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Family Line 4

Mijar Kamaths - Mijar Annappa Kamath

Mijar Annappa Kamath married the youngest sister among the three sisters that are root persons of Adyar Gopal Parivar. The name of the youngest sister is uncertain but many people I referred to said her name was Ammanni. Ammanni gave birth to four children. They are, Yamuna, Dasappa, Manjunath yani Cherdappa and Radhu.

Mijar Dasappa Kamath
Dasappa married a girl from a nearby village. We do not know her name but some people have suggested that her name was also Ammanni like her mother-in-law. Ammanni gave birth to one male child. He was named Vittal.
Vittal’s mother died sometime after Vittal was born.
We do not know the details about Vittal’s mother. But Vittal grew up to be a fine young man and married a girl from Mulki village situated north of Mangalore along the sea coast. Her name was Sharada (Gulabi). Vittal migrated to Kakinada town situated on the Eastern coast of India . Sharada and Vittal were issueless. Vittal had a squint in his left eye.
Dasappa remarried about a year after the death of his first wife.

The name of the second wife was Padmavathi. Padmavathi gave birth to eight children of whom the first Tara a girl died in childhood at the age of about 9.

The second girl, Meera grew up and went on to get married to Madke Takrar Venkatesh Prabhu of Suratkal village north of Mangalore town. Meera gave birth to four children but two of them were girls and died while they were small. One of them died within 10 days of its birth. The other named Shanthi died at the age of 4 years.

The third child of Dasappa, Vasudev grew up and went to Bombay to work in his uncle’s hotel there. He contracted TB there and returned to Mijar when he was seriously ill. He expired in spite of all affordable treatment given to him. But treatment in the sanatoria was very expensive and Dasappa could not afford expensive treatment for his son.

The fourth child of Mijar Dasappa Kamath was named Yamuna after his sister. Yamuna (Junior) grew up in Mijar amid many difficult times during her childhood and adolescense in Dasappa’s home.

The fiftth child was Pandurang, the sixth was Gopalakrishna, the seventh was Keshav and the eighth was a girl who was named, Vinoda.

Following the death of Vasudev the brothers Pandurang, Gopalakrishna and Keshav went to Mumbai one after the other. Each one became ill and diagnosed to have contracted Tuberculosis. Pandurang and Gopalakrishna became severely ill and passed away one after the other in their adolescence. Keshav also contracted Tuberculosis but because of the modern treatment which was available in his time, he did not die as quickly as his older brothers. However, his health was poor and he too died around the age of 30 years.

Mijar Vittal Rao
Vittal, son of Dasappa from his first wife married Sharada (Gulabi) of Mulki village near Mangalore. Sharada was a sister of Baddur Appa Prabhu that married Pinki. Pinki was a daughter of Mijar Vasudev Shenoy. Vittal and Sharada were issueless.

Vittal had a full and successful life in Kakinada where he took over the restaurant business of his uncle Manjunath yani Cherdappa Kamath when the latter became ill and Cherdappa was forced to give up his business and move to Mangalore.

Madke Takrar Venkatesh Prabhu
Meera, daughter of Dasappa married Venkatesh (son of Madke Takrar Raghunath Prabhu of Suratkal village near Mangalore) and gave birth to four children. They are, a girl-child who died without being given a name during infancy, Varadaray, Ramdas and Shanthi. Two of the four children were male and both of them survived. The elder was named Varadaraya and the younger, Ramadas. Suratkal is now a part of Mangalore City Corporation.

Shanthi (Ammanni), daughter of Meera, passed away at the age of about 4 or 5 years following illness which was considered as ‘chinhe’ or a ‘sign.’ The two sons, Varadaray and Ramdas grew up to be adults.

Varadaray Prabhu
Varadaray, son of Meera married Aruna (Jayalakshmi, daughter of Bhami Vasudev Shenoy) who gave birth one son, Anil and one daughter, Anitha.

Kinnigoli Srinivas Shenoy
Anitha, daughter of Varadaray married Srinivas Shenoy of Kateel and gave birth to two sons, Sandesh and Sandeep. Anitha’s married name is Sandhya.

Anil Varadaray Prabhu
Anil, son of Varadaraya married Akshatha Prabhu.

I Ramdas Prabhu
Ramdas, son of Meera married Vijayalakshmi (daughter of Mijar Mukundray Kamath, brother of Amba yani Radha Bai) and got one son, Suraj and one daughter, Manjula.

Suraj, son of Ramdas married Nandana and got one son, Tejas.

Manjula, daughter of Ramdas married Nandakumar and got one son, Anarv.

Bellare Achuth Kamath
Yamuna, daughter of Dasappa married Bellare Achuth Kamath and gave birth to five children. They are, Jayanthi, Balakrishna, Shanthi, Sunanda (Baby) and Dinesh. Yamuna’s married name is Sharada.

Harmadi Subray Prabhu
Jayanthi, daughter of Yamuna married Harmadi Subray Prabhu and gave birth to four children. They are, Jyothi, Sridevi, Meenakshi and Ganesh.

K Damodar Pai
Jyothi, daughter of Jayanthi married Damodar (son of Kanjangad Purushottam Pai) and gave birth to one daughter, Vinaya and one son, Srinivas.

K Srikar Pai
Sridevi, daughter of Jayanthi married Kanjangad Srikar Pai (brother of Damodar) and gave birth to one daughter, Sriraksha and one son, Srikanth.

Harish Bhat
Meenakshi, daughter of Jayanthi married Harish Bhat (son of Mangalore Venkataraman Temple priest Narayan Bhat) and gave birth to two sons, Sumanthnarayan and Hemanth.

Hermadi Ganesh Prabhu
Ganesh, son of Jayanthi married Vidyalakshmi who gave birth to one son, Gopalakrishna and one daughter, Gauthami.

Bellare Balakrishna Kamath
Balakrishna, son of Yamuna married Nandini who gave birth to one daughter, Namitha.
Namitha, daughter of Balakrishna married T. Vijayakumar and gave birth to one daughter, Riya.

Harmadi Shivanand Prabhu
Sunanda yani Baby, daughter of Yamuna married Shivanand (younger brother of Subray Prabhu) and gave birth to two daughters, Deepa and Poornima. The married name of Sunanda is Gowri.

Pramod Shenoy
Deepa, daughter of Sunanda married Pramod Shenoy and gave birth to one son, Pawan.

Sadanand Shenoy
Poornima, daughter of Sunanda married Sadanand Shenoy (son of Adyanadka Vittal Shenoy). Her married name is Sneha.

Adyanadka Ananth Pai
Shanthi, daughter of Yamuna married Adyanadka Ananth Pai and gave birth to four children, three daughters and one son. They are, Shyamala, Suryakala, Roopa and Upendra. Shanthi’s married name is Malathi.

Prakash Hegde
Shyamala, daughter of Shanthi married Prakash Hegde and gave birth to one daughter, Prateeksha. Shyamala’s married name is Priya.

Kukkundoor Krishna Hegde
Suryakala, daughter of Shanthi married Krishna Hegde of Kukkundoor. They are issueless.

Roopa, daughter of Shanthi (details awaited).

Upendra, son of Shanthi was unmarried as on 2/2/2019.

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Bellare Dinesh Kamath
Dinesh, son of Yamuna married Kalpana and got one daughter, Gowri.

Venoor Janardhan Kamath
Vinoda, daughter of Dasappa married Venoor Janardhan Kamath and gave birth to five children. They are Nandini, Purushottam, Srinath, Satish and Trivikram. Vinoda’s married name is Sharada.

Satish, son of Vinoda passed away by prolonged illness even before he got married.

Upendra Pai
Nandini, daughter of Vinoda married Upendra Pai and gave birth to two sons, Ullas and Uttam. Nandini’s married name is Usha.

Venoor Purushottam Kamath
Purushottam, son of Vinoda married Prabhavathi. They are issueless. Purushottam passed away in 2017.

Venoor Srinath Kamath
Srinath, son of Vinoda married Swathi who gave birth to two sons, Sudeesh and Sumeeth.

Trivikram, son of Vinoda was not married as on 2/2/2019.
Mijar Manjunath (aka Cherdappa) Kamath
Manjunath yani Cherdappa, son of Annappa Kamath married Radhu, the third daughter of Sampige Madhav Kini. Radhu gave birth to three children, Amba, Kitti and Mukundray.

Adyar Gopalakrishna Shenoy
Amba, daughter of Manjunath married Adyar Gopalakrishna Shenoy and gave birth to nine children. They are, Tara, Dayanand, Venkatesh, Mohan, Chandrashekar, Sridhar, Muralidhar, Shanthi and Anandray. Amba’s married name was Radha Bai. Chandrashekar passed away in infancy and Anandray passed away at the age of four years.

Harekal Venkatesh Pai
Tara, daughter of Amba married Harekal Venkatesh Pai and gave birth to six children. They are Geetha, Uma, Krishna, Suguna, Ananth and Sumana. Tara’s married name is Sharada.

Narayana Kamath
Geetha, daughter of Tara married Narayan Kamath and gave birth to one son, Ashwin and one daughter, Anitha. Details and marriage and of children of Ashwin and Anitha are awaited.

Purushottam Baliga
Uma, daughter of Tara married Purushottam Baliga of Panemangalore. They are issueless.

Harekal Krishna Pai
Krishna, son of Tara married Prabha of Moodbidri. Prabha gave birth to one daughter, Shwetha.

Manohar Prabhu
Suguna, daughter of Tara married Manohar Prabhu. They are issueless.

Harekal Ananth Pai
Ananth, son of Tara married Jamuna of Chennai. Jamuna gave birth to two daughters, details of whom are awaited.

Jagannath Kamath
Sumana, daughter of Tara married Jagannath Kamath and gave birth to two sons, the details of whom are awaited.

Adyar Dayanand Shenoy
Dayanand, son of Amba married Rathna (Kasthuri, daughter of Sujir Madhav Nayak) and got two sons, Dinesh and Suresh and one daughter, Savitha.

Adyar Dinesh Shenoy
Dinesh, son of Dayanand married Anitha (daughter of Kastrhuri Varadaraya Prabhu of Suratkal) who gave birth to three daughters, Mahalakshmi, Sushmi and Rashmi.

Suresh, son of Dayananda passed away at the age of around 30 years. He was not married.

Savitha, daughter of Dayanand married Mathew and gave birth to one daughter the details of whom are awaited.

Adyar Venkatesh Shenoy
Venkatesh, son of Amba married Maya (daughter of Harekal Mukund Nayak) who gave birth to two daughters and one son. They are, Sushma, Jayashree and Yashwant.

Dilip Bhonsle
Sushma, daughter of Venkatesh married Dilip Bhonsle and gave birth to one daughter, Shruthi.

Kiran Pai
Jayashree, daughter of Venkatesh married Kiran Pai and gave birth to one son, Shreyas.

Yashwant V Shenoy
Yashwant, son of Venkatesh married Preethi who gave birth to one daughter, Tanisha. Yashwant and Preethi are divorced as in 2019.

Adyar Mohan Shenoy
Mohan, son of Amba married Lalitha (Leela, daughter of G.K.Narasimha Prabhu) who gave birth to one daughter, Preethi and one son, Srinath.

Ashwin Kumar Shenoy
Preethi, daughter of Mohan married Ashwin Kumar (son of Harugar Shrinivas Shenoy) and gave birth to one daughter, Achala and one son, Avik.

Srinath Mohan Shenoy
Srinath, son of Mohan married Nisha (daughter of K. Upendra Rao) who gave birth to one daughter, Aadhya.

Adyar Sridhar Shenoy
Sridhar, son of Amba married Bharathi (daughter of Vagga Raghunath Pai) who gave birth to one son, Mangesh yani Naveen.

Adyar Naveen Shenoy
Naveen, son of Sridhar married Roopa (daughter of Koteshwar Anand Nayak) who gave birth one daughter, Neha.

Adyar Muralidhar Shenoy
Muralidhar, son of Amba married Manjula (daughter of Puttur Varad Rao) and gave birth to two daughters, Maina and Malavika and one son, Manjeet.

Sanjay Shet
Maina, daughter of Murlaidhar married Sanjay Shet and gave birth to a son, Sanath and one daughter, Avantika.

Anil Kamath
Malavika, daughter of Murlaidhar married Anil Kamath and gave birth to one daughter, Nikitha.

Manjeet M Shenoy
Manjeet, son of Muralidhar married Sanjana. Sanjana gave birth to one son Dev.

Manchkal Nithyanand Kudva
Shanthi, daughter of Amba married Nithyanand, (son of Manchkal Srinivas Kudva) and gave birth to two sons, Prasad and Yogish.

Jalar Ramachandra Nayak
Kitti, daughter of Radhu and sister of Amba, married Jalar Ramachandra Nayak of Mangalore but she passed away before any child was born to her.

Mijar Mukundray Kamath
Mukundray, son of Mijar Manjunath Kamath married Susheela (Sarojini, daughter of Anusuya and grand-daughter of Santini Shusheelakka of Kannanore) who gave birth to two daughters, Vijayalakshmi and Vasanthi.

I Ramdas Prabhu
Vijayalakshmi, daughter of Mukundray married Ramdas (son of Madike Takrar Venkatesh Prabhu) and gave birth to a daughter, Manjula and a son, Suraj.

Umesh Shenoy
Vasanthi, daughter of Mukundray married Umesh Shenoy. They are issueless.
Relations between Mijar Annappa Kamath family and the Adyar Gopalakrishna Family: Adyar Gopalakrishna Shenoy was the son of Yamuna while Amba, daughter of Yamuna's brother Manjunath, married Adyar Gopalakrishna Shenoy

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Mijar Kamaths - Mijar Dasappa Kamath

Mijar Dasappa Kamath is the elder son of Mijar Annappa Kamath.He is the direct maternal uncle of Adyar Gopalakrishna Shenoy.

Mijar Kamaths - Mijar Vittal Rao