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By Mohan Shenoy

        God can not help us if we do not help ourselves. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. We can not do everything by ourselves. We need help from all quarters to be able to manage our life.

        If a man is trying to locate his friend's house in an unfamiliar town then he should get help from a local resident and ask for directions. If a student finds the Mathematics problem impossible to solve then he should get help from his Math teacher. If a rider can not start his bike then he should get help from a mechanic. At home, if you find sugar got exhausted and you have the water boiling for a cup of tea, then it is an emergency. You can step out and press the door bell switch of your neighbour and ask for some sugar explaining the circumstances of your predicament.

        From the age of 6 the child develops self-consciousness and wants to get things done by herself. Once the child begins to go out by herself from the age of 14 onwards, then there is a problem of lack of resources such as money and confidence. This is the time when the child should feel free to seek help from the parents.

        The child lay bare his or her difficulties in front of the parents and seek help. The children are under the care of the parents until they attain majority which is completion of 18 years of life.

        The parents should encourage the children to speak and act openly and develop fearlessness and intimacy. The children will be better off if they realize that their parents are their best friends, and the parents should behave kindly and sympathetically for any wrongs that the children commit out of ignorance.

        The other day a lady had a big suitcase stuck in the overhead rack of her bus she was travelling in. She could not pull it out. She politely requested a co-passenger to help her in getting the suitcase pulled out.

        We should practice the art of seeking help. We should learn how to scream for help. A patient in a ward has a bell to call the nurse when help is needed. But such a call bell is not available when a man slips and falls in the bathroom. There he should learn how to scream for help so that the people in the house will hear his scream and try to help him. If the bathroom door is locked then the door may have to be broken open.

        The adolescent children are shy to ask for help in the matters related to their health. The age between 6 and 18 is an age of trials and tribulations for an adolescent. Before the age of six a child would scream for help and the parents are there to see what is wrong.

        If the parents are considerate enough to excuse the mistakes of the children and help to correct them, then the child will approach the parents for help in any subsequent difficulties. There should be a sign hung in the house reading 'May I help you?'We need help from the police more often now than in the past. Unfortunately the general public is hesitant to call the police. The use of the telephone number 100 which is the number to call the police is not in use as much as it should be. This is because the police department has not developed the requisite confidence in the public on their response to pleas for help. Yet, when we do need to report an incident or an accident that requires police action, then we can not escape from our duty.

        In any case, our attitude should be to seek help as quickly as possible when we are in trouble. There is no need to become disheartened and brood over the matter. No attempt should be made to keep the matter private and loose precious time by which the problem only gets worse. It is better to save ourselves than our privacy.

        One of the ways to seek help is to obtain information about the problem. Information is available in reference books. We should refer to the dictionary if we have difficulty in correctly spelling a word. It is as simple as that. Information is available on the internet also. Any information about anything is available on the internet. If we know the reasons for our difficulties and find out the solutions to get over them, then we might be able to tackle the situation better. A little bit of research is required to find solutions to complex problems. If there is a will there is a way. If we pursue the search for answers, then we can find them by seeking help from all available quarters.

        If we sit on our problems hoping that God will solve them then we will be soon  disappointed. No one will help us if we do not seek and accept help from fellow-citizens.