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Sometimes we prepare food without heat.
Hot freshly cooked food more often than
not is healthy. But before the advent of
cooking gas or electricity, the wood fire
cooked food was thought to be tastier.

I think the phrase 'filthy rich' was coined by
a left-leaning reporter. Being rich can never
be ‘filthy’. Most of the rich people give
away to charity. Many of them contribute to
build new schools, public halls, temples,
hospitals, orphanages, oldage homes, i
shelters, etc.

I am of the opinion that the interpretation
of a word rests on the cultural, educational,
financial and racial background of the
interpreter. But more important is the
familiarity with the language which comes
from reading books and listening to people’s
lecture in that language.

“Second class citizen” is accusation and not
fact. I don’t think there is a second class
citizen in the Citizenship Act defined. In
practice however there is discrimination and
to avoid such a feeling among the targeted
people specific laws are in place. Hope they
are effective.

I am not ashamed to let everyone know that
I belong to the GSB (Gowda Saraswath
Brahman) community and that I speak
Amchigeli Konkani language, which binds us
together. I feel that the present Central
Government is non-discriminatory. Visit

Do people working for the government
consider proper safety from public electrical
installations is a priority? If a live wire is
hanging along a street does it need
immediate attention? What is the procedure
in place for such emergency to be tackled
by the concerned authorities?

Praising someone doesn’t cost us much, but
condemning someone is a responsible act. If
the condemnation is based on true facts,
then it might be good idea, but condemning
someone falsely is a crime. Those who listen
will judge. True facts have to be separated
after investigation.

Everyone of us assumes two personalities;
one inside the confine of our residence and
the other outside it. I am responsible for
what I do in my residence including how I
take care of my health and habits. Outside
my residence, I am supposed to be well-
dressed and well-mannered.

There are instances where some of the fruits
containing certain enzymes cause nausea
and diarrhea in susceptible individuals,
appears to be due to some of the pathogenic
bacteria over-powering the normal
organisms. Because, broad-spectrum
antibiotics work well in such situations.

I am yet to be patient enough to wait for the
nature to solve my problems. Nature solves
all problems, but how? Time, Sir/Madam. It
is time. Time will take its own time. Time
will either alter, repair, replace or destroy
the problem. I watch, intervene if I can, but
often I wait.

My wisdom is my own property. To put my
wisdom into words I need expertise in the
language I wish to express my thoughts in. It
is not easy to form meaningful sentences
without a certain amount of mastery over
the language. Much easier to quote a past
author, a past intellectual.

NoMoney matters everywhere, especially in
promotion of useful products. Spreading
falsehood against a rival product that comes
from another country is often reported as a
genuine news item. There are no morals to
be followed in international trade. It is
called healthy competition.

I believe that I am the wisest in present
circumstance and in subjects that concern
me. Surrendering to any religion is evidence
of Man's inferiority complex. It is I who
decides what the truth is after I have mulled
over my knowledge and experience. I am
ready to face the world.

Truth is, I believe, not what was stated in
the past, whatever the claim is upon its
truthfulness. I agree that the Truth changes
as it gets refined by new information. Not
right away, but after it is discussed
extensively, by intellectuals and put into
practice for generations.

In a democracy numbers are most important.
How many Hindus are in India and in the
world? When I say I am a Hindu, it is very
important demographically. Someone might
claim that I am also an atheist on another
stage, but I am counted among Hindus. My

Love is a soft weapon, but justice is a
shield. Love is animal instinct, but justice
requires thinking. Justice is far ahead in
evolution. Love happens instantly, but a
wise one waits for justice to appear on the
horizon before acting on the instinct and
making a fool of oneself.

Who remembers how, in 1950s, we drew
water from deep well with a pulley, rope
and a copper pot, carried to the bathroom,
filling two large copper pots fixed over a
mud stove, each holding about 250 litres of
water, the front pot heated with firewood.
Never felt any inconvenience.

Every period of time, since the beginning of
civilization, Man never felt fully satisfied.
Even now one isn’t completely satisfied with
life, and in future too, will've plenty of
reasons to be frustrated even with an
advanced life style provided by the
government and the society.

I don’t know why I do not ask anyone’s
comments or opinion on my work, if they do
not come out volunterily. My work even that
which I do for others is almost always funded
entirely by me. I do not accept
contributions and donations. I reimburse
everyone that gives any assistance.

I am of the opinion that decency and
indecency are observations and carry any
value only after the observer raises a
question. The resultant harm from an
indecent talk or action determines the
reaction of people observing it. If there is
no harm then it is conveniently forgotten.

Why anyone would commit an indecent act
in the open? Why would anyone speak
brazen lie in front of an audience? If it is a
king who committed indecency and lied then
we watch and wonder. If it is a political
leader in a democracy he faces removal
from office in the next election.

If I fail to save a receipt, especially of my
online payment of self-assessment tax then I
will not be able to e-file my tax return
because it is necessary to enter the BSR
code and the Challan number in the Return.
I can not retrieve payment information later
without Challan no.

What did I accomplish by remaining silent?
Did I save my breath? Hardly. I avoided
quarrel thereby presumably prolonged my
lifespan. If I speak out then my speech might
provoke the listeners to take action, either
good or bad. Even truth hurts. Timely words
of wisdom are useful.

If my children misbehave either at home or
outside, it reflects on how we parents erred
in bringing them up. Our children are our
incarnations; preservers of legacies; mother’
s life inside as the driving fuel. They embody
us both all their lifespan. Read www.

In fact the government is not always our
own making. Responsibility of keeping
citizens happy rests on all officers and staff
of all departments appointed by
government; local, state and central. The
citizens only elect the representatives who
may or may not form the government.

“Athithi Devo Bhava” is an old saying in
Sanskrit. Athithi means unannounced guest.
Devo is God. Bhava means ‘is’. The
unannounced guest is a God. Here I got to
define a guest. A decent friendly person
may be a guest and not anyone that come to
our door. But why come unannounced?

I have been wondering if the principle of
reservation in colleges and jobs is an
assertion of principle of human rights. Both
stress upliftment of the downtrodden only in
terms of opportunity to live a happy healthy
life. Both depend on action by those who
are already 'uplifted'.

She has always wowed the world. He has
been constantly trying to understand her. In
a few decades she is going to be center-
stage in managing the society, financially
and all. He will make way for her rather than
for his male rival. Evaluate my book www.

My smartphone is extra smart. Some of the
buttons are undesirably sensitive to the
extent that even as my finger hovers over
and makes a momentary contact, the button
jumps to do its intended task, such as in
Twitter, the 'like' button of a tweet I didn’t
mean to press. Damn it!

I am ashamed to say that anywhere and
anytime I lived in a rural place throughout
my life (some times for several years) did I
think about the health hazards of open
defecation until now a non-medical
politician pointed out that ODF could be the
cause for diseases. Why was it so?

Why is it that the roads everywhere are neat
and clean? The signboards are in place and
parks are maintained well? I think it is
because now the tax money does not go into
the pockets of the politicians or officials.
People know how it happened. I hope this
survives for all time.

The printing press transformed the world by
enabling mass communication. Postal service
helped word to word transmission of
instructions and orders. Letters replaced
verbal messages. Now digitization has
ensured accuracy. Misinterpretation is the
only available tool to misguide.

More I get involved in the distribution of
benefits, more chances for me to favour my
community, and even though I am supposed
to be impartial, sometimes being under
oath, yet I can’t resist the temptation to
first recognize my community people, my
native place, my language, etc.

When I manage to finish my education I am
expected to begin earning my livlihood. At
present there are campus interviews which
will eliminate the waiting period after the
exam results are out. It is always better to
take up a job first and then change if

A man's character is revealed very early in
life. Like all offsprings in the animal world
the child is expected to shake off the
protective care of its mother by about 3
years of age. The fearless attitude and
desire to be independent begins to show in a
child when its character is pliant for molding
by parents. Presently nursery schools admit
children at 2-3 years of age.

Very few people get a chance to occupy
positions of power in the government. I
never occupied such a position. Therefore I
can only guess how it feels. But, do you
know why a sense of haughtiness creeps into
minds of some of them and they harass their
real masters, the citizens?

I think people must stop giving so much
importance to history. We didn’t witness all
those horrible events of the past in person.
What is written in the history books can’t all
be true. Not thinking about who did what in
the past, allows me to plan my future based
on my present.

For our security and unity, we don’t need
history; but we need geography, physics,
chemistry, biology, maths, languages and
many other subjects. Only relevant history
that exclude horrors and atrocities be
included in our primary learning. Deeper
studies may be left for research.

When there is a death in the family, the
surviving members, the neighbors and the
community has a pressing job at hand:
proper disposal of dead body. Death results
in a vacancy which gets filled by a person
who takes over the role of the dead. My

I have seen more octogenarians now than I
saw them before I turned 80 myself. I know
it is only an illusion, but there are many
over-80 people. After 80, a person becomes
redundant and truly a burden on the
society. All schemes are only to keep them
comfortable and idle at home.

I was just thinking about you and I got your
There are many words (such as love) and
sentences that try to describe happiness but
none of them suit our real perception of
happiness. (I think the word love isn't
enough). I need so many other things to be
happy. Love is in the clouds. Not on the
ground to earth in a cupboard.

I was wondering if I could be an innovator.
But first I must understand the difference
between innovation and invention.
Innovation is application of a new idea that
transforms the existing, into a different look
and feel by applying new discoveries and
inventions in the process.

I will not be able to perform my best if I don’
t get inputs from my friends and foes alike;
provided it is me who makes the final
decision; better after either a consensus or
a majority vote. Even at home or at work,
the outcome is more solid if there has been
an open discussion.

“What’s Wrong, Doctor?” is my novel www. in which I have
given how a doctor brings upon himself the
onerous responsibility to lead a life of
service to the society but gets bogged down
with wading through the sea of
opportunities and personal shortcomings.

Road accidents have become one of the
major causes of death. Severity of
punishment for breaking the Motor Vehicle
laws has been increased to a level unheard
of before. Quality of the roads has
improved. The world can not run without
vehicles. We got to put safety before speed.

When I post a tweet, I do so without tagging
anyone; because, I don’t want to convey my
thoughts and ideas to any particular person,
but I wish many people look at my tweets.
Also those to whom my idea may apply.
Hardly any one cares what I think. My tweets
are not undisputable.

I was a 9-yr old boy when the British
Government in London handed over the
administration of India to Indians. There was
sadness built-in, because the country was
fragmented. Mangalore was in the Madras
Province. The British allowed all languages
to grow equal in Madras Province.

Value of a rupee against the dollar is
important for those who have a foreign
connection. In 1950s through 1980s the
exchange rate was as determined by the
government. It was allowed to vary with
external market only later (somewhere
around 1990s). It makes no difference to

I know that vegetarianism is a mode of life.
Children of vegetarian parents living in a
home in which only vegetarian food is
cooked intensely dislike food that even
remotely touches meat, foul, fish or even
eggs. India is their heaven. Visit www.

Personally, I don’t like to live a life in which
I would not be better than a vegetable,
except perhaps if I would be able to retain a
clear mind and know well my  
status/situation fully. I wouldn’t even
remember faces or places and won’t be able
to answer questions meaningfully.

Do I want development and progress? I can
not do it all alone. For keeping our freedom
to do it all our way, will only keep us
hanging in the balance and left isolated. Let
me and us join the strong and build a
partnership for security and solace. Being
alone makes me vulnerable.

Our future plans for which we allow more
years to complete than our remaining life
span, will become redundant and vain for us
once we pass away. We won’t be there to
observe the results. There is no guarantee
that our Spirit will oversee the process.

Natural calamities like the floods, wash away
the old and fragile structures that come in
the way of flood waters, in one go. I wonder
if it is a blessing in disguise because if the
rot were allowed to remain, then they might
have caused more casualties; albeit slowly
and subtly.

Not everyone knows that nothing is more
satisfying than cooking food for the one
whom you love. And him eat it with relish.
But cooking and cleaning after eating could
beat the love. Both the lover and the loved
one become the losers; the eater left to
cook and forget about love.

Taking care of a sick husband is a privilege
of the wife especially if the husband is
elderly. And she does not let the
opportunity to slip out to express her love
and loyalty to him. Generally it is a pleasure
to nurse a sick person but more so to a
husband. Not for all though.

Fake news is not limited to politics. It is
rampant in medicine as well. Doctors are
brainwashed into believing that the time-
tested older reliable medicines cause liver
or kidney damage to introduce newer drugs.
Some rare minor damage is high-lighted to
impress gullible doctors.

Festivals are enjoyable in company with
family and friends. They help us to get over
our blues and also to spend some time with
people we wish to keep in contact. They do
not always invite huge expenses. Community
festivals are lively as in www.adyargopal.

The festival known as Yajurupaakarma is
held on this day of Full Moon or Poornima in
the month of Shraavana which usually falls
in the month of August, during which a new
sacred thread is worn by all irrespective of
religion as per Swami Dayananda Saraswati.
Please visit www.adyargopal.

Whenever I have to get some work done,
have to go somewhere, have to talk to
someone about certain matters, I use my
learning, my past experience, take same
successful previous path and sometimes ask
someone for help, so that I don’t return
empty handed. I get my good work done.

For happiness and stability in life I
encourage the youth to take up a familiar
occupation, begin earning and saving
money, get married, produce and bring up
children, build a house and facilitate
children to leave and live separately. This is
Natural route to Nirvana and heaven.

It is better not to have any friends than have
bad people as friends. For a young boy or a
girl, the parents are the best friends next to
elder siblings, uncles and aunts, cousins,
school teachers and finally a good
neighbour. We become what we are by the
kind of company we keep.

What is the definition of 'partying'? It is not a
'political party meeting'; not as a 'religious
prayer meeting'; the literature, print and
electronic media define 'partying’ as a
meeting where massive consumption of
alcohol takes place. I stay clear from such
unhealthy partying.

Our genes are shaping our bodily functions
in conjunction with our food habits, our
local environment and our voluntary
indulgence in social activities. Genes
determine the aging effects to a large
extent. Limiting food intake and regular
exercise help me to maintain good health.

No human being or animal would be able to
eat anything and everything. I notice that a
lot of things are left untouched by animals
after they apprise it by flipping over and by
smelling it. There are poisonous things in
many so-called foods. The mother selects
the food for child.

I am thinking why there are thieves,
robbers, fraudsters and cheaters in the
world? A man looks around and finding no
one looking, picks up the purse and pockets
it. Even a child would steal eatables, while
the mother is away. Rising above this
corporal instinct is our salvation.

There must be clear-cut statements
explaining major ideologies published for
the benefit of the masses, especially if they
are to be followed by the political parties'
leadership and implemented if they form the
next government. Short manifestos
published in advance are helpful.

Postal department in any country is an
enormous and huge public employer. To
make the service available to the masses,
apply a newer system technology and bring
the essential service up to the modern level,
by adding a banking duty should help. It is a
novel workable application.

If there are no plans to go out of town for
pleasure then there is no need to spend
extra money. If I get bored after staying at
home then I would rather read books that
interest me. It is important to have a
diversion from work and reading ebooks is
easy and a good way to relax.

There is certain inevitability of serious
conflict with my wife if she keeps abusing on
the phone, my relatives from my parents'
side for receiving gifts from me during our
annual get-togethers. It is an unacceptable
stand of grudge for her in-laws. www.

India is a conglomeration of many languages,
traditions, religions, faiths, beliefs, etc., but
for the sake of unity as a Nation the citizens
will have to come together and express their
love and respect for the Nation in one way
or another. Please read my article at

It is our self-esteem and self-respect that
makes us do something every day and earn
an honest living. If at all we begin even once
to commit fraud, steal or rob, then our
tendency will be to repeat the crime. The
short-term affluence will soon be over and
we end up behind bars.

There is certain inevitability of serious
conflict with my wife if she keeps abusing
my relatives from my parents' side on the
phone, for receiving gifts from me during
our annual get-togethers. It is an
unacceptable stand of grudge against her in-

There are always questions that keep coming
in my mind; some of them are personal and
others are those that crop up from my
conscience. For some questions I got to find
immediate solutions while others can wait.
An elderly man has very few emergencies
and his ideas are outdated.

To embark on a project it takes time to
decide to even begin planning for it on
paper. Once it is decided that the project
will be launched and the financial resources
are arranged, the project will soon take off.
A planned event is a project for which many
people eagerly wait.

There are many basic differences between
science and religion. Science keeps evolving
while religion can’t change its conditions.
The society wants harmony and agreement
for development of all, but this can’t be
accomplished unless religions facilitate.
Development is a priority.

I will not give any importance to what the
ancient books of religion or the philosophers
of the recent or remote past said about a
particular subject of life, death, birth,
rebirth, heaven, hell, soul or spirit. I make
up my mind by myself using my own
knowledge and experience.

Opposition to my plans to hold the 2018
convention make me think again. Since my
activities are more personal than affecting
directly on my relatives with whom my
planned events are connected, I am free to
arrange the events in my own manner. Visit

Ordinary people like me are not affected by
the SC judgement on Sec 377, which affects
a tiny miniscule group in this vast country.
The judgement recognizes that the world
has left behind, the teachings of many saints
of yesteryears. Modern science has won a
insignificant battle.

There are no problems really, but my mind
searches for problems. I am sitting at home
holding my smartphone in my hand and
trying to write a long tweet but what should
I write? My needs are meagre and all of them
are fulfilled. Most contented life; no
desirable scheme to take up.

I have passed 80, which indicates that I have
gone through all difficulties that one
encounters in one's life. But the period
during which I traveled is most relevant. WW
II had just started when I was born. My
childhood suffered vagaries of the WW II but
my parents protected me.
Now I don’t forget that in life everything
takes time and waiting is an essential part
of happy living. Haste brings misery. Hope
shows way.

I don’t see poor people. I see only
uneducated lazy people, people unwilling
to study or work, people looking for a  
handout and free lunch.

I don’t listen to my friends because they
are all idiots like me and know much less
about my problems than I do. Make moves
after own study.

I am grateful to the land and its people
among whom I live for my welfare and a
successful, meaningful and productive day.
The Bond of Land.

In an accident resulting in death, injury or
survival, the survivors feel the future,
which is most likely to be one they are
thankful for.

People blame me as being selfish. But right
from childhood, instinctively, I act mainly
because I would gain from the event.

People say that nothing is permanent but it
doesn’t mean that the sun will not rise
tomorrow or that I won’t be hungry later or
feel sleepy.

There’s nothing absolutely perfect in the
world; only better or worse. My greed,
Interest  & effort make it better; ignorance
make it worse.

I don’t know if I plagiarised but what I said
or did has been said or done by others,
especially by my ancestors, in the past

If I don’t utilise my mind & body to the
fullest advantage for myself and my
community and depend on natural course
then I lose my identity.

The Ruling on Privacy is a boost to a new
India. I got right to remain silent & invisible
except from Agencies giving me goods and

I couldn’t interpret the Ruling on Privacy
due to lack of definition but I lost my
Privacy to my mum at birth, to my spouse
upon marriage & to doctor.

I now have an excuse. I can say, “you are
killing my Privacy," and stop people from
doing anything I don't like and file a case in
My book "Amgeli Arthavyavastha" (Our
Economy) in Konkani language Kannada
script for your review: www.createspace.

Economy of any country depends upon the
opportunities its population finds to harness
the available resources for use on a
permanent basis.

Parents are at a loss to know what to do if
an 8th Pass 14 yr., old child not study well
in the 9th class. Allow them to take up a
safe job.

By refusing to allow 8th Pass 14 yr., old
take up a safe job, India is denying itself a
large human force from contributing to its
G. D. P.

We fell into the trap well laid by
competitors abroad that raised the bogey of
child labour when they found our products
were nosing them.

The Government and the wise people must
direct the youngsters by suitable Structure
of Education towards goals that bring
prosperity to all.

The present system of 10th class as
Matriculation or School Leaving class doesn’
t allow for diversification earlier and
creates ‘drop-outs’.

By terming youngsters who left school
before 10th class as ‘drop-outs’ we are
making it all worse for them and pushing
them down further.

Grading our curriculum in such a way that
schooling is unbroken till 10th class while
8th is more convenient hampers freedom of

The present Structure of Education forces
children into the 9th to 12th classes
wherein a large number of students can not
get through.

New Structure of Education doesn’t mean
stop after 8th class. Everyone continues
classes that are meant to prepare her/him
for a career.

Make 8th class pass the major stepping-
stone (New Structure of Education), after
which students take up study in courses
that they fit in.

A Certificate of completion of a course by
post-8th class students will enable
employers to hire them as
trainees/apprentices for 1-2 years.

If Govt., declares passing 8th class as the
end of schooling then millions of youngsters
will begin training for the career of their

New Structure of Education proposed
eliminates 9th to 12th classes from most of
the career courses by making 8th class the
end of schooling.

A majority of careers chosen by youngsters
do not need subjects taught in present 9th
to 12th classes, which only dislodge their

When the youngster knows that subjects he
is studying in the 9th to 12th classes are not
going to be of any help to him he gets

Those 14 yr old 8th pass youngsters who
chose higher education are admitted into
the courses meant for them in new
Structure of Education.

The present Structure of Education with
10th class as the School Leaving (SL) is
unsuitable for India of 2016. Make 8th class
pass as the SL.

The British found a Structure of Education
in India with 11th class as School Leaving
(SL) class. 8th is better for India of the

Make 8th class pass as the School Leaving
(SL) and diversify 9th onward for various
careers including Medicine and Engineering.

People talk about schooling and learning
being different and about need of a
paradigm shift in our education system but
not about how to do.

Making 8th pass as the School Leaving class
followed by career-specific diverse classes
would be a paradigm shift in our education

Make 8th pass the end of schooling and 9th
the beginning of learning as to how to live
with an occupation the student and his
parents wish.

The class 9th to 12th is a long journey and
about half of the students do not benefit
from what they learn in them being inapt
career wise.

What is inapt for most of the careers such
as the syllabus in the 9th to 12th class may
be avoided if we adopt a new Structure of

Change our Education system to make the
most of our young receptive bright minds of
students especially in their 15th to 18th
years of life.
First, man realized that his belief in a
certain all-powerful protector does not
protect him from the elements or the
predators during his rest and sleep;
therefore he built walls around him with
fastened door. Outside his house man has to
rely on goodwill of his fellow citizens.

I always keep thinking about my security.
Food and water security are provided by the
government. But, personal security is my
responsibility. Health security depends on
my dietary habits and if I am of sedentary or
of yogic personality. Regular income is
essential for security.

I wonder if my ancestors were aware that
open defecation was responsible for the
high infant illnesses and high infant
mortality among them. They looked at the
planets for the answers, example
‘Balagraha'. Also unaware of bacteria and
viruses. My article www.adyargopal.

Her: “Oh you are married. Hmm.”
Him: “I know why I get into trouble. I should’
ve stayed single.”
Sign board: “Accommodation available. For
live-in couples only”
Marriage is out-dated.

Am I comfortable with what I do? I am not
comfortable with what I do, but I have no
other choice. If I become lazy and spend my
time doing nothing, then I might be
comfortable, but I won’t last long. My
nutrition and hygiene will deteriorate and
due to disuse, I will get sick soon.

Not getting sound sleep after a rather hectic
day is a warning that one or other of our
activity was not right; such as food, drink or
manners. I can’t do anything if it was not in
my control, but I am advised to avoid its
repetition, by changing my ways so that I
will sleep well.

I don’t carry any weapon with me, like a
knife, a pistol, or even a pouch of chilli
powder, because if I do then I am more
likely to use it when I get angry. I can talk
and get into an argument, but I stay away
from bad-mouthing others. I can try to flee
from the spot. Civil way.

Like sleeping behind the wheel, one may fail
to notice that danger lurks on the railway
track. No one willingly falls asleep behind
the wheel. Also no one strays on to a live
railway track on purpose. Both are freak
accidents, like an avalanche out of the blue,
or a falling tree.

Falling asleep while driving a vehicle is a
most unfortunate curse any innocent driver
would endure. But, believe me, the driver
wakes up within a couple of seconds if
she/he had not consumed alcohol, I guess. If
the road is nice, the chances are greater.
Pull over and take rest.

I know death is scary. It is dreadful to see
any one die. I know that before the heart
stops beating the brain stops functioning,
which results in loss of consciousness. Even
if brain precedes heart, once unconscious, I
can’t feel pain. No fear of dying.
Unconsciousness is bliss.

To what extent do I belong to this land? How
much significant is the fact that I was born
here or that my parents and ancestors
belong to this earth? If my ashes are
immersed in the waters of the region, I
would be hailed as a local. See my book
Bond of Land www.createspace.

We play with words like ‘Equality,’
‘Privacy,’ ‘Liberty,’ ‘Freedom,’ etc., which
are more complicated than what they imply
to an ordinary person. The interpretation in
a legislative Act becomes the prerogative of
the authorities, as in my article www.
In the 1870s (late 19th Century), Hindus,
beginning with Swami Dayananda
Saraswathi, tried to make changes in the
Hindu traditional practices. Their reforms
have been dgenerally accepted by Hindus.
Knowledge has forced it; no stopping. Read
my article

Some of the acts have to be done every
day. Like brushing teeth. Some people read
their prayers. Going to work might get
interrupted by weekends and holidays, but
meals can not be missed even for a few
hours. We are bound to our body through
requirements that keep us on our toes.

A civil society facilitates a secure and
comfortable living for genuine residents. A
genuine resident is one who contributes in
some way to the society and promotes
peaceful and harmonious bonds among the
neighbours. Law and order department
ensures the same. All of us cooperate.

Every one talks about change. But I don’t
find any change in the sun, moon, planets,
seasons, nature and character of man or
woman towards self or their behaviour. I
have to look at the history, surveys,
statistics and man-made reports to
understand if any change has taken place.

To make life interesting, during free time,
people watch TV or read a book. With
smartphone around I read posts in social
media. The last one is very handy, but I can’
t sift through pages like in a newspaper or
change channels like in TV. Chatting with a
friend is more enjoyable.

Building a structure anew is easier than
repairing an old one. Old structures might
be of sentimental value but unless they are
built to last hundreds of years keeping them
tiptop is almost impossible unless someone
lives in it. Yet grandson would demolish it
and build a new one.

I have many regrets in my life. Choosing
career may be one of them. Choosing one's
career must take place at the right time and
at the right age. What things influenced my
decision? Attitude and financial capacity of
my parents under the then prevailing
circumstances is primary.

Somehow, the education system, in which
11 years of schooling and the age of sixteen
were considered enough for embarking on a
career and age of fourteen and education
till eighth class as adequate for most of the
skill-learning, has been revived up by the
present administration.

Eighty years is not a big deal, because, in
terms of even a couple of centuries,
experience gained from life of eighty years
is inadequate to say the least. But, my
instinct tells me that the law and
punishment meted out to women is always
much softer than that meted out to men.

I am a practicing Hindu, if you didn’t know.
My book ‘Minimum Hinduism Practice,' sold
in one volume paperback at www. and in 4 parts at in 2008
give a fair account how big an elephant it is.
Not easy to fathom well. Got to try.

I think it is wrong to attribute the illnesses
to staple foods, the regular and routine
consumption of certain mild stimulants such
as coffee and tea, a limited number of
beedis or cigarettes or chewing pan, etc.
Everything under the sun could be blamed.
Body can overcome these.

'Ease of Living' happens by two accounts:
one, our obligations to the country, and
two, liberal laws and regulations by the
government, especially regarding
consumption of staple foods, mild
stimulants like coffee tea, a limited number
of beedis or cigarettes or chewing pan, etc.
I don’t think it is easy to decide if what the
fellow did was right or wrong. There was no
one at the site except him. We just have to
believe what he says. If there was CCTV
camera then we could see the recording. He
doesn’t own a mobile either. How can we
come to a conclusion?

The question is how to earn money. Money
is needed even to just get up and go. Can’t
go out without the walet. I keep my ID cards
and enough loose change and currency
notes with me when I am on the street. I
accept any job because there are labor laws
that protect me. Don’t they?

Everyone likes to use his powers; powers of
limbs, muscles, bones, power of speech,
mind and various skills in order to make a
living. To make a living one has to earn
money, because, money can buy what we
need to live perfect. To live well we should
not suffer shortage of money.

I find that the most convincing statement is
that ‘the world is a drama and we are
compelled to act out our roles, noble, evil
or neutral'. We can act within the unwritten
script and can’t digress from the nature’s
tightly fixed plot. We alternately play the
part of the audience.

I remember almost all my follies that I
committed in my life but, hardly remember
any of many advantageous, beneficial and
good work that I have accomplished over
the years. None of my mistakes have been as
much highlighted by my friends or
acquaintances as I myself silently do.

I have found that the seasons influence our
activities to a large extent. Agriculture
depends on the seasons thereby directing all
other businesses to follow its momentum.
Seasons depend entirely on the earth’s,
sun's, wind's, atmosphere's and water's
whims, would you believe?

I think that it is impossible for a young man
to defy nature and that he will always chase
a woman no matter what rules the society
imposes on him. And a woman will always
seek attention from a man but t & c are
applied. Men who subscribe to the t & c of
the women, will flourish.

Festivals are the exultations of the people.
Why do the dates of the festivals in India fall
on different dates every year? The people
follow the Indian calendar for the Hindu
festivals. To understand it I have described
it in my article www.adyargopal.

Coming back to work after a vacation or a
long weekend is kind of a curtain raiser for
employees and an invitation to buck up for
the long week ahead. For a self-employed
person there is enthusiasm for reopening
the office or store and make up for the lost
time and collections.

What is cowardice? Causing death of
innocent people and then running away
from the scene is cowardice. Not helping
accident victims sighting possible police
harassment or charging the complainant
with the offense by the police officers is
cowardice. Being honest and true is not.

Giving examples is an accepted way to
explain complex things. I have myself done
it so many times. But the examples
themselves could be questionable and not
all parameters of the example sited would
match the main subject. Knowledge can not
be manipulated by unsuitable examples.

I have been learning from examples laid
down by senior doctors. I think it is
dangerous not write the case sheet as
taught in the medical college; chief
complaints, physical findings and diagnosis.
Writing only the order for investigation and
a prescription is not a good example.
Those doctors who do not write chief
complaints, physical findings and diagnosis
in the case sheet and only write the order
for investigation and a prescription are
shortchanging their patients. Insurance
inspectors must reject their bills. Prior
warning and publicity are useful.

I am pretty sure that life of mother is
inserted in embryo as soon as its heart
begins to beat. No such insertion of life can
take place once the child is delivered. The
heart-lung machine is not a substitute for
the mother. Life can not sustain if any vital
organ is defective.

Once I am dead I do not wish my body would
be decorated and kept for so-called final
viewing, because that is a waste of time and
money. At the most a feast in memory of
the departed may be held after a week or
two for paying homage. A photo taken while
alive is good for viewing.

The pleasure I experience by traveling to
distant places is quite a lot. I must be
prepared to undergo hardships but a well-
informed companion would be of immense
help.  Good plan and a positive attitude are
essential because the routes and
destinations might change unexpectedly.

Imagine how I lose respect if I get beaten up
for my deed that I performed thinking that I
am doing it for the purpose of art,
literature, public good, etc., even get
arrested for deeds not liked by some
people. There is no guarantee that what I
do would be liked by all people.

I have often wished to tell the truth; my
opinion that I think is the truth. But my
opinions often go against the tradition and
vital practices of people who regard what I
tell is not the truth; only a repeatingly
visible, audible, tactile and natural thing is
the absolute truth.

Our beliefs are ancestral. My belief is my
present belief. After my generation my
belief becomes ancestral. The latest belief
is that Hinduism has adopted the
Constitution of India as its principal tool to
consolidate unity among Hindus. Read

I am stupid if I respond to an abusive
profanity hurled at me as I walk on the
street. I would rather run away from the
spot. Of course, the occurrence would spoil
my mood for a day or two, but in order not
to give any value to the abuser, I am
inclined to ignore it altogether.

I am stupid if I respond to an abusive
profanity hurled at me in a social media
post especially when I don’t know the
identity of the abuser. Of course, the post
would spoil my mood for a day or two. I
ignore it, give no value to the abuse. My
silence will be the best response.

Nationalism is allegiance to the
Constitution, salute to the flag, attention
to the national anthem and possessing such
citizenship qualities. If a citizen can not
say. “victory to my motherland” then he is
either a child or a mute dumb person. I am
an abiding Indian nationalist.

I am anti to stealing, cheating, verbally or
physically abusing, knowingly spreading
falsehood, insulting, making fun of the
elders, etc. It is easy to become a bad
citizen, create a law and order problem and
lose respect. I try not to become a bad
citizen and lose self-respect.

I can do many things with ease, a few things
using my hands, a few other things using my
brain, knowledge and/or experience. Most
of the time the results are good or as
expected. But sometime I fail. I have to lose
money and materials. I repeat and succeed
having learnt a lesson.
The universe, the people, the water bodies,
the landscape, the food and often the
weather is so very attractive and pleasant
that I or any other person will not like to
leave it (do not want to die). Yet a day will
come when I or any other person has to
exit. But never know when.

All of us want to stand in the front. No
region in India likes to fall behind the
others. Every language, every culture, art,
craft, dress, dietary preference, etc., all
wish to take equal part in the national
activities. Equality and freedom means
progress of all constituents.

Today’s society has placed women on a high
pedestal. Along with women, children and
the elderly are also treated with respect.
There is no doubt that the woman is
physically weak. But no man likes to
confront a woman. My book 'Oh Woman,
What Are You?'

I wouldn’t worry too much of what happens
to the world after another century or two.
Man is quite capable of managing the
situation as it then exists. In fact I would
like to see myself the changes that take
place. It’s not going to be much different,
even after a thousand years.

When I don’t know the answer, I won’t say,
“I don’t know.” In stead I rant away my
speculatory disquisition. In doing so I tinker
my brain. I discover by discussion and
argument. Like in my Amchigeli Konkani
book in Devnagri script, “Meggele Tarka”

Along with improvement in education and
widespread knowledge dissemination, the
fear of the unknown and obsessive
surrender to prayer lessens. Majority of
atheists are intelligent people. Education is
vital for a life of natural pragmatism. Read

Our action circle becomes smaller and
smaller as we get older and older. Once
there were thousands of people with whom
I had to deal with in my vast circle of
patients, friends and acquaintances. But
now, at 80, my nerves and emotions have to
contend with just a few relatives.

Since I don’t practice I have more time to
distribute around. I don’t have deadlines
set to complete any projects. When I
accompany friends on rounds in the city I
wait patiently till they finish visits with
their friends, meetings or shopping. I have
developed tolerance to wait.

If I want to drink water and by mistake I put
very hot water in my mouth, I spit it out
immediately. But if it is tolerably hot, I wait
until it cools down. Similarly, before
reacting to an abuse I let the abuser cool
down. However we can’t straighten a dog’s
bent tail. Pity me!

There are issues that are personal as well as
public. Getting myself involved in public
issues is not always necessary. One public
issue I am concerned is casting my vote in
the election for legislators, who form
government at all levels. Government
affects most societal issues.

Whenever I become angry at someone close
to me and overcome with an urge to react
by some kind of harm to that someone, I fail
to take into account the consequences
which naturally will be detrimental to
myself. It is better to ignore the anger and
try to negotiate an agreement.

Fortunately, for Hinduism, there is the
Constitution of India to project as the new
Book of Principles. Hindus were in majority
in the Constitution Assembly and the
Constitution reflects the latest beliefs
prevalent in modern Hinduism. I hope
Hindus unite under the Constitution.