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Approach To The Hindu Stir
By Mohan Shenoy
        There has been a lot of discussion about the need for stirring up the Hindu conscience in order to save the ancient religion from perishing. Presently the rallies known as Hindu Jagarana Yajna and Hanumat Shakti Shobha Yaatre processions are being held in many towns and cities across the nation by Vishwa Hindu Parishat and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. The speeches at the large meetings express the anguish of the leaders about the hesitation found in the Hindu society to own-up their religion. It is true that the Hindus, while accepting their religion when asked specifically if it is Hinduism, do not shout it over the head. If a Hindu is asked, 'what is your religion?' he or she may confuse religion with caste and reply that he or she is a Brahmin, a Vokkaliga, a Lingaayata, a Kuruba, a Madiga, etc., rather than a Hindu. His or her answer in fact is perfectly right but the answer expected is not any of these but 'Hindu'.

        The speakers also showed apprehension about the Hindus being defensive or apologetic of Hindu gods, Hindu rituals, Hindu customs and traditions, food habits, dress, etiquettes and manners. While it is true that Hindu gods have different physical appearances, there is no need to be apologetic because we believe that there is only one God and he is omnipresent, omniscient, etc. Also most of the Hindu rituals that are regarded as superstitious are being abandoned and only scientifically correct rituals based on beliefs are being practiced. Those traditions that are pleasant, exclusive and unique are continued while those that are impractical and unscientific are abandoned. As far as food habits, dress, etiquettes and manners, every Hindu will need some education and training to improve them. But these will only be refined and modernized and not abandoned.

        There is need for all Hindus to be proud of their culture and ethnicity and avoid adopting foreign mannerisms. We give ourselves away if we quote the Western scholars and authors when we wish to corroborate our thoughts and actions. We should quote our own scholars and authors for authentication and substantiation of what we do or say. At least we should be confident in our own expressions and actions and not seek Western support to what we follow. If we quote the Bible instead of the Vedas when we wish to back-up the principle of prayer, then we are being less than enthusiastic of our religion.

        We have seen how speedily the Russian revolution toppled the rule of the Czar or the French kingdom. Both were violent revolutions entailing death and destruction. The non-violent revolution of Mahatma Gandhi was very slow to bring us Independence. The Christian religion teaches love and compassion but the revolutionaries in Russia or France ignored their religious advice. Hinduism in Mahatma Gandhi led him to believe that truth and non-violence are sure weapons against the British colonialism.

        Hindus can not take up arson and killing to stir themselves up to prevent the feared extinction of their religion. None of the speakers at the rallies have asked the audience to take up arms and raise a war against those who are saying that 'Hindu terrorism is more dangerous', or 'Saffron terror must be eliminated'.

        The Vishwa Hindu Parishat or the RSS will not ask their cadre to resort to subversive activities or a kind of guerrilla mini-warfare. It is futile to investigate a few suspected members of RSS or VHP to uncover any organized conspiracy because none will be found. The anti-Hindu rhetoric of the leaders of Congress and Communist parties are meant to gather votes in the elections.

        The elections are the only means available for the Hindus to save their religion and culture from extinction. The approach to the Hindu stir should be to ensure that every Hindu votes for a political party or individual that will support the cause of the Hindus.

        Hindus must not only keep their majority intact by moderating the population control and by preventing conversions, but also ensure that all Hindus vote to those parties that do not neglect the interests of Hindus while taking initiatives to provide eduction, employment, protection, advancement and amenities to non-Hindus.

        At present Bharatiya Janata Party is the only party in India that swears by pro-Hindu policies.

        Every Hindu voter must cast his or her vote to Bharatiya Janata Party in order to save and propagate Hinduism.