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By Mohan Shenoy

        Gothra' is the term in Sanskrit for different ancient groups among Hindus, especially the Brahmins such as the Gowda Saraswath Brahmins.For example Vacha gothra is the group descended from Vacha Muni.

        There are 18 known gothra(s) and Kaunsha, Kaundinya, Bharadwaja, are some of them.

        The gothra is important for marriage among the groups. We do not marry in the family belonging to the same gothra.When a woman gets married she enters the family of her husband's gothra. All her children will be considered to belong to the gothra of her husband. Her daughters are recognised to belong to the gothra of her husband and when they get married they can marry into the family belonging to any gothra other than same gothra, including her paternal gothra.The three sisters did not carry the gothra of their parents to the married home. Their husbands belonged to the following gothra(s).

Mijar Madhav Shenoy: Kaunsha
Hiranki Kini: Vachha
Mijar Annappa Kamath: Kaunsha
Sampige Madhav Kini ;Vachha
Adyar Ramachandra Shenoy ;Vachha
Manchkal Lakshman Kudva ;Kaunsha

(The information given here is not useful for preparation of horoscopes or to determine marriage alliances. Please confirm the Gothra given before using this information)