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By Mohan Shenoy

The famous Golden Temple is situated in Vellore in Tamil Nadu state in India.

Welcome to Golden Temple story. The photographs and narrations are borrowed from the hand-outs, books and other publications, some of which I purchased in the stores in Vellore and elsewhere.

Photography and videography are not allowed in and around the premises of the temple. To enter there is a fee of INR 250 (as on 2nd March 2011) which is considered as a service (Seva). This fee includes special entry and the Seva.

Golden Temples are located in at least two places in India. I am talking of those temples which have gold plates and panels fitted on the walls, pillars, ceiling and roof including the domes and the steeples. There are many temples which have partial gold decorations, such as the golden dome of the Tirupathi Tirumala temple. But the temples that have every visible part covered with the yellow metal are rare and the Vellore Golden Temple is one such golden temple. The one in Amritsar Punjab is several centuries old but this one in Vellore Tamil Nadu was built in 2007.

Once the visitor is admitted at the entrace by the security staff leading to the long and wide corridor, the scenes unfold. The whole campus is enclosed by a compound wall too far to be seen clearly. The ground is landscaped by croton and flowering plants and a dark green well-watered lawn.

As the visitor walks down the corridor a number of sales counters with various items of interest to any Hindu devotee such as incense sticks, fragrant oils, art objects, apparels and costumes used during worship, etc., are put up for sale.

The corridor leading to the temple is shaped like a six-pronged star with tweleve sides to it.

To reach the temple's sancto-sanctorum a visitor has to walk along only the sides of the star that are meant for such walking. The walk is pleasant if the visitor is not pressed for time. There are seats for the visitor to sit down and take rest all along the walkway. There are hot and cold beverages sold at the counters. Snacks including biscuits are available to munch as the visitor walks towards the temple.

There are rest-rooms and drinking water fountains at every bend. The walkway is paved by tiles and has a roof overhead to keep out sun and rain-water.

Watch the YouTube video to learn more

Watch the YouTube video to learn more



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