Adyar Gopal Parivar
How far can we stick to our Tradition

              The world has not been religiously
refined, but only scientifically advanced.  
Since time immemorial there have been
bad people and good people.  The bad
people also learnt about religion but they
did not get reformed.  One bad man will
have many followers who also will be bad.  
One good man will have many good
              The history of the world repeats
itself umpteen times. First the good people
suffered at the hands of the bad people
lead by the bad man.  But usually the bad
man turns the conquered lands into a land
under his rule.  He turns himself from a
devil and a destroyer into a venerable king
and emperor.  For the sake of survival all
the people still alive in that land become
his loyal subjects.  He slowly turns into a
god with his public relations exercises.  
The same person responsible for arson,
torture, war crimes, murder and rape just a
decade ago becomes a godly person
highly respected by all his people
including the swamis, teachers, priests
and intellectuals as well as other ordinary
people.  Memories of his atrocities and
cruelty do not last long among the
              But his good life does not last
long.  He soon becomes entangled
however, in one of the vices such as
women, wine, or wealth and begins to lose
his popularity among his population.  
There arises another leader from among
the masses who leads a mutiny of some
sort and repeats the arson, murder, rape
cycle and after killing many more innocent
people like his predecessor, he climbs the
throne as the new king and leader.   This
is the story most of the time.  This cycle
has repeated many more times in these
thousands of years.
Sometimes the leader of the good people
is finally able to put down the bad people
and their leader.  We know of Rama and
Ravana, and of Krishna and Kansa. With
in a short time after Rama or Krishna, the
world returned to its usual fluid status.
More bad people and bad leaders
followed. The followers of Rama or of
Krishna too became mired in worldly
pleasures and pitfalls. The sufferings of
the innocent people did not end.
              Today there are no warriors and
conquerers but there are cruel presidents
and heart-less prime ministers who inflict
injuries by waging wars on masses of
people.  There are wicked and ruthless
individuals, dictators and autocratic rulers,
who in their personal or official capacities
produce unbearable sufferings to innocent
people.  Amongst the masses there are
robbers, thieves, thugs, and murderers,
rapists, and molesters, suicide bombers,
both highly placed white-collared elite and
lowly criminals.  They and their official
collaborators, the corrupt politicians and
gomukhavyaghra' (cow face masked
tigers), opportunists bring injustice and
untold miseries to ordinary weak,
hard-working innocent god-fearing men
and women, old and young alike.
              We see that the present times
are changing times.  Nowadays we desire
new and wondrous things even when the
old and ordinary things are useful and
time-tested.  We have discarded good
medicines which were cheap and simple,
for costly and complicated drugs.  We
have discarded good age-old moral
studies for exciting and titillating
meaningless crap in our schools and
By Mohan Shenoy
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Adyar Gopal and Radha Bai
By Mohan Shenoy
Our family bonds between man and
woman as wife and husband are shattered
by new civil situations leading to life and
practice as in animals.  Our children are
not brought up in closely knit protective
environments of a loving emotional mother
and a responsible strong-minded father,
but they are raised as if they are our
foster-children or unguided and drifting
youth.  In India in most homes, we still
have the age-old practices of the elderly
parents being looked-after by the sons
and daughters.  However, this is vanishing
             The governments are interfering
in our lives more and more.  They are
telling us how to lead our lives not like we
wish to lead it, but the way their lobbyists
have found profitable for the corporations
and capitalists.  Newspapers and
television channels are controlling our
lives string by string.  Our babies and
toddlers shall not cry too loud lest the
neighbour will report us to the police for
alleged child abuse.  A father is not a
caring father if he does not bring the toy
his daughter asks for after watching an
advertisement on the T.V.  You are a misfit
in society if you do not buy health
insurance or life insurance, or buy a house
rather than rent it, buy a car rather than
travel by bus or train, buy the car every
third or fourth year so that the car
companies will thrive in their business.  
We must spend more than we earn so that
the finance companies will make a profit
out of the interest they charge on our
credit card balances.  It is often too late
when we learn of all these pit-falls in the
life of a human being in the present
society.  We need wisdom and knowledge
to pass these tests and lead a steadily
progressive happy life.
             How do we overcome these
trappings?  Religion can help us provided
we understand and practice it.  But the
thoughts and ideas of a religion are too
vague for a young man to understand and
absorb and practice.  He is not prepared
religion-wise either in his home or in the
schools and can not develop the will to
learn religious texts and religious
teachings.  Religion is not a part of the
state syllabus in schools and colleges. He
has to make extra effort to find books of
religion and read them. The teachers of
religion are so varied and speak in
hundreds and thousands of tongues. The
religious teachings are abstract and
mind-boggling, at times contradictory to
nature and its properties. Like the many
arms or heads to a god is simply fictional
in nature. It will be a gift if a young man is
able to absorb what religions have taught
us through these ages.
             If there has to be any peace and
progress in India for example, it will never
be in the fashion of the West.  I do not
believe that India will have a low
population to land ratio or low population
to wealth ratio like in the West.  The total
wealth, water, food, or other materials in
the world are not enough to provide for
surplus.  There will be always a shortage
of these things in the world.  When every
one needs food, water and wealth there
will be a fight among us to obtain enough
of them for ourselves.  Controlled
distribution and rationing are required.  
Good management is needed.  But we
humans are less than good administrators
and there will be corruption and nepotism
amongst us leading to injustice and

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