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By Mohan Shenoy

The truncated country that was born after partition of British Indian colony on 15th August 1947 has acquired the title India.

However this country is officially known as India that is Bharath.

Bharath is the name of the son of Shakuntala and Dushyant who lived many thousands of years ago. Dushyant was a great Emperor and his son Bharath was famous for his pro-people reign. His government was popular for Nyaaya (justice) and Dharma (Morals). Therefore his name shines even today in the land he became king of.

The present Republic of India was constituted on the 26th day of January 1950 with a very fair Constitution similar to the administrative ideals of King Bharath and we celebrate this day as the anniversary of this great landmark every year. Bharath is a better name than India, but historically the name India is a widely accepted term for this country.

It is only prudent for us to protect our great country from all kinds of invasions that threaten our freedom. The invasions take place both externally and internally and the process of invasion could be slow and gradually rising. Sometimes the seizure is prolonged and stealthily done. We have to maintain a constant vigil. The invasions have to be thwarted at any cost and our freedom has to be maintained at the highest level of totality. Only total freedom can retain our identity and uniqueness.
The Republic Day parades and other functions in the capital New Delhi and other places are required so that everyone participates in this alertness for protection of our freedom.

It is necessary to constantly remind ourselves the need for uniting the people to strengthen ourselves. We have to keep our differences aside and come together to fight external and internal enemies.

The strength of the nation is in the patriotism of the people. The nature of threat and its perception varies from time to time. It is not enough to have a large army, a big navy or a huge airforce. It is not enough to have all the sophisticated and modern weapons.

The citizens have to be ready to fight and sacrifice their lives when needed. The leaders have to focus on preparing the citizens towards this goal by increasing the personal capacity of each of us.

Adyar Gopal Parivar salutes the freedom fighters who laid down their lives in the Indian freedom struggle throughout history. We pledge to continue our full support to the Constitution and our resolve to protect the independence and integrity of our Nation on this day.