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This website is a renovated website of Adyar Gopal Parivar. I am Dr. Mohan G Shenoy inviting you to visit and explore the website.
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By Mohan Shenoy
        There are Hindus who do not belong to RSS, Vishwa Hindu Parishat, or the Bhajrang Dal. There are all castes and creeds of Hindu people who are not connected with any so-called Saffron Brigade or the Sangh Parivar. But still they are Hindus. They are secular, peace-loving and may be capitalist or socialist.

        They all belong to the Silent Majority.

        Most of the Hindus in India are politically independent in the sense that they do not belong to any political party. They focus their attitudes towards good administration, maintenance of law and order, provision of good food grains at competitive prices, supply of electricity, water and properly maintained high class roads, affordable health care, education, housing, etc. The list is endless and contains everything required for a happy life.

        But they do not wish to call themselves as Hindus because of the canard raised by the Media against the word Hindu. The word Hindu is unfortunately connected with Hindutva, and the Bharatiya Janata Party. Hindutva is not what the Media such as the newspapers and TV channels describe. Hindutva is being Hindu. No Hindu can escape the identity of his Hindutva until he remains legally a Hindu.

        A legal Hindu is the one whose religion as entered in his birth certificate is Hindu regardless of which caste he belongs to. Only Hindu religion has any castes. There are no castes in Muslim, Christian and other religions.

        The SC or ST persons and all OBC persons are Hindus and they occupy all sorts of positions in the Central and State Governments, Judiciary, Legislature and Corporates.
         They are there in the PSUs, Banks, Petrol Bunks, etc. In fact they are everywhere. They may not belong to any political party. They are all Hindus. They are the silent majority. All the Braahmanas are without doubt Hindus. All the Lingaayats, Gowdas, Vokkaligas, and other groups belong to Hinduism.

        This silent majority distributes its votes to different parties during elections. It can seat a political party or unseat it. The communist parties have Hindus as majority among their members. The BSP has Hindus as the majority members. The Congress Party is also majority Hindu party. They are all non-saffron people, but they are Hindus. They may or may not believe in God, Ganesha, Gayathri or Ganga but they are Hindus. They may not go to temples to worship idols, or to Mandirs to perform Homa, but they are Hindus.

        Most of the Hindus are educated and rational people. Their ancestors wrote the Indian Constitution. They passed the secular laws of India. They hold high ranks in the armed forces.

        The silent majority acts off the lime-light. Their hand is unseen. They will do what is best for the country. Their patriotism can not be questioned. Their colour could be any. They could be red, green, blue, or even saffron, but they can not be branded in terms of Saffron Brigade or Sangh Parivar. They will uphold the saffron colour in their religious rituals and processions. They will uphold Hindutva of Hindu religion, which is different from what the Media such as the newspapers and TV channels make out to be.