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This website is a renovated website of Adyar Gopal Parivar. I am Dr. Mohan G Shenoy inviting you to visit and explore the website.
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By Mohan Shenoy
        Adyar Gopal Parivar members speak Konkani language and after Konkani became one of the languages mentioned in the eighth schedule of the Constitution we have a pillar to lean on. We do not want to be subjects of the state of Maharashtra. By asking for merger of Belgaum, Karwar and Goa into the state of Maharashtra the Marathi politicians are exposing their imperialist designs.

        Maharashtrians have been brain-washed by Marathi leaders that Goa and Belgaum as well as Karwar must be merged with the Maharashtra state. It is not proper for us Indians to try to further divide ourselves. There are many areas where there are mixed populations. The central government is there to provide all necessary implements for the promotion of languages and cultures of different people.

        We must make use of these facilities in our Constitution to promote our basic cultures and customs. Konkani is a language that needs to be promoted.Unfortunately some of the Marathi people consider Konkani as next to Marathi language. But Konkani I think is an old language that has formed from Sanskrit directly. In fact Konkani is a simpler Sanskrit.Konkani people must not ask for a separate state.Marathi people must whole heartedly support Konkani language and encourage the latter's progress and expansion.
    Kannada or Malayalam are used for scripting Konkani language. Marathi is also used. But Marathi has Devanagari as its script. If Konkani adopts Devanagari script then it will sooth the sentiments of Marathi people.

        But since there is freedom for people to adopt the script for their script-less language Kannada script is used by many. But very few people write in Konkani language although they are always speaking it. Goans represent the core of Konkani people. Everyone in Goa prefers to speak in Konkani because it is their mother tongue or it is the language of the market place. Now that the Konkani Academy is formed in Goa as well as in Karnataka there are attempts to popularize the language and make people feel proud to use it in conversation and communication.

        Agitation by the Marathi politicians and use of their political clout in the Central governement in Delhi to snatch Belgaum district in which there are many Konkani speaking people residing is solely for subjugation of Konkani language apart from suppression of Kannada language prevalent in these lands.