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Family Line 2

Gurpur Bhats -
Gurpur Panduranga Bhat

Sridevi Panduranga Bhat

Continued from the left column

The story of Gurpur Bhats is told to me by Madhav, son of Gowri in the year 2002 at his home in Udupi, near Mangalore.

Madhav said that about 250 years ago in the seventeenth century, a GSB priest arrived in Gokarna, the famous coastal pilgrim center in the North Canara District. He said his name was Mallya Bhat Kaunshi. Mallya is same as Mhallo, Muller and Mallayya. He was a Vedic scholar, a Pandit and a Bhatta or practicing priest.

One of his descendents was caught in some malpractice during Bhatta duties and was made to take a vow in front of the Swami (head of the community), that in future he and any of his descendents will not practice priesthood. Thence this section of Bhats stopped performing weddings, Upanayana ceremonies, Shraaddha ceremonies to the dead, and all other operations of a GSB priest. Their source of income was confined to agriculture, trading, food-catering and any other livelihood.

Gurpur Shah BhatA descendant of Mallya Bhat Kaunshi came to Gurpur and got employment as a clerk in a Lingayat Math there. His name was Shah Bhat. He later purchased land and built a small house. He also built a building on the roadside to be rented out for shops and restaurants. One of them is occupied by Gurpur Lakshman Bhat, a descendant of Shah Bhat, at present.

Gurpur Shah Bhat got married and got four sons by his wife (Table 5). His wife's name is not known. Since the names and other details of girls were not maintained in those days, Madhav could not give me information of the female lines of his family.

The names of the children were as follows: Akku (Venkatesh), Annu (Annappa), Ramachandra and Ananth. Akku (Venkatesh) got married and got three male children in addition to an unknown number of girl children.Akku (Venkatesh) BhatMalappa, the eldest among Akku's children remained a bachelor. Narayana got married but he remained issueless. Sheshagiri got married and had three children. Their names were Venkatray, Kamalaksha and Ramaanath.

Among Sheshagiri's children, Venkatray got one male child named Gopi. Kamalaksha got married and got one girl child. This girl's details were not available with Madhav.

Sheshagiri Bhat: Among the three male children of Sheshagiri Bhat Ramaanath remained a bachelor. Annu (Annappa) Bhat: Annappa the second son of Shah Bhat got married and had two sons and an unspecified number of daughters. Ramachandra Bhat: Ramachandra the thrid son of Shah Bhat also got married and had two male children from his wife. Their names were Mukund and Nagappa.

Madhav, son of Annappa Bhat
Madhav the elder of the two children of Annu Bhat and Mukund the elder of the two children of Ramachandra Bhat were partners in a big textiles shop in Badkere near Gurpur.

Vittappa, son of Madhav Bhat
Madhav died at the age of 55 years when his eldest son Vittappa was only 19 years old. Before Madhav died his two girl children were already married. Madhav had taken huge debts for wedding expenses. When Madhav could not repay the debts, the creditors filed and won a suit in the court. Madhav's house and its compound was seized and transferred to the creditors. The other items such as the furniture, utensils and other household goods were auctioned but the auctioneer could sell them for only 25 rupees. Thus Vittappa had to begin from scratch.

Vittappa could not join his uncle Mukund in the textile business. Vittappa married Gowri, the second daughter of Kamala.

Panduranga, son of Mukund Bhat
Mukunds son Panduranga married Sridevi, the third daughter of Kamala.

Pundalik, son of Mukund Bhat
Mukund's second son Pundalik got married and he had one son by the name of Lakshman.

Lakshman, son of Pundalik Bhat
Lakshman Bhat is occupying part of the building that Shah Bhat built in Gurpur at the time of writing. Subbaray the son of Ananth moved to Mijar and settled down there.

Adyar Gopal Parivar
Only Gurpur Vittappa Bhat and Gurpur Pandurang Bhat are included among our ancestors from the Shah Bhat family. Therefore the other descendents of Shah Bhat are not explored in this page. Since the two Gurpur Bhats viz. Vittappa and Panduranga married the daughters of Adyar Manjunath Shanbhogue they became the corner stones of our parivar. All their male and female descendents are members of the Parivar.

Gurpur Vittappa Bhat
Gowri, daughter of Yamuna married Vittappa Bhat and gave birth to eight children among whom two girls died in the plague epidemic. Two sons, Keshav and Vishwanath died of malnutrition and starvation during the World War II. Four children survived. They are Madhav, Appulla, Lalitha and Ananth.

Gurpur Madhav Bhat
Madhav, son of Gowri married Sharada (Shaddu, daughter of Hiranki Achuth Kini.) They were issueless. Madhav later became the famous Hindustani musician of Udupi and lived up to the ripe age of 91 years.

Appulla, daughter of Gowri married Kasargod Krishna Kamath and gave birth to two daughters, Meerubai and Sugandhi and one son, Ananth.

Meerubai, daughter of Appulla was differently abled and remained a spinster until she passed away at the age of 55 years.

Sugandhi, daughter of Appulla married Pandurang Bhat and gave birth to one daughter, Padma.

Vijayendra Prabhu
Padma, daughter of Sugandhi married Vijayendra Prabhu and gave birth to a son (further details awaited).

Ananth Krishna Kamath
Ananth, son of Appulla married Shobha (daughter of Ullal Ananth Nayak) who gave birth to two daughters, Anitha and Archana.

Sudarshan Rao
Anitha, daughter of Ananth married Sudarshan Rao and gave birth to one son (further details are awaited).

Kiran Bhat
Archana, daughter of Ananth married Kiran Bhat.

Ujjire Gopal Bhat
Lalitha, daughter of Gowri married Gopal Bhat of Ujjire and gave birth to three sons and one daughter. They are, Prabhathkumar, Udaykumar, Arunkumar and Usha. Details of Lalitha's children are awaited. However, we know that all of them are married and have given birth to children.
Gurpur Pandurang Bhat
Sridevi, daughter of Yamuna married Gurpur Mukund Bhat's son Pandurang Bhat and gave birth to 10 children all of whom survived beyond youth. They are, Varadaray, Radha, Ganapathray, Srinivas, Sadanand, Muktha, Rathna, Achuth, Saguna and Vasanth. Vasanth expired at the age of about 22 after prolonged illness.

Gurpur Varadaray Bhat
Varadaray, son of Sridevi married Prema (daughter of Bolwar Narasimha Prabhu) who gave birth to four children. They are, Vijay, Satish, Damodar and Sudhir. Prema's married name was Chandrayini.

Vijay, son of Varadaray did not marry and he passed away at around 40 years.

Gurpur Satish Bhat
Satish, son of Varadaray married Gayathri (Seema) who gave birth to two daughters, Swathi and Smitha.

Gurpur Damodar Bhat
Damodar, son of Varadaray married Vijaya (Nitha) who gave birth to one son, Karan.

Gurpur Sudhir Bhat
Sudhir, son of Varadaray married Nisha who gave birth to one son, Lalith.

Bolwar Devanna Narasimha Prabhu
Radha, daughter of Sridevi married Devanna (son of Bolwar Narasimha Prabhu). This was what is known as "Sattechi Soirika" or a boy and his sister deciding to marry a girl and her brother respectively. There are two marriages in the same two families. Radha's married name was Sharada. Radha gave birth to two sons and four daughters. They are, Gurudatt, Srimathi, Revathi, Raghuveer, Jyothi and Vasanthi. Gurudatt, son of Radha passed away at the age of about 20 years.

Nagesh Rama Nayak
Srimathi, daughter of Radha married Nagesh R Nayak and gave birth to a son, Naresh and a daughter, Neha. Srimathi's pet name is Babbi and her married name is Shantheri.

Jagadish Kamath
Revathi, daughter of Radha married Jagadish Kamath and gave birth to one son, Ashwin and one daughter, Radhika.

Bolwar Raghuveer Prabhu
Raghuveer, son of Radha married Prarthana who gave birth to one daughter, Shraddha and one son, Dhruv.

Jyothi, daughter of Radha married Ramakrishna Shenoy but the two separated and later got divorced.

Prakash Pai
Vasanthi, daughter of Radha married Prakash Pai and gave birth to one son, Akshay.

Gurpur Ganapathray Bhat
Ganapathray, son of Sridevi married Kasthuri (daughter of Padmanabha, younger brother of Adyar Gopalakrishna Shenoy, who gave birth to two daughters, Chithra and Mithra.

Jai Prakash Rao
Chithra, daughter of Ganapathray married Jai Prakash Rao and gave birth to one son, Kiran. Kiran, son of Chithra married; further details are awaited.

Mithra Bhaskar Prabhu
Mithra, daughter of Ganapathray married Puttur Bhaskar Prabhu and gave birth to one son, Rohan. Mithra's married name is Pavithra.

Gurpur Srinivas Bhat
Srinivas, son of Sridevi married Vatsala (Padmaja who gave birth to two daughters, Sudha and Sharada and one son, Sameer.

Sameer, son of Srinivas passed away before he could get married.

Kiran Singbal
Sudha, daughter of Srinivas married Kiran Singbal and gave birth to two daughters, Rathika and Shamali.

Shashikanth Kamath
Sharada, daughter of Srinivas married Shashikant Kamath and gave birth to one daughter, Puja.

Gurpur Sadanand Bhat
Sadanand, son of Sridevi left home in his twenties and has been out since then.

Kashinath Khandeparkar
Muktha, daughter of Sridevi married Kashinath Khandeparkar and gave birth to one son, Uday.

Uday, son of Muktha has married but further details are awaited.

Bolwar Ananth Prabhu
Rathna, daughter of Sridevi married Ananth (Appa, son of Bolwar Narasimha Prabhu) and gave birth to one daughter and two sons. They are Shyla, Vinay and Arun.

Sai Prakash Rama Nayak
Shyla, daughter of Rathna married Sai Prakash R Nayak. They are issueless.

Vinay Ananth Prabhu
Vinay, son of Rathna married Sumana (Rani) who gave birth to one son, Kevin.

Arun Ananth Prabhu
Arun, son of Rathna married Sandhya who gave birth to one son, Karan.

Gurpur Achuth Bhat
Achuth, son of Sridevi married Varija who gave birth to one daughter, Lakshmi and one son, Sandeep.

Manvindar Oberoi
Lakshmi, daughter of Achuth married Manvindar Oberai and gave birth to one son, Rajveer.

Gurpur Sandeep Bhat
Sandeep, son of Achuth married Meetha who gave birth to one son, Ninad and one daughter, Nimitha.

M. Vaman Bhandarkar
Suguna, daughter of Sridevi married Vaman and gave birth to two daughters, Maya and Leka and one son, Vijay.

Agumbe Prakash Rao
Maya, daughter of Suguna married Prakash Rao and gave birth to two sons, Nishanth and Gaurav.

Vedavyas Kamath
Leka, daughter of Suguna married Vedavyas Kamath and gave birth to one son, Chirag.

Vijay V Bhandarkar
Vijay, son of Suguna married Shilpa who gave birth to one daughter, Trisha.

Gurpur Vasanth Bhat
Vasanth expired at the age of about 22 after prolonged illness.

Continued in the right column

Relationship of Gurpur Madhav Bhat family with
Adyar Gopalkrishna Shenoy family.

The Three Sisters

The three sisters who lived towards the end of the Nineteenth Century are our roots. These three sisters have not left the names of their parents for us. But in the future, one among us will look into the village records of Kannada districts to investigate. These three sisters got married and bore many children who became our forefathers.

The second sister Soiram got married to Hiranki Ramachandra Kini. The youngest sister got married to Mijar Annappa Kamath. The eldest sister Bhagirathi got married to Mijar Madhav Shenoy. Mijar Madhav Shenoy and Mijar Annappa Kamath lived in the Badagu Yedapadavu area of Mijar village.

Only Gurpur Vittappa Bhat and Gurpur Pandurang Bhat are included among our ancestors from the Shah Bhat family. Therefore the other descendents of Shah Bhat are not explored in this book. Since the two Gurpur Bhats viz. Vittappa and Panduranga married the daughters of Adyar Manjunath Shanbhogue they became the corner stones of our parivar. All their male and female descendents are members of the Parivar.

Adyar Gopal Parivar

Everyone knows where on earth India is and If one searches the Karnaataka state map one finds the Dakshina Kannada District on the Southern coast of Karnaataka state.Adyar is now (2018) a part of the Mangalore Municipal Corporation (MMC).

But in the year 1898 A.D., the village of Adyar was a beautiful rural hamlet with Nethravathi River flowing through it. Two unpaved roads passed through Adyar village on each bank of the river, from the District headquarters town of Mangalore to the interior areas; principally, to Gurpur and Mijar and then on to Moodbidri, Karkala, Agumbe and so on.

But it was to the sourthern Kasargod District, situated south of Mangalore that much of the trade lines were running. The villages of Ullal, Manjeshwar, Kumble, Kasargod, Bekal Fort, Kanhangad, Nileshwar and Kannanore, along the coast of Kasargod district, formed the most important places where Gowda Saaraswath Braahman community lived and prospered. The district of Kannanore (known as Cannanore before and as Kannur now), was particularly rich in GSB population.

Gurpur Bhats - Gurpur Varadray Bhat

Among the children of Adyar Manjunath Shanbhag and Kamala (maiden name Yamuna) Sridevi was the third child.
Sridevi got married to Gurpur Pandurang Bhat. Pandurang Bhat was the eldest son of Gurpur Mukund Bhat.
Sridevi was born in the year 1901.
Sridevi gave birth to ten children: 1. Varadaraya, 2. Radha, 3. Ganpathraya, 4. Srinivasa, 5. Muktha,6. Sadananda, 7. Achuth, 8. Rathna, 9. Saguna, 10.Vasanth(All except Saguna have passed away as on 1-1-2019.)
Radha Prabhu
Srinivas Bhat
Mukta Khandeparkar
Achuth Bhat
Rathna Prabhu
Varadaray Bhat
Sridevi's eldest son Varadarayagot married to Prema, daughter of Bolwar Narasimha Prabhu (married name Chandrayini).
Varadaray Bhat was an executive officer in the Philips Lights Company.

Varadaray Bhat + Prema (Chandrayini)

 |                                  |                                    |                             |
         Vijay                           Satish                          Damodar                Sudheer
Died at 40 yrs               married Seema           married Vijaya          married
of age,                   (maiden name Gayathri)         (Neetha)                  Nisha
a bachelor.                    ______|_______                           |                             |
                                       |                      |                      Karan                    Lalith
                                   Smitha          Swathi
                          Anand Nileshwar
Prema (Chandrayini) and Varadaray Bhat
There are no photos available of Ganapathray, Sadananda and Vasanth with Adyar Gopal Parivar.
Saguna Bhandarkar

Varadaray consulting with friend at a function.

Chandrayini with Varadaray Bhat


Pandurang Bhat, husband of Sridevi was the elder son of Gurpur Mukund Bhat. Mukund Bhat was a son of Gurpur Shah Bhat. Shah Bhat was a Priest. Shah Bhat was a descendant of Mallya Bhat Kaunshi of Gokarna. Shah Bhat came from north India and settled down in Gurpur.

Varadaray's father Pandurang Bhat became a supporter and benefactor of Adyar family once he married Sridevi who was practically an orphan because her father Adyar Manjunath Shanubhogue had expired as early as 1909 when Sridevi was only 5 years old.

Sridevi's mother Yamuna (married name Kamala) was being sheltered by Mijar Annappa Kamath (Yamuna's father) after the death of Adyar Manjunath Shanubhogue in an epidemic in 1909 in Adyar Village.

Swathi is the elder daughter of Satish, (the second son of Philips Bhat) and Gayatri.Younger sister Smitha and Swathi had a succesful Arangetram on 15th January 2012 in Mumbai. Congratulations to them.
Gurpur Varadaray Bhat was the eldest son of Sridevi Bhat, the elder sister of Adyar Gopal.

Bolwar Narasimha Prabhu's first wife gave birth to a son named Devanna. Following the death of the first wife, Narasimha married second time. His second wife gave birth to six children of whom three survived the childhood diseases. They are Prema, a girl and two boys Ananth and Ramdas. Devanna married Radha and Varadaraya married Prema in a swap alliance.

Bolwar is a village located near the State. In the early 20th Century, Narasimha Prabhu was a prominent landlord of Bolwar village.

Srinivas Bhat married Padmaja (Vatsala)

|                              |                               |

Sudha +
Kiran Singbal
1. Rithika
2. Shamali

Sharada +
Child: Pooja

Passed away
in his 20s.

Panduranga Bhat

Varadaray Bhat

Srinivas Bhat
Prema (Chandrayini)
Nethravathi adopted Muktha
as her own child until Muktha
grew up to be a young lady.

Sridevi's second daughter Muktha got married to Kashinath Khandeparkar at Mumbai. Muktha gave birth to a baby boy whom she named Uday.
Muktha + Kashinath Khandeparkar

(Uday got married and has a child,
further details are awaited)

Muktha and Khandeparkar
Muktha holding her child Uday
Chandrayini with Seema Bhat and children
Chandrayini with Varadaray Bhat
Nisha and Sudhir Bhat
Sudhir Bhat and Nisha with children
Sudhir Bhat and Mohan Shenoy with Lalith
Nisha wife of Sudhir Bhat
Mohan Shenoy visiting Muktha in 2006
Muktha with her sisters-in-law
The Photo of Devanna Prabhu is not at all good but there is no other photograph of this gentleman with Adyar Gopal Parivar. Devanna was the husband of Sharada (maiden name Radha) who gave birth to seven children as given below in the table. Even the photo of Sharada is not at all good.
Bhaskar Khandeparkar (step-brother of Uday)
Devanna Prabhu husband of Sharada (Radha)

Sharada M Prabhu (Radha) the eldest daughter of Sridevi married Devanna, the eldest son of Bolwar Narasimha Prabhu.

|                 |                   |                   |                      |                    |                    |








Nagesh Nayak
|             |
Naresh     Neha
             Ajit Pai

Expired at
18 years.

at age 10.

 Married Jagasish Kamath
|                      |
Ashwin  Radhika

|                    |

Prakash Pai

R R Shenoy

Sharada D Prabhu



Srimathi (Shantheri)
Nagesh Nayak
Neha Nayak
Jyothi (daughter of Radha)
Dhruva (son of Raghuveer

1972 photo of Revathi, Jyothi, Vasanthi,
and Raghuveer with their mother Sharada.

Sandeep, Raghuveer and Srinath Shenoy
Sharada (Radha) lived in a majestic house located in Bowar village near Puttur. She is coming out of the main entrance of her house.
Prarthana (wife of Raghuveer
Sharada, Devanna & Adyar Gopal
Neha and Naresh Nayak
Prarthana and husband Raghuveer
Group photo taken at Suguna's wedding with Vaman Bhandarkar.
Standing from left: Mrs Bhandarkar, Rathna, Varadaray, Chandrayini, Sharada (Radha), Muktha, Kashinath Khandeparkar, Srinivas (seen half).
Sitting: Vaman Bhandarkar (the groom), Suguna (the bride) and the children of both families.
From left to right: Raghuveer, Rathna and
Ananth Prabhu at a ceremony.
Jagadish Kamath and Revathi
JNaresh, Nagesh Nayak and Shantheri
Naresh, Shantheri and Neha
Shraddha, Prarthana and Dhruv
Akshay and Vasanthii
Rithika daughter of Sudha
Kiran son of Chithra Rao
Pooja daughter of Sharada
Sharada Kamath
Sharada is a daughter of G Srinivas Bhat and Padmaja. She married Shashikant Kamath and gave birth to a girl child named Pooja
Sameer son of G Srinivas Bhat
Shamali daughter of Sudha
Sharada daughter of G Srinivs Bhat
Dr. Sudha Singbal is a dentist married to Dr. Kiran Singbal.
G Srinivas Bhat
Padmaja and G Srinivas Bhat
G Srinivas Bhat
Padmaja (Vatsala)
Mohan Shenoy and Padmaja
Shyla, Naresh, Srimathi, Neha and Lalitha

Rathna marries Ananth Prabhu

|                   |                      |




Sai Prakash Nayak of Mumbai.
No Issues
married Sumana(maiden name Rani)
married Sandhya
Arun son of Rathna married Sandhya who gave birth to boy named Karan
Rathna and Ananth Prabhu
Sumana (Rani) wife of Vinay gave birth to one boy Kevin.
Vinay is elder of the two boys born to Rathna
Shyla hugged by brother Vinay
Arun is watching.
Arun carrying Karan
 Sumana (Rani) wife of Vinay
Sandhya Prabhu
Vinay Prabhu
Sumana (Rani) Prabhu
Arun Prabhu
Shyla Nayak
Shyla married Sai Prakash
Shyla is daughter of Rathna and Ananth Prabhu.
Shyla and Sai Prakash Nayak
Sai Prakash Nayak
Shyla Nayak
From left to right, Mohan Shenoy, Leka Vedavyas Kamath, Chirag in front, Maya Prakash Rao, Saguna Bhandarkar in front, Vijay Bhandarkar in back, Smitha Bhandarkar and Shyla Saiprakash Nayak.
Shyla Nayak, Vinay Prabhu, Sumana and Kevin in front.
Arun Prabhu, Shyla Nayak, Vinay Prabhu, Sumana holding Karan and Kevin in front.
Smitha, Rithika and Shamali

    |                            |                            |    

married Prakash Rao.  Children:
1. Nishant
2. Gourav
married Vedavyas

Child: Chirag
married Shilpa

Child: Trisha


Saguna, Lalitha, Srinath, Preethi, Vaman
Mohan Shenoy
First Baby
First Baby
Mohan Shenoy, Vaman and Suguna
Lalitha, Suguna and Varija
Mohan Shenoy, Vaman and Suguna


Lalitha, Suguna and Varija




Achuth, son of Sridevi married Vaarija and they got two children:Sandeep and Lakshmi. Sandeep married Mitha and got twochildren: Ninadand Nimitha. Lakshmi married Manvinder Oberoi and got one child:Rajveer.

Achuth Bhat + Varija (married name Vanitha

    |                                                          |    

married Mitha.  Children:
1. Ninaad
2. Nimitha
Manvinder Oberoi
Child: Rajveer
Achuth Bhat
Varija, Sridevi with Sandeep
and Achuth Bhat
Varija, Sridevi with Sandeep
Achuth Bhat
Varija and Achuth Bhat
Ninaad Bhat
Vaman Bhandarkar, Sandeep and Raghuveer
Sandeep, Achuth Bhat and Lakshmi
Varija (Vanitha)
Prof. Venkatesh Shenoy, Varija, Mitha
Varija, Dr. Mohan Shenoy and Mitha
Sandeep and Mitha

Gurpur Bhats - Gurpur Satish Bhat

Satish Bhat is the eldest surviving son of Gurpur Varadaraya Bhat. He married Gayatri (married name Seema) who bore two baby girls. These babies have grown up into young maidens and are named Swati and Smita. Swati married Anand Nileshwar.

Satish Bhat + Seema Bhat

|                                         |
Smitha                     Swathi

Seema and Satish daughters Swati and Smita are Bharatha Natyam Artists. Their Arangetram was held on 15th Jan 2012 at the Mysore Association Auditorium, Matunga, Mumbai.

Watch these YouTube Videos

Swathi and Smitha Arangethram


Photos of Wedding of
Smitha with Anand

Photos of Wedding of
Smitha with Anand

Entrance to Mantapam

Varija and Saguna


Lalith, Swathi and Karan

Lalith, Swathi and Karan

Karan and Lalith

Photos of Wedding of Smitha with Anand


Delhi Couple

Suguna and Vaman

Sudhir, Damodar and Satish

Sudhir and Damodar

Vijaya Damodar Bhat

Damodar and Vijaya

Gurpur Vittappa  Bhat
Gowri Vittappa Bhat

Gowri was the second child of Adyar Manjunath Shanbhogue and Kamala. She married Gurpur Vittappa Bhat. She gave birth to many children but only four survived out of whom Gurpur Madhav Bhat was the eldest. Gowri was elder sister of Adyar Gopal.