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By Mohan Shenoy
        Passion in the dictionary is 1. Very strong emotion 2. Intense sexual love 3. Intense enthusiasm for something and 4. Suffering and death of Jesus Christ.

        At present my passion is smoking cigarettes.Not that I can not live without smoking; but I can live for it.Most of the passions of people are disliked by the society, or considered immoral.

        Thesaurus is useful to me when I can not pick a word for a sentence which would give the correct meaning.

        Thesaurus is something I have had coming my way since a few years. It was not there when I was younger.

        Thesaurus for Passion: appetite, ardour, avidity, avidness, commitment, craving, craze, desire, drive, eagerness, emotion, enthusiasm, fanaticism, fervour, fire, flame, frenzy, greed, heat, hunger, infatuation, intensity, keenness, love, lust, mania, obsession, strong feeling, suffering, thirst, urge, urgency, vehemence, zeal, zest.

        Life's passions are long and deep. They could be different and multiple at different periods of life.

        There could be thousands of passions throughout the life of a person.Passion can come and go.They are modified by one's intelligence, and wisdom.

        They are strengthened or weakened by financial status, surroundings and public pressure.
        Most passions are subdued by moral restrictions, such as losing respect and honour.

        If we can describe our life's goals then we can describe our passion.Jesus Christ has the passion for his instinct which was about divinity and morals.

        If Hindus pray in front of a ferocious looking Durga, Christians pray in front of a crucified Jesus. The Cross of crucifixion is the symbol of Christianity. Prophet Mohammad did not like praying in front of a Cross or crucified Jesus and therefore he opened the doors of Islam for the Ulema or general public and pray no symbols but Allah.Passionate people are intense worshipers. Saint Meera was passionate about Krishna, the Hindu God. A large number of people among Hindus pray Krishna and express their passion in the form of Bhakti. Bhakti is a good sort of passion.

        Craving, craze, desire and drive can describe passions for a car. Lots of youth are passionate about driving a car.

        Domestic pets are loved passionately by a number of men, women and children.Passion for coffee or tea can be an intense hunger for the beverage.Love is different from Lust. But Lust is what leads to Love. Love need not lead to Lust.Passion is the basis of life. We must develop passion to achieve our goals.