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By Mohan Shenoy

      Accidents are unexpected events and commonly they are referred to the auto accidents that occur on the road. There are some accidents which are good and one example is the sudden fire accident that occurs in an old building with no one inside. The building was an eye-sore in the area and no one wanted to spend money to demolish it.

A fire could destroy the old dilapidated building and force the community to clear the area. There might be a hike in the commercial value of the land on which the building was standing once a fire helped it to be destroyed.But most of the accidents are tragedies. The Bhopal gas tragedy is one of them. The people living around the Union Carbide plant were more than sure that the American company would not let anything bad happen to them. The American company let them down. The Americans lost the confidence of the people all over the world. It was understood that the rules of safety would be strict and that there will be constant and meticulous monitoring of the steps taken by the management for absolute safety in the day to day activities of the plant and production of the toxic gases and the possible consequences by any lax in implementation of the safety rules.

The number of deaths and the number of people injured are enormous.Negligence is writ large on the face of the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal. Warren Anderson should come forward voluntarily and surrender to the authorities in India if he is bold enough. The law will treat him with all protection due to an accused. He can vindicate himself by explaining the accident in detail and why he thinks that he is not guilty of the charges.What do we learn from this Bhopal tragedy?

One thing that strikes is that any chemical plant producing potentially hazardous material should be located far away from residential areas. There should be more stringent rules and constant monitoring of the steps taken for absolute safety. The various possible mishaps should be studied and mock drills conducted regularly.

An aeroplane, Air India Dubai-Mangalore flight IX812 carrying 166 passengers and crew members crashed while landing in the Mangalore airport, on Saturday 22nd May 2010. The plane splits into two and then catches fire. The fire spreads quickly engulfing most of the interior and some portions of the exterior body of the plane. One hundred fifty eight passengers lost their lives. Many of the deaths were due to severe burns, but some of them could be due to smoke inhalation and suffocation.

The bodies of about 22 passengers got charred beyond recognition of their identity.Surprisingly eight passengers jumped out of the several openings that appeared when the plane split into two. Rest of the passengers were unable to leave the plane because the intensity of the flames and density of the smoke made it impossible for them to move even an inch from their position. All the eight passengers survived with some injuries.One or two passengers required intensive care for their injuries and responded well to treatment.

There was no adverse weather condition to be a reason for the crash. There was no fault in the structure or function of the plane to be blamed for the accident. The plane touched the runway about 2000 feet ahead of the normal point which points to the fact that the landing was
     The plane was traveling faster than the advisable speed when it touched the ground. The breaks were applied a bit too hard but this only lead to the plane moving away from the center and hitting a radar component on the margin of the runway. This complicated the controls because the plane deviated further from the center of the runway. Since the runway is a table-top type, any vehicle would topple over the edge of the runway if it crosses the boundaries.

Therefore the IX812 flight which could not stop in time went over the boundary of the runway and hurtled about 300 metres into the gorge that surrounds the runway. It is at this point of time that the plane got split into two and then soon after caught fire.There will be investigation conducted as to the cause of the accident. Both the pilot and the co-pilot lost their lives in the accident. All the cabin crew also lost their lives.

The surviving eight passengers would not be able to explain the cause of the accident because they would not have observed the details minutely.Again on Sunday, the 30th May 2010, a passenger bus suffered an accident in which the bus hit the marker stone situated at the entrance of a bridge and hurtled over the bridge falling 20 feet below into a field. The diesel tank got damaged and the inflammable fuel caught fire. The sudden impact of the fall of the bus shook the passengers from their sleep because the accident occurred around 3.20 a.m. just before day-break. However before they could realize what happened the fire from the spilt diesel spread quickly to all parts of the bus and filled it with flames and smoke.

There were about 64 passengers in the bus and about 34 of them were able to come out of the bus and save themselves from death, but suffered various degrees of injuries. The rest of the passengers about 30 of them, mostly women and children were caught in the fury of the fire and smoke. They were unable to get out of the bus and got burnt alive inside.In both the above accidents one can guess that the cause is negligence of the operators.

The pilot of the plane made wrong moves and landed the plane improperly resulting in the ghastly accident and death of so many innocent passengers. The driver of the bus while the bus was at a great speed, probably failed to notice the marker stone in front of the bridge entrance and hit it so hard that the bus tumbled down into the fields over the low side-walls of the bridge.The accidents involving vehicles like the aeroplane, train, bus, car, motor-bike etc. are commonly due to the human errors committed by their operators.

On rare occasions the accident might be due to a defect in the structure of function of the vehicle.An accident is an unpredictable occurrence, but it is not inevitable happening. If the operators are alert and follow the rules of driving then there are no chances for an accident to take place.

Speed is the most common factor that a careless operator is likely to disregard. If the speed limit laid down by the authorities is respected by the operator then the chances of an accident are negligible. In the night the operator is likely to fall asleep resulting in accident. It is necessary for the operator to be fully concerned about the safety of the passengers and the value of their lives.