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By Mohan Shenoy
         One of the Hindu theories is that of Ayush (life span) having been prescribed in the books of God. This theory states that every man, woman and child have their Ayush written down in the book, that is maintained in the heavens, or written directly on their forehead.

        The God of Death, Yama will send his Dhootha(s) (dhootha=servant) to grab the soul of the person whose Ayush has expired and send it back to enter into another body or take it to either heaven or hell according to his balance of paapa or punya.

        Therefore no matter how much one tries, he will live only to the extent of his Ayush and not a second less or more. It is no use grieving over the fact that a man has died, because he has died due to the expiration of his ayush. He is bound to die at this time.

        All the events and happenings in one's life are prescribed even at the time of birth. The soul brings with it all the paapa and punya account and thus facilitates the dictation of the events and happenings in the life of the person just born. This is called Praarabdha or Fate.

        One's Fate is prescribed at birth time and hence he or she will suffer according to his or her fate.A rationalist would believe that there was only the cause-form or the raw material left after the last Pralaya or extinction of the Universe. The new Universe developed from this cause-form.
        Some people believe that God created the Universe from this cause-form. The resultant Universe is the result-form. This result-form might have developed on its own properties without the hand from outside; which means God was not needed to create the Universe.

        After a while, in the result-form, life appeared because the conditions became conducive for development of life. It has taken millions of years for the Universe to develop its present form.

        This life is part of the result-form or Universe. This life has the property to multiply on its own. There are so many ways life multiplies. One form is division like the bacteria divide and thus multiply. The amoeba breaks a piece off, which grows into a new amoeba. There are no males and females in these low forms of life. Animals have developed sex organs and they have males and females. Females usually have eggs, which get fertilized by the males. The eggs grow within their bodies and they deliver either eggs or babies. Babies come out of the eggs.

        This life in the baby is from the mother. When the baby grows up into an adult, it takes part in reproduction just like its mother and father did. After it grows to a certain age it (he or she) dies. The life gets extinguished when the living adult dies. But life in the rest of the Universe continues.