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Conversion and Demography
By Mohan Shenoy
        The effect of conversion is on demography. Demography is the statistics of the population. The ratio between various denominations is part of demography. How many Hindus are there? How many Muslims are there? How many temples are there? How many mosques are there? How many minority institutions are there? Which religion is in the minority? How many people are educated? How many school drop-outs are there?

        All these questions are answered by demographic analysis.Does conversion of people from one religion into another change the demography? Yes. If one family is converted from Hindu to Christian then the number of people belonging to Christian religion become higher. This is the simple reason why people belonging to the affected religion get upset.In a democracy the numbers are important because the democratic nation runs on the rule of the majority. The majority of people voting for a particular issue. The issue of electing a mayor of a city or municipality or a Graam Panchaayat depends on the numbers. If more Christians are living in the city then a Christian mayor will have a larger chance of winning the seat.

        The opposition to conversion is not based on purely religious matters. The opposition and protests against conversion are not in relation to superiority of a religion, or religious doctrine. It is not a debate between two religious views. It does not involve correctness of the religion or if it is superstitious, and deserves to be abandoned. Every citizen's religious belief is based on the religion of the parents, guardians, teachers and friends.

        An Indian child will learn Italian language if the child grows amongst the Italians in Italy. A Hindu child will lean to Christianity if he or she grows amongst the Christians in America. The community shapes a person's beliefs and preferences. A person is influenced by the majority with which he deals in his life.

        Therefore if a large number of Hindus are converted into Christians then the Hindus will lose their culture and their hold on the matters relating to the community.
        The reservation is based on castes and religions. The tribals who belong to the Scheduled Tribe category to claim reservation as STs can change their religion and not lose the reservation benefits. This is provided to the ST caste because of their inherent rights as the original land-owners.

        The tribals are regarded as the children of the soil. It is only now that the tribals are superior to all other inhabitants in India. India originally belonged to the tribals, so to say. Other castes lose the reservation benefits if they change their religion and become non-Hindu.

        Only Hindu Scheduled Castes exist.There are Christian STs as well as Muslim STs or other STs who worship other gods. All STs are regardless of their beliefs belong to STs. But all SCs belong to Hindu religion. There is no Christian SCs. Conversion of Hindu SCs into Christianity does not affect the percentage of recipients of reservation benefits, and therefore this conversion does not usually happen.

        Protests are violent because the act of persuasion of the missionaries is difficult to be classified as breaking the law. The Law does not come to the help of the Hindus to prevent clandestine conversions of their tribes into Christianity by the missionaries.

        Missionaries who try to convert the tribals into Christianity are not breaking any Law but the effect of their actions bring disaster to the Hindus living in that area by changing the demography of the area.