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By Mohan Shenoy

        Life is miserable with power outages happening three times a day.

        The Sun had created a full day with sunlight lasting about 12 hours. The residence was just a hut with bare minimum of sunlight peeking through small window high on the wall. Men and women went out to work in the sunlight. They came home when sun began to set. Took their food and went to bed, to rest until the sun rises again. There was oil lamp in some houses to provide light to carry on with activities after sun-set.

        In the year 2019 after Christ, we live a full life with most of our days and nights lighted by electric lamps in many buildings. Even during the days most of the people work indoors by using the light provided by lamps that burn with electricity as power source.

        Electricity provides not only the light needed but also provides heat in cold rooms and air-conditioning in hot climate. Electricity runs our motors, our computers and even provides power for electric stoves in some homes.

        Our factories are the worst hit because of power outages. When factories are idle there is enormous loss because of idle workforce and idle machines. There is dwindling of production and wasteful expenditure for wages to be paid to the workers even though there is no work.

        Can anyone imagine the psychological trauma associated with the power outage? To find the running machine suddenly falling silent and the operator unable to continue with what was in hand, makes one feel like falling into a deep gorge and getting suffocated in the process. If there is hell any where then it is this feeling that creates most dreadful shock.

        It is impossible for anyone to come to the rescue in such a situation. It is like God himself abandoned us by switching off the electricity although we know that it is BESCOM that cut off the electricity in the scheduled load shedding exercise to ration the power available across the country.
        No one runs to the God room to ask God for restoration of the power supply because everyone knows that God can not help in such a situation.

        We have shortage of electricity against increase in demand. Hydroelectric power houses, Petroleum Gas based power houses and Nuclear power house provide electric power to us. The power has to be utilised in a proper manner by distribution through transformers and cables. The whole exercise of distribution of power to the consumers is a major part of making available the electric power to the homes and factories and buildings etc. There is some degree of inefficiency involved in this process of distribution although there is an honest attempt we hope to minimise the losses during distribution of electricity to the masses.

        Many places and people waste some amount of electricity and this has to be taken seriously by the people. There are many places where the light bulb burns even when it is not needed. The air-conditioner and heater consumes a lot of electricity and the use of such devices be controlled voluntarily by the consumers.

        It seems the power outages are going to continue to occur in this age of progress and prosperity and provide us severe unhappiness in the face of advancement.

        Highly evolved human being is facing the acute pinch that cuts through the skin on his flanks and does not let him be happy. We have all the gadgets but no electricity to run them. This state of affairs is keeping the life miserable.

        No amount of money in the pocket of an individual or in the bank account can bring power back to the cold power lines.

        The UPSs and Diesel Generators installed in some buildings bring some relief but this is only a temporary measure.