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By Mohan Shenoy
        Only those who are concerned about God's hand in the creation and maintenance of the Universe, and those who are questioning his existence or importance will be interested in knowing these matters.

        The modern educated youth with lots of ease in carrying out their life, better law and order than what existed when sages and others began depicting the need for God for fear or for love, are very much less concerned about these God matters.

        Our life is need-based and in the modern democratic scheme of things the most needed issue is majority as defined in the demography. We got to label ourselves as Hindu and get our majority settled.

        There was a voting in a publication and the question was confusing. One has to tick the choice out of four: 1. I am a Hindu 2. I am a Muslim. 3. I am a Christian and 4. I ama human being.

        The fourth choice was selected by most of the voters. But the fourth does not belong to the genre of the other three. Being a human and following the Dharma like what is mentioned in our Scriptures is not enough in the democratic scheme of things. Being a human is not a religius label. It is not counted in democracy.

        By labeling ourselves as GSB or SSG and forming a disticnt group can we perforce get our needs fulfilled under the democratic scheme. Any scholarship scheme or beneficial scheme meant for students regardless of their religious or caste labels would get more tax benefits, but a particular religious group would not be benefited.

        The modern way of life is secular. Secularism is what is ingrained in Hinduism. Hinduism is itself secular. Secularism has side-lined the need for God in our life.

        A Hindu mind will ultimately establish the importance of God. Our parents establish God in our minds.The woman is the basic element in the bulding of a society, being the first to create and shape the baby both physically and mentally. Any fears a mother carries with her will be taken in by the baby as it grows.

        If the mother fears God then the baby will pick up the signals and begin to fear God. If the mother visits temples the baby will also learn to visit the temples. The mother teaches us basic laws about how to live during the course of our life. The fear that accompanies a woman throughout her life viz. economic dependence on a male relative is slowly disappearing. This will influence her way and means of bringing up her child. A modern child of a modern woman has different views about God and Creation.

        Once the woman is transformed into believing God as irrelevant in her day to day life because of her financial security and also health security which come through the democratic and secular social order evolving through the present time, then she will have nothing to fear of the Unknown.

        We forget that the baby's mind is enormously malleable, but gets influenced by things around it and the baby develops its own mind and can not be fully brain-washed as per our wishes.Most of the past reformers began rebelling against the wishes and dictats of their parents at the pre-teen or teen age. At fourteen the mind of a child, now an adolescent begins to form its own views about the subjects that creep up in her/his life.

        More questions will be asked about God and his qualifications in the future.