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By Mohan Shenoy

Anantha PadmanabhaVritha (Nopi)

Sri Anantha Padmanabha Vritha is also known as the Nopi (the vowel 0 spoken as in Pope).

In the Vaishnavite scriptures there is a detailed description of how this festival is performed. One of the essentials is a silver bust of Lord Vishnu that is placed on the puja pedestal and decorated with flowers and garlands.

There are many manthra(s) and shloka(s) to be recited. A priest who knows the puja vidhi or method is absolutely required in getting this Vritha performed.

Vritha literally means wedded or bonded. The performer is wedded or bound to this ritual. The performer is required to follow the procedure exactly as it is stated in the book. The priest does not take any short-cuts in performance of this puja.

What good does one get if one performs this puja? There are many benefits stated inorder to augment the significance of this festival. Whoever performs this puja on this day is regarded as having crossed most of the miseries in his life and reached a safe point.

This festival is performed every year as a requirement in most of the homes. Once a household begins to perform this Vritha then the said household will need to perform this Vritha every year.