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By Mohan Shenoy
        May 1st, every year is celebrated as the Labour Day.May 1st every year was a day for celebrations since many centuries. A pole stuck in the ground and decorated with ribbons and flags was the center of dances and get-togethers in Germany and other nations of Europe. This pole became popular as the Maypole. It is similar to the Gudi pole worshiped by Maharashtrians on Gudi Padva festival in India.

      In 1889 the International Workers' Congress decided to declare May 1st as the Workers' Day for celebrations.May 1st became a public holiday in all Communist and Socialist countries after that.

        In India May Day has been declared as a National Holiday since Independence. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India was a socialist by nature. Therefore many policies of the Indian government showed socialist colours.

        Since 1991 when P.V.Narasimha Rao was the prime minister, India has shed some of these socialist colours and at present the policies of UPA government are waxing and waning between the public and private enterprise policies.

        In Czar's Russia in the early years of nineteenth century, farmers and mill workers got united and formed Unions or Associations with Marxist theory as their principle.

        Karl Marx who lived in England wrote a book in which he concluded that the poor people who worked for their living and produced consumables necessary for the happiness and welfare of other sections of society were actually paid very little which was he termed as an injustice.
        Karl Marx blamed the governance for this sad affair. He wanted the farmers and the labour class to get united and raise their voice against this atrocity. He instigated the labour class to take up arms and remove this system of governance by force and establish a new form of government with the workers and farmers as the officials.

        World War I ended by about 1918 and by then Russia was suffering the effects of the war. There was shortage of food and clothing and wages were inadequate. Labour leaders like Trotsky and Lenin led the unorganised army of workers to attack Czar's palace and administrative offices in 1917 and topple Czar's regime. The workers party was called the Communist party. The members of the Communist party were known as the Communists.

        Simply the communist theory was that all land, buildings, factories, farms and every other possessions in the country should be considered to be owned not by any individual but the entire state. No man or woman could say that a certain portion of land is his own. The land belongs to the Nation and the produce of the land should be equally distributed among the people who work on it.

        On March 15th 1917, the Czar was removed and a peoples' government was established in Moscow. This was a revolution marking the history of the world. This revolution is known as the Bolshevik revolution.Bolshevik government negotiated peace with Germany where there was already a peoples' regime under Kaiser William II.Let us celebrate the May Day festival with gaiety.