and I can invent something
new only if I keep others’ approach out of sight and
pursue my own new solution.

No matter what happened in the past, even in the
remotest, my present and future are shaped by what I
think is best in the circumstances.

I have learnt not only from books, from institutions and
from others, my path to happiness, but my conscience
has been the ultimate teacher.

Whom do I Follow? Simple. I Follow not others. But my
conscience, my inner voice formed as I grew up,
defining my conviction on all matters.

I think, not only India but also every other country on
earth is progressing due to benevolent Modern Science.
Plan to live good life long!

I tremble to imagine what India would be if all essential
desk-tops, lap-tops, tablets, mobile phones go weird
like my computer did today.

Young men & women must develop boldness to become
rich, famous, marry very beautiful person, build palatial
house, etc. early in their life.

My mind has to imagine and picturize everything
except what I see, hear and feel around me like my
body, my room, my house and neighbourhood.

Every person who manages to climb up and become the
chairman and thus demonstrated his or her capabilities
can also manage the task at hand.

The media, all kinds of them, can make the voice of
one into a roar of a million, if there is sense, substance
and utility in it (the voice).

The power of Media, all kinds, is like power of God.
Man is the father of God and also of Media. When man
needs help he recalls either One.

Affluence leads to excessive wastage of food on the
table; Deliberate, forceful voluntary regulation can stop
us from straining the nature.

What I write in my tweet is what I wish to put out for
people to read. Doing so helps me to kick-start my
thinking whether it’s read or not.

There is no shortage of advisers; information may be
incomplete, stale, out of place, impractical, lacks
incentive, purpose and worthy goal.

Bribe-takers are angry at the new government and are
looking for ways to teach a lesson to the latter by
conspiracies not easily detected.

I find that we choose our likes and dislikes on the basis
of our customs, language, religion, castes, place of
birth and place of residence.

Secure borders of the country and preservation of
liberty, language, culture and equality are matters as
important as material development.

When I start a project, which depends on the
performance of others, I shall not expect everyone to
be as enthusiastic and efficient as I am.

About 33% of us will be dead when India that is
contemplated now takes shape in 2030; those alive
then would say ‘this is not good enough.’

Secularism in Konkani language of the GSBs in Kannada
Script https://www.createspace.com/5436677

Our ancient culture (Sanskrit Language, Religious
practices, etc), which our women deeply honour, has
kept India united in its diversity.

I am aware that my surname Shenoy obliges me to
preserve its social value so that other Shenoys feel
proud to own it. So are surnames Modi, Gandhi, etc.

There are so many aggressive young enthusiastic social
workers that, if they preserve their honesty and
integrity, will shine in due course.
An Opinion of Dr. Mohan Shenoy
See More Books
Indian Karnaataka
I remind myself that I am not living in the ancient times, nor
in the middle ages, nor in the past. I am an actor and I have
to play my role on an entirely new stage in front of a new
audience. There are laws that I have to follow and my
ancestry as adapted to the present times.

You ask, why do I write books. I answer, O I write because I
have enough time to spare. I have studied the language in
which I write. I know how to use the key board and the
software. I have a lot of ideas that I wish to put down in
writing. I get some mixed pleasure out of this.

I always wondered why the passing marks was as low as
35%. The student who got the prestigious seats or high-
ranking jobs passed with marks close to 100%. Some
examinations were held to either pass the candidates or fail

No  examination Is truly the determinant of learning.
Leak of question papers is not a big issue. Even leak of
questions and their answers together does not affect the
proper examination of the students.

The students' competence to write the answers even by
copying from the leaked papers, I believe, is sufficient for
testing them.

Theory is fleeting but practice is material. Following the
leader is by an individual but leadership is of the masses. If I
can’t win a fight with the leader then I join the leader or
become a leader myself and gather my followers. Followers
want material and not just the theory.

What I tweet reaches potentially to everyone who opens the
application. I do not assume that my tweet would escape
the eyes of those who live abroad or some other place and I
am safe from criticism and unfriendly retort. I’m careful not
to write things that invite such reactions.

I have not read the rules and guidelines on posting my
tweets but I accepted them while signing up. The Twitter
application are free to publish my tweets in any page they
wish including the home page and even block it if
necessary. Therefore my tweets fully comply with the norms.

It is a privilege to belong to the country of your birth and
residence, and claim rights under the Constitution, such as
travel across, claim benefits from government, get your
body buried or whatever within the country. My article  (www.
adyargopal.com/theprice.html) explains.

Wearing 'janivara' (sacred thread) over bear shoulders is
symbolic. I got my 'Munji' ceremony at 14. It is not for
exhibition. The three threads represent my 'sankalpa'
(resolve) to keep good habits by 'action, speech and mind'.
My book www.amazon.com/dp/146644245X explains.

I believe that starting a manufacturing company is as noble
a deed as starting a school, establishing an orphanage,
building a temple, a public hall, catering free midday meals
in schools, etc. A manufacturing company provides jobs,
maintains and feeds a town, supports research.

I believe that starting a retail store is as noble a deed as
starting a school, establishing an orphanage, building a
temple, a public hall, catering free midday meals in schools,
etc. and working hard to successfully run the business
honestly is test of my ancestry and goodness.

Many of the careers are boring. Those who work in the
manufacturing fields find repetitive actions at the machines
getting on their mood and turn them into restless lot. Any
career in which we work honestly and sincerely is bound to
be boring. Bad habits titillate. So be warned.

I am curious to know about her or him. Where is he now? Is
he or her well? What is their story? Where did my great
grand parents live? What are the events in the lives of my
parents, my aunts and uncles, my brothers, etc.? I told my
story here – www.adyargopal.com/aboutmohan.html

Strict vigilance of the Election Commission officials have
prevented bogus voting and fraudulent names in the voter
lists. The awareness and responsible behaviour of the
election officials have prevented loading of the rolls with
false names. www.adyargopal.com/voterturnout.html

Everyone is busy with his or her occupation except those
who have retired and have not re-engaged themselves with
some kind of part-time job or consultant job, volunteering,
favorite hobby, etc. Those who while away their time
watching TV or lazying around also claim to be busy.
Yes! I post my opinions on the Twitter also - https://twitter.
I feel if any organization through their representative asks
for a donation for their social welfare is a form of
begging. If the donation is tax-free then it is helping the
nation; spending money for the extended family is
different. (www.adyargopal.com/convention2017.html)

After retirement I did not wish to do the same thing I did
before retirement, because I was getting enough money
in pension. I had no commitments and no obligations. I
didn’t wish to follow others. I spent money to finish it and
also enjoy. (www.adyargopal.com/valueofmoney.html)

My photo (image, picture, figure or statue) does not
reveal any of my qualities and emotions unless it is
accompanied by a title or a note commonly written by
others. The description might be in praise or in derision
and either true or false. For a dead man only the photo

I wait for the right time to arrive. I push the days and
dates until the mangoes ripe, so to say. Pushing the days
and dates requires patience and not get into any
adventure, suffer an accident and derail. We can do only
so much In life and our further progress follows naturally.

I was told that a patient of TB becomes more intelligent
and smarter even before the symptoms appear. They
remain so even after a complete cure. The organism like
in the form of BCG, might be useful not only to immunise
but also to kindle brain cells for knowledge. True or false?
I was always eager before to see a clean road and
footpath near my house and everywhere everyday all
days, but I knew that it was only a wishful thinking and
never to be realized. But now, after our Hon’ble PM took
the initiative I have been ready to bet that it will happen
NCC stands for National Cadet Corps. Only college
students can join this military-like training course In India.
I enrolled in NCC in FYSc class in RNR College Mumbai
in 1959. In NCC I wore uniform, marched to a band,
handled new firearm, attended a camp and adjudged
'Best Shot'.
A very large crowd of people collecting on streets in
support of a ‘cause’ wakes up the authorities and it
becomes a challenge to the latter as to how to deal with
the situation. Often the 'cause' is detrimental to existing
thoughts. The confrontation could become a path

I have been making mistakes through out my life. As I
grew older and older I made all kinds of mistakes but my
mistakes never stopped me from continuing to live a
comfortable life. Because, I learnt from my mistakes,
boldly got over hurdles caused by them and I never
looked back.

I believe in the benefits of immunization (you don’t
believe but there are people who are not serious about
getting their children immunized) and promise that those
children who got at least the basic immunization will be
healthier and live to celebrate their eightieth birthday.

God can not help us if we do not help ourselves. Asking
for help is not a sign of weakness. We can not do
everything by ourselves. We need help from all quarters
to be able to manage our life. One of the ways is to
obtain information about. www.adyargopal.
I will not abandon my safe haven (where I live) until and
unless I am given a notice to vacate by the right owner. I don’
t run away from difficulties nor will I go under by loud
scolding and false innuendo that irritate like a continuously
barking dog. I have my responsibilities.

My mind or any human mind can study only a limited field of
a picture and not the ‘big picture’ in one imagination. For
the mind to study the ‘big picture’ the mental eyes have to
roll over all the fields of the ‘big picture’ and also interpret it
using knowledge and experience.

In a democracy the numbers are important because the
democratic nation runs on the rule of the majority. Does
conversion of people from one religion into another change
the demography? Yes. The majority of people voting for a
particular issue.  www.adyargopal.com/conversion.html

I am thinking why there is no unity and equality in the world.
May be because times and places being different affect
each man's actions. A large number of scriptures and
philosophy texts have been blaring out to get united and not
fight with each other since ages and even today.

I think people see only the outer layers and the undercurrent
characteristics are naturally missed. Beneath our masks
there could be an expert cheat or a noble compassionate
and brave human being. If at all I get bounced by a crook
and a double crosser I can only laugh at myself.

A passive smoker is a scarecrow, the one who is within 3
feet from a smoker and gets smoke blown on his face, for
40 cigarettes at one stretch. Read my philosophy regarding
this habit of smoking. I find that drinking coffee or tea is
more harmful. www.adyargopal.com/smoker.html

When someone close to me spreads vicious lies about me
among my relatives and friends, by calling them on the
phone or by writing virulent letters to them, and abuses
those who associate with or support me in my activities, I
simply ignore the issue and pretend to be unaffected.

How would I forget that I am bound to time and place and
understand the limits to which I can reach in realizing my
dreams and passions? Nature is a lot stronger. What I
attempt to do must fit the prevalent time and place and
expand along the apparent natural unexplored openings.

If the PM of a country undertakes to give up food (never
happened before) for a day then it is a very serious matter
for its citizens. What is the issue that is so important as to
give up food? Any mother would immediately feel sorry and
hasten to rectify if a son is so serious.

When someone close to me spreads vicious lies about me
among my relatives and friends, by calling them on the
phone or by writing virulent letters to them, in spite of
knowing that I am the only provider, then that someone can’t
be anyone but an idiot. Yet, I continue to provide.

It’s my choice of course but do I learn to operate
smartphone and stay ahead and enjoy the benefits of
modern technology even though I am a retired person? I
beg or borrow to buy one but am I ready to spend that
money? A smartphone is the most useful gadget to remain

No one listens to me. Nobody seeks my advice. Although I
am one of the few oldest people among my relatives and
friends, no one wishes to disturb me by asking me
questions about their problems if any. I too am not any
smarter and am spared of demands on my intellect. Plain

It is easy to say that we “love each other” to bring peace in
the world. But “love” is irrational, spiritual and ambiguous.
Life is more complex for love to be a panacea. It is “justice”
rather than “love” that is the healer. “Justice” will punish the
“bad” and reward the “good.”

I think there are animals in the garb of humans (haivan).
They become animals when there is an opportunity to show
their animal instinct, but otherwise they are normal. Their
parents love them, they enjoy human rights, live as humans
in the society. They commit murder, rape, etc.

It is quite normal for the citizens to be outraged when they
come to know of the heinous incidents of murder and rape.
India is a vast country with an enormous population. The
government is more than capable and fair in dealing with
the cases. There is also a committed judiciary.

Talking about tradition, the world has not been religiously
refined, but only scientifically advanced. Since time
immemorial there have been bad people and good people.  
The bad people also learnt about religion but they did not
get reformed. Learn more www.adyargopal.com/tradition.

When I find a news item with a headline that is misleading
and provocative, then I get furious. But soon I realize that the
particular newspaper has limited circulation and not many
people read it. Any news headline is not the voice of the
public but only that of the publication.

Accidents are unexpected events and commonly they are
referred to the auto accidents that occur on the road. There
are some accidents which are good and one example is the
sudden fire accident that occurs in an old building with no
one inside.  www.adyargopal.com/accidents.html

Elections bring out the awareness of the citizens regarding
their own responsibilities and rights. Citizens now know why
they have to get their names registered in the Voters List.
Those who expect money in return for casting their vote are
wrong, harming themselves, and stupid.

‘Justice’ will prevail even in a democracy, even if bad
people try to subvert its principles such as liberty, equality
and fraternity under its democratic constitution. Secrecy
might take the upper hand for a while but democratic
governments are public institutions open to probe.

Many people have stopped using their surnames to make it
more convenient to get work done in offices, market places,
schools, colleges and other institutions. Names have
undergone changes during these historic upheavals in the
past in India. Please visit www.adyargopal.com/sankara.
Do you know that in the beginning there were no
newspapers? All the reporting was done stealthily. Rumours
were in circulation and facts were twisted so to suit the rich
and powerful? All the native rulers were dependent on
loyalty-shifting spies? Patriotism was  region-specific?

“Don’t ever touch a journalist, even with a barge pole
especially the female of whatever age.” This is the lesson
learnt by a VVIP recently. Some reporters hate a political
party so intensely that they make a mountain out of a mole
hill and their pack of links join them blindly.

I make my life easy and happy by repeating that which
made me happy on a similar occasion before. I do
everything better by repetition, whether it is my personal
issue or a public matter, so long as it has been beneficial to
me. This way I blend myself into nature successfully.

I try not to repeat those of my actions that I undertook in the
past and found inappropriate and against the welfare of
either myself or other. Some of those were my follies that
resulted owing to the circumstances, my inexperience or
behaviour and acts of relatives and friends.

The rains can fill up the fields, fill up the water-tanks and
lakes, get stored in the water-wells, and run into the soil to
get stored on the rock-shelves below. The snow on the top of
mountains is the result of precipitation from the clouds. www.

Life becomes interesting to those who believe in the
benefits of the smartphone. For those who think only about
its drawbacks the wonder gadget is a menace. I adjust the
additional cost by cutting down on the use of the older
utilities. I do nothing wrong by owning a new s-phone.

Most of us are concerned about the future of India because
of the formidable problems, which are being constantly
reminded by the media. But looking at progress in last four
years towards national security, business, finance and
agricultural growth Indians have gained confidence.

“Sab ka Vikas” (transforming all citizens into modern
civilians) is a daunting task, because we are talking of 125
crore people in one go. Transforming all of us so diverse a
people is a long term goal that takes a few decades to
happen; involves change of mindset and lifestyle.

Elderly people develop hearing loss very slowly and often
blame others for not speaking loud enough or speaking
nonsense. They blame the phone for low tone volume. They
keep changing the phone. Also they refuse to accept the
disability; do not seek medical help unless coaxed to.

For entertainment, I prefer to read a story book rather than
watch a video or a movie, because In the latter the sound
and its effects produce tension in the mind. Visual depiction
of a violent scene for example with voice and background
music is unpleasant for an elderly person.

I think now is the time to keep out a lying politician from the
group of honest politicians. It is not easy to identify lies that
are hidden in verbiage but when I find a statement to be an
obvious lie then I ignore it and demote the person from the
pedestal of honor and respect.