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By Mohan Shenoy
        The source of water we humans use is mainly the rains. The rivers flowing from snow-capped mountains also carry water that is used by us humans. The rains can fill up the fields, fill up the water-tanks and lakes, get stored in the water-wells, and run into the soil to get stored on the rock-shelves below.

        The snow and ice formed on the top of the mountains is also the result of precipitation of water from the clouds. The clouds carry water drop-lets and when they drop the rain over the earth rains occur.In India the main season for the rains is between June and September every year. These rains are brought by the winds that blow from the Indian ocean south of India towards the northeast of India.
        This year the arrival of these winds has been delayed. Also the amount of rain-water has been less than usual. There was apprehension as to the short-fall of rains resulting in inadequate filling of the water tanks and drying up of the rivers too soon. The water collected in the reservoirs of the dams also fell short of expectations.

        But since a couple of days there has been heavy rain all along the west coast of India and on the main land all the way upto the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The rains should keep coming almost everyday until the end of August or even later in order for water to be stored adequately for use through out the year.