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By Mohan Shenoy
        Few people realize that there can not be any reservations without mentioning the castes. In other words, we can not eliminate castism from our country until reservations are stopped. Even those who want the castes system eliminated now want to keep their castes to obtain reservations in college admissions and jobs.

        When the people were classified according to their castes to provide reservations, many proud castes like the Gujjars in Rajasthan wanted to be labelled as upper castes.15 people were killed in caste violence in the state of Rajasthan on Friday, the 23rd May, 2008 by police firing. The Gujjars staged a protest to demand inclusion of their caste in the list of Scheduled Castes.

        There were 10 more deaths 2 days later. Now at present Gujjars are not included in the SC list, since at the time of the preparation of the list in the 50s, they were not too eager to be demoted to a low caste group. But having suffered by being excluded from such a group which enjoys a lot of benefits of reservations in college admissions and jobs, the Gujjar community leaders want their caste to be included in the list of SCs. The protesters torched two police jeeps, and attacked and clashed with the police. The violent protesters lynched a policeman to death.

        The caste list is prepared by the Central Government, on the recommendation of the State Government. The reservation for the SCs is about 14% and if more castes are included in the list the number of jobs or seats that the existing listed members get,  would be reduced proportionally. The limit of 14% can not be increased.

        Hence there is a strong opposition from the listed members for inclusion of more castes to the list. Our future will see wars between the caste that is included and the caste that is no included in the list. The Brahmin caste is neither interested nor is it likely to be included in any reservation list. The wars are not going to involve the Brahmin caste, fortunately.