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At the age of 14, in my school I studied languages, maths, science, civics, physical education, etc., but nothing about my future career.

When I had reached the 8th class, I was 14 years and receptive to career guidance like all youngsters of that age, from parents and others.

I, like everyone else, was not aware how important it was to begin early my pursuit of a career, supported by my parents and teachers alike.

With only one or two children, the parents can focus better on their child's career, starting at age 14 and select one that's most suitable.

At the age of 14 a child is anxious to achieve and wishes to prepare himself for his future mainly by looking for support from his father.

System of Education available in the region determines the career chosen by the child, the father or the mother and not merely the ambition.

The government decides the kind of system of education for schools, which prepare the child in taking up a career most suitable for him/her.

Ordinary people normally would send their children to local schools that adopt the government system of education and are easily accessible.

There are many careers such as priests and other religious offices for which the regular schools do not provide path, education or training.

Indian Constitution gives freedom of religion; does not promote any particular religion and therefore religions are not part of curriculum.

Morals was a subject included in the school curriculum but religion was never made a subject to be taught and examinations conducted in.

Language(s), arithmetic, basic science and basic social studies are the main subjects that are included in the curriculum in all schools.

An appropriate career is chosen for their child by the parents by applying their knowledge and belief so that the same will bring happiness.

Before a career is chosen for the 14-year old child, the parents would make sure that the required education and training are within reach.

Since early 20th Century Indian education especially the Secondary School Pre-matric syllabus has been oriented towards degree certificate.

For many careers such as a potter, SSLC or the degree are unnecessary and the years spent in the school after 8th class is a waste of time.

If a 14-year old is not told to focus on a certain career and set on its path for education and training then the child will drift aimless.

A career chosen by a 14-yr old child can be modified and changed later according to circumstances and capacity and accessibility of chances.

Making a 14-yr old child go through and study for many years after his 8th class without a definite career in sight is an unhelpful outcome.

All kinds of occupations could become welcome careers and provide us financial security and happiness in life if planned and pursued early.

Earlier we decide on our life’s career better could we decide our place of residence and style of living thus gaining control and security.

The main purpose of deciding on a career early is to get the child think about his future independence and looming responsibilities in life.

The 8th pass being sufficient for most of the skills and occupations diversification of education and training may begin with the 9th class.

Management of the adolescent by the parents is as tricky as of toddler but the situation differs owing to change in child's way of thinking.

To keep 14-yr old away from vices and bad company it is useful to firmly advise him to take up education and training for his future career.

A 14-yr old is at the right age for making him love and respect his country, culture and tradition and allowed in nationalistic activities.

There is a high point in life of a child after 8th class when he/she and parents decide if they select self-employment as the career or not.

A 14-yr old girl would be wise to listen to her mother and other older women regarding her future career, as she would herself be a mother.

Wise parents make a list of careers for their 14-yr old to select from. The child then would work harder and with determination towards it.

Parents are directly responsible till 14 but later it is the school, friends and the government that intervenes to influence the child's ID.

Govt's influence is uppermost since examinations are conducted and degree necessary for child to take up career is issued by Govt agencies.

Diversification of courses starts from 12th class onwards at present, forcing students to delay choosing of their career by 4 years in maze.

Since about a hundred years, the Indian 14-yr old child has been forced to wait for another 4 years to begin career education and training.

Parents, especially the mother, would want her 14-yr old child to live a happy life for which he/she selects a family oriented occupation.

It takes time to change the norm but an 8th pass 14-yr old may be permitted to join ITI-like training institutes to begin his career quest.

Smart parents treat their 8th pass 14-yr old with love and respect because he or she is going to be the future torchbearer of the family.

Smart parents put their 8th pass 14-yr old on a track to spend the next 4 years in building the blocks for a career education and training.

Even MBBS or BE could be the career options for an 8th pass 14-yr old and the focus would provide the child an aim to cling on and get busy.

Let 8th pass be the new school graduation from where the young one will embark on a planned, parent-approved and self-chosen career option.

14 years of life, love and activity since birth forms a big chunk of lifespan and passing 8th class is an achievement equal to merit medal.

Up to 8th Class be common for all careers and 8th Pass the standard Graduation following which be Specialization towards the chosen career.
Our conscience is our property, which we develop as we grow and makes up our life's directions, success, failure, retrials, lies and truths.

However much we pray God for daily meals, shelter and clothes, we will not get any of them unless we walk to the store and buy all we need.

We got to teach students not so much as to pray God as how much hard work is needed to become wise, rich, famous and get marked in society.

However rich, famous or honoured would a man be, his happiness lies in harmonious running of his household members and close relationships.

Animals and birds do not save for the future. They consume on day-to-day basis. A wise man would save his earnings for future requirements.

As an employee of the Government in a capitalist country a youth would gain stability and security of job. But honesty would not help much.

Honesty is a long-term even life-long commitment and often causes temporary setback but only honesty keeps our conscience neat and spotless.

There is need for more astute integration of Modern Medicine into Indian Medicine (mainly Ayurveda) to avoid layman’s confusion at choice.

These days one man cannot make basic changes in teaching Medicine such as merging Modern Medicine and Indian Medicine; we need a Committee.

Indian Medicine has been kept aloof and unreformed. Its educators need to give up invalid theories and modernize more fully than at present.

The Ayush (A.veda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, H-pathy,) educators have to become bold like the household remedy users who discarded old theories.

Patients especially in rural India cannot make informed decision if Ayush doctors claim cure for all diseases not disclosing the prognosis.

Claiming divine attributes to medical theories we fool ourselves into stagnation, lack of innovation and forgo benefits of modern thoughts.

We need to disconnect medical treatment from ghosts, spirits and from heavenly bodies because Medicine is plainly earth-bound common-sense.

By relegating success in treating diseases to pleasure of heavenly bodies and not to proficiency of doctors we deflect from Modern Medicine.

Modern Medicine is not just Allopathic. Modern Medicine has imbibed all kinds of medical systems including Ayurvedic, our own Indian system.

Cannot marry a cock with a monkey. Ayurveda system has to change its basics to really become Indian Modern Medicine; not just "Integrated".

Object is universal: human body and its health. Medical systems are different. One known to be most useful must become government-promoted.

Ailments and diseases treated and health restored by right kind of medical intervention but disinformation can make us pick the wrong kind.

Love for Indian and the Ancient might be patriotism but when we need to pick a medical system for our well being we choose Modern Medicine.

Treating diseases is not tailor-made since each individual is different in body, mind and intelligence. Prescriptions are written specially.

I guess 2 to 10 percent of our ailments are hereditary, so also ability of our body to overcome diseases. Information about health is vital.

Cost of medical care is such that only rich people can afford the best modern medical treatment. Hard to say what is best going by results.

Human endeavor in medical research slowed down turnover of world population over past sixty years. People live a longer and healthier life.

Small roadside shop-like clinics of licensed doctors are the best way to cater to healthy towns and cities. Pl modify licensing eligibility.

Speculative statements from any source either ancient or popular and refuted by modern findings may be dumped for advancement in Medicine.

Why blame eager and ignorant patients who fall for the promises of dishonest quacks? Healthcare cost hit the roof and patient bit the floor.

Wise elderly people advise youngsters to get necessary experience of visiting a doctor before one gets really sick. Prevention is the best.

Too many guidelines spoil the initiative and blunt the innovative but leaving everything to the doctor is unfit for health care of masses.

As if it is not enough to have developed deadly diseases, economically weaker patients embrace dishonest quacks thereby multiplying misery.

Life as an economically weak person is not so bad as being advised to undergo costly treatment available for diseases with poor prognosis.

When we do not have money to undergo costly treatment of diseases of poor prognosis then we better not make close relatives bear the burden.

When we have a child who needs our savings for its future and we fall ill with a deadly disease of poor prognosis then our dilemma is cruel.

It will be a tragedy for a parent and children alike when the former falls ill with a deadly disease of poor prognosis and costly treatment.

Managing healthcare of the masses is different from treating individual cases. Even managing hospital is left to non-doctor administrators.

Hospital doctors are immensely better equipped with all kinds of drugs and modern medical gadgets than individual practitioners in clinics.

Only when we fall sick and our home remedies do not work within a short time then we visit a doctor and find how our doctor treats illness.

More the gadgets, more is the cost. More qualified the doctor is, more are his fees. This is not an ideal state for civilized Medical care.

Government funded public health scheme could get mired in corruption unless stringent punishments are prescribed for fraud, misuse of funds.

Death due to a deadly disease is certain in the near future, but if medical care cost strains family then it is going to be a deep tragedy.

Saving money for the future must go hand in hand with looking after our health because our savings might melt away by sudden illness later.

With good luck our parents will prioritize educating us regarding moderate food intake, absence from liquor and drugs and regular exercise.

If we are not taught good habits and ways and means to manage our lives decently during our regular education then we got to learn them now.

Rich people become popular by good behaviour and liberal-mind, but become richer by continuing their goodness for the rest of their lives.

After new life-saving discoveries and inventions in Medical Sciences, provision of Health Insurance is of maximum advantage to the society.

People already good like an ideal Padma Awardee will remain so after being nominated and given award. To them the award makes no difference.

Health Insurance business is based on honesty and carrying out promises made in the policies and not entirely on profit bit or share value.

I am not tall enough. So I can't help. Find some one who is tall and can reach the top. Seek help from those who are capable of helping us.

If I survive after I get treated for a serious disease but I become miserable due to complications of treatment then how should I rejoice?

Suffering is an experience for the living. Dead body does not suffer. Doctors will try their best to keep us alive and make us suffer least.

Why would the planets/stars bring misery by inflicting injury and disease on us? Health science has advanced enough to deny the speculation.

There are so many safe and effective medicines in Ayurveda that cost of certifying them as such in scientific manner is a worthy investment.

Not all fundamentalists are fanatic but modern science forces us to discard many age-old medical theories, which we believed to be heavenly.

Doctors are noble professionals like Judiciary and Priesthood regardless of change in public life-style, government in power or gold price.

People would love to learn about home remedies and over-the-counter drugs not only for themselves but also for their friends and relatives.

Like food we take medical treatment out of our own willingness and not to favour anyone. Only our preference and the cost limits our choices.

Advice from doctors and close relatives may be taken fully or partially depending on how much we are willing to spend on medical treatment.

Medical people don't sit in moral judgment on issues that lead to discomfort, disease, and death these days because medical care is science.

Science has not finished looking at the world and people. More scientific discoveries will unravel mysteries and help us tackle any disease.

Science guides us into more science and Patent Law ensures that our inventions and discoveries become long term assets like land and gold.

It is quite likely that the Patent Law encouraged scientists to invent/discover and entrepreneurs to manufacture new drugs and equipment.

Science gathers information from all sources including the ancient texts and passes on only the subjects that are proven by experimentation.

Diagnosis is not written on the forehead of the patient but a deduction arrived at by doctor after he goes through the clinical examination.

Why are some doctors more popular and others less so? Thorough clinical examination and intelligent deduction of diagnosis bring admiration.

Doctors are taught method but faculty demonstrates the manners, and both method and manners of highest standards bring glory to the doctor.

Like in every profession, doctors depend upon the assistants that could make or mar the quality of services of the set-up, larger the worse.

Most doctors had never themselves suffered the diseases they give treatment for and not themselves taken the medicines that they prescribe.

Like water, electricity and shelter, medical services are needs of common man. Local/state governments act to stop commercial exploitation.

It is easy to hear advice of elders and to resolve to follow the advice but following the advice is not entirely in our capacity or power.

We can not shrug off some of the strongest animal instincts we were born with, except by the fear of harsher punishment and not just rebuke.

Governments, Imperial, Democratic or any other are created to check unscrupulous powers from exploiting powerless by appropriate punishment.

I try not to become anti-social by any of my acts outside my home. I am talking about throwing garbage, spitting, blocking footpath, etc.

Some of the ideas such as cleanliness on the streets, save the girl child, don't drink and drive, etc., are newly brought out and taken up.

Although we say that Government policies are a reflection of people's wishes, in reality it is other way round. People's approval follows.

Tried to conduct surveys and found that the effort requires cooperation of those surveyed and true, scientific and honest data be provided.

Many times I can not state what I feel about behaviour of others. In such cases I build up a fictional story by fictitious names and places.

Modern Medicine has given about 20% longer span of life to all of us by scientific measures such as vaccination for childhood diseases, etc.

Fire hazard, before it happens, roars like a tiger in the distant jungle; we pick up our child and run to safety only if we know the exits.

We build a hospital and provide all facilities but not appoint a fire and safety officer then we are committing defect on the sick patients.

I learnt very quickly that death by drowning is certain if I venture into the water at a beach resort and so is fire hazard to be avoided.

There are people who work in positions where fire hazard is more likely but will they be informed in advance what to do to prevent fires?

Our home and also our work place are made safe from any fire, electrical, water, and other accidents and not regret our carelessness too late.

Imagining tragedy following an accidental fire in our home and work place and taking all known precautions to prevent such fire is the best.

Media have made the world small so that anyone can be famous or infamous in a moment but only among people with time to go through Reports.

To be informed is both bliss and misery. To become independent and survive I need all information. I learnt very early in my life this rule.

Media have responsibility towards the society to keep away ambiguous reports created by foreign agencies to undermine and weaken the Nation.

It is easier to become sad for any reason, silly or sensible but difficult to become cheerful unless we work hard and get good consequences.

Government is our present true God. Chances are grievance of the citizens may be redressed if appeal is made to this realistic god on earth.

We might invent a mass product today but I know it won't get mass appeal unless well publicized; I do not get disheartened in the interim.

If the target is reachable and achievable then my persistence to complete the task shows how serious I am in my life’s basic goals and aims.

I move and transfer our residence, and there we find new values, which we own soon but I could not shed any of my ancestral underpinnings.

Those present near the dead body have to manage all as they find it fit. Handling consequences of the death is left to those still living.

Elderly get many benefits. Regular pension is the greatest boon. Now the elderly people have no reason to go absconding or be misguided.

Those elderly people suffering from certain maladies may go missing. Generally wise elderly person will stay put in his home no matter what.

Young men and women have body power and the elderly have experience power. Therefore young people can take advantage of the latter's wisdom.

Writing a tweet is a test for integrity of mind, language and civility. I take this test everyday to show that I hold whole of my balance.

A few people read my tweets and that is satisfying. Fewer people read my books and that is also satisfying. This is something; not nothing.

Since there is no better alternative to elections for choosing our rulers, the rule written in the process is that the winner gets the post.

Money is always just money. The way it is used tells us if it is black or white. Depositing in a bank is the best way to make money white.

I was never bold enough to steal, to defraud, to over-charge, dupe or exploit etc., a naive person, because I feared facing my conscience.

I am armed not with a gun, nor with a knife, but with my knowledge and skill. Only civilized society with compassionate people welcome me.

Verbal assault works if the assault language is understood by the assaulted. Giving advice in a language not known to the advised is futile.

Basically we are all standing animals. The customs, regulations, laws and governments force most of us into role of dressed erudite humans.

The present and future are more important for us than the past. The past might help us to assort our present and plan our dreams logically.

While I am willing to share my experiences through my books I wrote for the purpose, I do not give stern order to anyone to follow old hash.

I find it difficult to give information without any prejudice because stating the facts entails expressing my thoughts with a surveillance.

If people of my community were wealthy, well-educated and better taxpayers, then our children would have learnt to live a productive life.

Nature through my parents gave me life. I love life. Moksha is relieving us from life, which can happen only with death. No Moksha for me.

The point is to join together all people to work for and support development of the community and nation so that everyone equally benefits.

We save money for the future use. Inflation makes money less valuable. Deposits earn interest. Investment in gold and land is the best way.

My attitude follows automatic mental calculation in which I see how much is my gain or loss by what I do in response to activity around me.

If others abuse me then I will certainly feel bad. But I don't react violently as I am not an animal but a knowledgeable adult human being.

Just as I make way for myself through a crowd in the market or on the streets, I make way through intricacies of life and get things done.

Only courage and self-confidence help me to keep my senses intact so that I can meet all kinds of adverse situations that arise day to day.

My daily food, my comforts come from people among whom I live. I conform to the general rules & regulations laid down by collective accord.

All animals enjoy life or so it seems with little or no processing of food or of shelter but man has moved to gloom terming it civilization.

Nature always facilitates, even forces bond of males and females. Men and women lose sense and commit without thinking. Get stuck by refuse.

In the modern world the forests and its flora fauna are watched more closely than the wide-open habitats. No incognito trekking or camping.

It is not a miracle that I keep myself out from committing a wrong. I have learnt this trick from my parents and upbringing in my community.

One good thing demonetization fetched is the anti-tobacco campaigners and the child labor manipulators/disinformers have been silenced. See?

Nature repairs itself as well as it can by death, decay and decomposition. I can only go along and delay the rot; prolong the time allowed.

I listen to everyone and read articles and books as many as I can only for which my retired life is capable; life of which not much is left.

Not everyone can coo as sweet as the cuckoo. Just because someone sings a devotional likable song does not mean that someone has devotion.

I know that I was new and different in each decade of my life. I kept improving my character as years rolled by. See? I am not the same now.

Ayurveda says, "The patient is responsible for his/her health or illness." Modern Medicine says, "not always." What are vaccinations for?

When I got retired from my profession, we stopped snacks at breakfast both because preparing it is too much work and to control bodyweight.

Like a puppy crossing the road and going under the wheels of a vehicle, the crazy talker on mobile phone oblivious of sure danger and death.

Information is more than knowledge. Latest information enables us to make decisions. Giving false information is deceit that weakens us.

Our body is structured to withstand all kinds of assaults of nature but we are at least a decade behind in ability to face newer onslaughts.

Overindulgence in pleasant things should at the most be limited to once or twice a year; otherwise our body and mind get overworked badly.

I have many new ideas and solutions but the risk involved in implementing them has to be borne by me first. Only then will people recognize.

I do not shut my mind just because I face criticism from close quarters. I regard it as a tool to reshape my pitch to make it more welcome.

Since I like ALL people to be happy and enjoy the benefits of Modern Science fully, I do not become jealous of my neighbour's affluence.

Once I gain sympathy of and cordiality with people I come in contact with day to day, it becomes easy for me to live peacefully by myself.

To develop good character in a child, the one path parents could prevent it from embracing in life is a path of renunciation and detachment.

Renunciation and detachment are good for peace and tranquility but not for those who have to work for a living and are providers of family.

There is no dearth of intellectuals, scientists, saints, etc. among us but we lack people who consider throwing garbage on streets is bad.

Do the positions of the stars and planets at the time of our birth determine our personality, life's successes and failures? No, they don't.

If I find someone trying to prevent me from doing things that I consider proper then it is only my misfortune that I have to stay away from.

The world is so big and wide but our mind is bigger and wider. Much of what our mind reads about the world is speculation and imagination.

Food is first that we want again and again. Rest and sleep come next but only after food is eaten. Defense from injuries and death is vital.

Most of what might happen next around us is predictable. Fear of tomorrow and of our future is unwarranted for the short span of human life.

We are wise to store food and other materials for our use as long as they last and as long as we and our children and other relatives live.

When I talk to a person who is angry with me, I try not to become angry at his behaviour but try to understand his problem and work it out.

Time heals everything; especially the grief of loss of a dear one. Crying to heart's content till I overcome the grief is a personal remedy.

Living as a human being, as a citizen of a democratic country, a country with a liberal constitution is like living in heaven that we crave.

I now do not look for direction in scriptures and religious books because what is given in them is mostly outdated and outmoded to be valid.

I am happy if I get 24-hr electricity, water, food, shelter and essential materials. I would vote for a candidate whose party provides them.

Sun helps me manage my days; the clock is a great gadget; keeps my moments on track. I learnt since long how to make the most of my leisure.

I might not ever become a leader since I often find my rivals have valid reason to claim leadership. I ought to accept him/her as my leader.

I will not look for the needle in a straw stack, which might be easier than looking for information from a health insurance agency website.

For success, I depended on my skills, education, information and intelligence but more important I depended on my consistent good habits.

I learnt about domestic abuse as I matured well enough in my wedded life. I stopped saving money for myself and family and emptied my purse.

It is not easy for me to find out what gift a recipient is expecting from me. I surprise her/him by presenting one that she/he always wanted.

Technique and method in surgical treatments differ widely. Success in their application improves as they are tried, practiced and perfected.

I like to speak about various subjects but I also like to listen to different views on political, social, religious and other matters also.

We got our body out of union of our parents’ cells who got theirs out of union of their parents and so on. I can go back thousands of years.

When our parents are gone, we have no one to complain to or hold responsible for our miseries and misfortunes. Instead, I congratulate them.

When I am dependent on someone such as my son or daughter, I feel I belong to the family and that way I am strengthening my blood relation.

My stomach does not permit me to sit in one place for hours together like they say for performing religious self-punishment or long prayers.

I have to go along with appeals from my mind and body for rest and relaxation because I am part of the Universe and have to follow its laws.

I think if anyone wants to help the future generations to make use of his ideas, experience, research findings then he must write them down.

Some of the information I give honestly may be incomplete, inaccurate or false but I record it for future generation to examine and verify.

My emotions towards other people, animals, trees, etc., are based on my culture, my upbringing, and my education and not on real harm done.

Emotions of happiness, misery, loss, gain, pride, etc., arise in my mind and I react with word or action that reflect my information/wisdom.

There are always many views of an elephant or for that matter my own personality but all views are of those who see from different spot. So?

I never squirm about not being recognized by others as this or that because I feel that recognition makes very little change in my attitude.

Aggressiveness leading to violence is in-built in linguistic fanatics as much as in fanaticism on religion, commune, region, & etc. Face it.

Policy of survival at any cost is the best policy but it fails when I deal with person who breaks law to win at any cost to herself/himself.

Often I estimate my worth correctly and yet my friends and acquaintances over-rate me. Only our heir will know how valuable we are postmort.

My Shiksha Suthra: 1st Graduation is 8th Pass; 2nd Graduation is 10th Pass; 3rd Graduation is 12th Pass; 4th Graduation is Degree.
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Declaring 8th class pass as School Leaving or Matric class, and 10th, 12thand degree as post Matric the government would redirect education.

Youth are becoming literate very much sooner than yesterday and making them wait till 16th year for Matric Cert., is out of place and cruel.

What is learnt during eight years from 1st to 8th class in these costly days should be highly valued and honoured making 8th Pass as Matric.

At present the 8th Pass 14 yr. old youth is groping in the dark as regards the future since she/he is not shown light out of school tunnel.

At present S. S. L. C. (Matric) is upon completion of 10th Class, out of which 9th and 10th could be replaced with career relevant subjects.

The government must make it easy for the 8th Pass 14 yr old youth to take up the line of education and training that fits her/his career.

At present the classes 9th and 10th are trackless and 11th and 12th are excluding common career pursuits like farming and self-employment.

Indian Structure of Education I hope changes into a focused and
purposeful machination in which a career for 14 yr old 8th pass is

For a parent the prospects of a good marriage for their ward may be important but it is the career that provides stability to wedded life.

Prospects of a good marriage depend not so much on the degree held as on the chosen career, profession and employability of the groom/bride.

After 8th class and 14 years of age it is important from where we get the facts, skills and wisdom. From parents, friends, books, Internet?

The age of 14 years is a point where every youth has an opportunity to mend and bend and fall back on the track with self-will and self-power.

The will and vigour at the age of 14 needs grooming and goading to kindle its fire and exploit its force and not shut up in weird syllabi.

New Structure: The 8th is School-Leaving Class /Matric. From 9th choose one among the six Career Courses from basic Science to Professional.

New Structure: Agriculture, Animal husbandry, Textiles, Commerce, Languages, Humanities, Arts and Crafts, Basic Sciences, etc., 9th onwards.

Government's first step to restructure education: Declare 8th pass as School Leaving (Matric) level and as First Graduation (Not Drop-outs).

If youth is not engaged with a career by the age of 14 years then the youth will drift into unpredictable adventurism like an untamed horse.

Lucky are the parents who agree among themselves and make up their mind as to what career their child who is turning 14 should follow up.

In making up mind as to the career for her child turning 14, the mother often can not think right, being overprotective and extra-cautious.

Economy of any country depends upon the opportunities its population finds to harness the available resources for use on a permanent basis.

Parents are at a loss to know what to do if an 8th Pass 14 yr., old child not study well in the 9th class. Allow them to take up a safe job.

By refusing to allow 8th Pass 14 yr., old take up a safe job, India is denying itself a large human force from contributing to its GDP.

We fell into the trap well laid by competitors abroad that raised the bogey of child labour when they found our products were nosing them.

The Government and the wise people must direct the youngsters by suitable Structure of Education towards goals that bring prosperity to all.

The present system of 10th class as Matriculation or School Leaving class doesn't allow for diversification earlier and creates drop-outs.

By terming youngsters who left school before 10th class as "drop-outs" we are making it all worse for them and pushing them down further.

Grading our curriculum in such a way that schooling is unbroken till 10th class while 8th is more convenient hampers freedom of choice.

The present Structure of Education forces children into the 9th to 12th classes wherein a large number of students can not get through.

New Structure of Education doesn't mean stop after 8th class. Everyone continues classes that are meant to prepare her/him for a career.

Make 8th class pass the major stepping-stone (New Structure of Education), after which students take up study in courses that they fit in.

A Certificate of completion of a course by post-8th class students will enable employers to hire them as trainees/apprentices for 1-2 years.

If Govt., declares passing 8th class as the end of schooling then millions of youngsters will begin training for the career of their choice.

New Structure of Education proposed eliminates 9th to 12th classes from most of the career courses by making 8th class the end of schooling.

A majority of careers chosen by youngsters do not need subjects taught in present 9th to 12th classes, which only dislodge their ambitions.

When the youngster knows that subjects he is studying in the 9th to 12th classes are not going to be of any help to him he gets frustrated.

Those 14 yr old 8th pass youngsters who chose higher education are admitted into the courses meant for them in new Structure of Education.

The present Structure of Education with 10th class as the School Leaving (SL) is unsuitable for India of 2016. Make 8th class pass as the SL.

The British found a Structure of Education in India with 11th class as School Leaving (SL) class. 8th is better for India of the present.

Make 8th class pass as the School Leaving (SL) and diversify 9th onward for various careers including Medicine and Engineering.

People talk about schooling and learning being different and about need of a paradigm shift in our education system but not about how to do.

Making 8th pass as the School Leaving class followed by career-specific diverse classes would be a paradigm shift in our education system.

Make 8th pass the end of schooling and 9th the beginning of learning as to how to live with an occupation the student and his parents wish.

The class 9th to 12th is a long journey and about half of the students do not benefit from what they learn in them being inapt career wise.

What is inapt for most of the careers such as the syllabus in the 9th to 12th class may be avoided if we adopt a new Structure of Education.

Change our Education system to make the most of our young receptive bright minds of students especially in their 15th to 18th years of life.

Spoken law comes from Court Judges and written law comes from Legislature; only these power bodies can reform our Structure of Education.

At present there is no choice but to continue schooling until 12th class, which be set right by making the 8th pass as School Leaving class.

A career in agriculture begins at 15th year provided our Structure of Education is reformed and 8th pass declared as School Leaving class.

A career in carpentry, plumbing, painting, masonry, garment making, are all staple careers needing two years apprenticeship after 8th class.

Convert 9th class into post-Matriculation class (as against 11th as at present) and reap focused learning by well-guided lively youngsters.

Naming 8th class pass as the School Leaving class is a major shift in education system and it will not happen without government initiative.

Although naming 8th class pass as School Leaving class is a big decision, it only builds an earlier platform to embark upon careers sooner.

Although naming 8th class pass as School Leaving class is big decision, doing so does not alter basic pattern of imparting skills to youth.

If tea and coffee are foods then tobacco and alcohol are also foods. Moderation in consumption will keep away man from other harmful drugs.

One of the causes of increase in usage of harmful drugs by youngsters is the campaign against smoking from every quarter including the Law.

Anti-smoking lobby will not get any donations from the cigarette manufacturers if the latter suffer loss because of activity of the former.

Sipping tea, coffee, smoking cigarette, playing cards, chess, etc., is harmful in one or other way but not as much as drinking liquor daily.

It is incredible that a cigarette smoker has to work against the government and a whole lot of non-governmental organizations to just enjoy.

If a few articles by eminent scientists raising doubt in cause-effect link of cancer with tobacco appear in newspapers then the deal is off.

Give less importance to History in school syllabus so that what is written from memory and observation does not vitiate future prospects.

History keeps repeating and has neither beginning nor end. Ancient Indians avoided recording dates to refrain from writing personal taints.

We spend our precious first few years of life at home and in school and wish our parents and society take care we don't dropout by weakness.

Educational qualifictn., decide whom we work for. Parents and government help us acquire our intended education early to embark on a career.

For a job both school certificate and experience are needed but for starting up our own business we need real know-how money and motivation.

Governments could help parents by recognizing 8th class pass as end of first phase of schooling and beginning of training for many careers.

Where there is will there are ways. Will Indian wise men coax the governments to make it easy for youngsters to get education and a career?

Employers are wary of employing holder of degrees and diplomas if the latter consistently fail to do the given work efficiently as expected.

How best the employee can handle real issues in the work place is what tells us about the education and training the employee claims to own.

By hiring for personal, communal or political purposes any employer, private or public would find such employee a big burden and liability.

Rules and regulations imposed by the government on hiring and firing by a business are usually hidden behind incentives offered to starters.

Great enthusiasm to start a business blinds us of the enormous responsibilities that hide behind it and need to be addressed simultaneously.

Whose money is it anyway! Go for a government job if you want God's money to repay in next birth rather than work hard at your own business.

Human nature is to get something in return for what we give. Men and women always do it but taking bribe for government work is corruption.

The fact that the government person who accepts bribe does it under cover itself indicates that it is a stealthy operation and anti-social.

Change Structure of Education. Abolish the present 9th to 12th run-of-the-mill, go-nowhere classes replacing them with career aimed options.

Not all parents are rich enough to give education to their children their way; poor and middle class parents take what the government gives.

Even after 12 years of learning as at present a student is not ready for a job because she has not been given education to acquire a skill.

I pity those students who slog in the schools from 9th to 12th classes, by-heart set answers to questions, pass the exams but have no skills.

Present 9th to 12th classes impart education to become a clerk, a teacher in lower school or study further but not go for other occupations.

Avoid shaming 8th pass students who leave school to take up occupations as school dropouts. Make 8th class pass a graduation in education.

A child gets education and passes the 8th class examinations; then child is ready for better education than the present 9th to 12th classes.

What a child learns in 9th to 12th classes at present makes him a scholar but unfit for job until he takes another four years of education.

What we learn in 9th to 12 classes is hard to unlearn; therefore to learn a trade or profession begin after 8th pass, so help us government.

We are inviting heavy responsibility by making India a developed country; no worry if 8th class continues as a pressure point for the poor.

Poor people cannot afford a car, a bungalow or education for years together, and wish their wards to begin earning at an early age decently.

When passing 8th class becomes an important event in our Structure of Education then students join 9th that caters to their chosen careers.

Spare the rod but don’t spoil the child is the modern saying; spare the child from burden of subjects not connected to the selected career.

9th to12th classes at present discourage those who want to earn by 17th year of age. Use these years instead to exact career education and training.

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Kannada Konkani, Devnagri Konkani, Malayalam Konkani and Roman Konkani are the major divisions of Konkani language reckoned based on script.

Watch how fast GDP will increase if and when 8th class pass is made School Leaving class. Government should modify grading education levels.

Smokers are peace loving and not troublemakers and designating areas in cities, airports, bus and railway stations makes us all a happy lot.

We got to live through many curses on the society one of them being the anti-tobacco curse. A day will come too late if at all to reinstate.

Blowing out of proportion the cancers caused by tobacco, anti-tobacco activists have made life miserable for millions of smokers world over.

Fire hazard is more likely than cancer by lighting up cigarettes and peril of dirt more likely than cancer by chewing tobacco; so take care.

Hodu is big person and Saanu is small. My Konkani novel "Hodu Ani Saanu" explains.

Freedom and Liberty refer to rights of the citizens to walk along the path laid down by Law and not to disrupt Order by misbehaviour.

A good primary school is the one in which teachers keep an eye on pupils to prevent them from drifting away from studies and good manners.

The good school makes up for any deficiency at home and often helps parents learn from their wards ways to improve their manners and methods.

Delaying vocational education until completion of 12th class is unsuitable for people who must earn their livelihood by 17th year of life.

Most vital is the age of a person, and once past a certain age activities get restricted. Agility at 15, at 21and at 31 is not the same.

Boys and girls at 15 become most eager to help themselves and everyone around them including their country provided they are guided well.

We abuse those enterprising poor youngsters who took 8th class pass as enough for the time to embark on a career by calling them "dropouts".

Not all students have resources to join medical, dental, engineering and similar educational colleges. They look for other affordable ways.

Only the governments can make changes to the Structure of Education these days; such as making 8th class pass as the School Leaving class.

School Leaving doesn't mean curbing studies. It is only a landing presently the 10th, from where students launch the career course of choice.

If there are only Non-stop buses then we cannot alight at a place of our choice, like the present Non-stop education past 8 till 10th class.

Years and semesters are natural but Non-stop education till 10th is irrational. Let them alight gracefully after 8th pass with graduation.

After 8th class pass let there be 1st and 2nd PVC (Pre-Vocation Course) and not 9th and 10th class. 11th and 12th will be Training classes.

A student likes to do service to humanity but he/she needs guidance; he/she will imbibe best at age of 15 years i.e. after 8th class pass.

A child gets prodded to emulate great persons of the past but he/she is miseducated and misguided and waste talent in 9th to 12th classes.

Aim is to teach children that come from different financial backgrounds how to earn their livelihood; not to make them saints or saadhus.

Students do not consider advice as pressure such as from parents, teachers and friends. Parents advice their wards out of their experience.

Responsibility of parents for their wards is most significant because they have to nurture the children to shape the future of the Nation.

The bond of parents with their children is to be strengthened and not weakened by outside stories and statistics of pressure and prejudice.

Increase in world population is big natural calamity for which Nature will devise unpredictable tool to restore normalcy, slowly but surely.

All living creatures are dependent on each other for food and comfort. Disease of one is desire of another. Death and destruction are parts.

Desire to live be strong but not strong enough to counter foolhardy unscientific beliefs and misguided motivations that provoke us to die.

All professional colleges and vocational institutions will in due course admit 8th class pass students to introduce them into their courses.

Catching them young helps in two ways. One they get to aim for a career of their choice early and two, they steer clear of being jobless.

Children of working mothers learn life’s contemporary ways thoroughly when trained and mature caretakers attend to them in daycare centers.

Media can in due course turn the tables for the better or for the worse just as they termed the 8th class pass leaving school as a dropout.

The term 'school dropout' indicates the student to have stopped studying. If an 8th class pass opts for a career he is not a school dropout.

Common Law follows human conscience and affirms good habits. Booked Law will adhere to man and society provided it reflects the Common Law.

Where does human conscience come from? We can only guess. My guess is that it comes from our parents and ancestors just as our body does.

Our conscience is formed in the fertilized ovum, which as it grows learns to copy and tries to fit in with the surrounding human activities.

Our brain is the seat of mind, thought process and memory all of which together develop conscience that directs our actions, good and bad.
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