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The Role of Religion in Terrorism
By Mohan Shenoy

Is "terrorism" a religion?
Terror Loses Battle; Terrorists lose life.
No. Terrorism is not a religion. Terrorism is a tool meant to stage a severely violent protest against a state, against a people, against a group belonging to a particular thought, sect, economy, or even religion. A terrorist has a mandate from his conviction to protest by violent means. He intends to curb the expansion, curb the activities, foil the welfare of members of a particular group that the terrorist and his companions find detrimental to the existence and progress of their own thought, sect or even religion. Therefore terrorism may result from religious fanaticis.

Terrorism is a form of protest. The protest intends to draw results by destruction of part or whole of a stream of thought and materials. A terrorist may or may not belong to a religion but he is trying to bring to fore his line of thought which may be a reflexion of his religion, or misinterpretation of his religious teachings.Hinduism does not advocate terrorism. Non-violence is the basis of Hinduism. Hinduism wants all people of all nations to live happily. It advocates the principle of "live and let live". Hinduism prohibits acts which result in death and injury. Hinduism does not teach "revengeful acts" that cause death and injury. A Hindu will not ever desecrate gods or places of worship belonging to another religion. This is because he or she sees the same God as his or her own at the places of worship of other religions.

The Hindu does not believe that his God can be destroyed physically. He also does not believe that God dwells only in the place of worship. A protest staged by a Hindu should remain non-violent and must not cause death or injury.Modern Hinduism is based on secular principles and gives stress on democracy. Hinduism is itself secular. Democracy is based on numbers. Majority determines the course of development, education, commerce, and sharing of resources of the land, and fruits of man-power. For development, education, commerce and sharing of resources it is necessary to strengthen democracy. Democracy survives provided there is love for the nation and its Constitution among the citizens. The Constitution of India is aimed at building a secular nation in which all its citizens have freedom of religion, and provides equal opportunity. The Constitution ensures that all people are treated equally under Law, and given social, economical, and political justice. It ensures liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship as well as equality of opportunity. Constitution provides the basis for unity. Violence and terrorism do not go well with democracy. Violent protests do not help to strengthen either religion or other kinds of "ism.

The Law provides punishment for those who commit terrorist acts. Those who commit terrorist acts regardless of which religion they belong to, will be caught and brought to trial and given severe punishment for their actions. Those master-minds who planned these attacks also will not be spared. The terrorists commit multiple murders for which they get only scorn from the surviving members of all the religions. The terrorists are literally idiots and most foolish.
The battle is between the terrorists and the government which means the nation as a whole. It is imperative for any government to act to keep law and order. Any terrorist act will invite investigation by the police and arrests of suspects. If there is death caused then the investigation will be urgent and deep.

The terrorists not only lose the battle but also gain nothing from their sacrifices. Whoever resorts to violence and terrorism fails in his or her objectives utterly. It is said that the terrorists and their leaders want to inflict injury to the psyche of a particular group of people having a particular way of life, but the victims could be other than the members of the particular group they were targeting. They thus cause injustice to their own religion by killing innocent people of different faiths; and some of the victims belong to the faith of the terrorists and so they fail in their mission. They are usually uneducated youth exploited by so-called intellectuals by brain-washing. To imagine that by this killing they will reach their objective of saving and strengthening their own religion is a big mistake on their part.

There are many friends of these terrorists and some of them may be hiding. They will be hunted down and brought to trial. To prevent future attacks, and to prevent future chances of loss of life of innocent people by similar terrorist attacks, the terror planners and master-minds, and also the financiers and managers of these groups will be traced wherever they are hiding, in whichever part of world, and brought to trial. They must get their dues in terms of justice for their crimes. This is going to be a long process. In this process many innocent people losely connected might have to be questioned or arrested to interrogate. Interrogation could be violent and torturous. In any case the massive edifice that is India can not be even touched by these terrorists' attacks. The solid and steely grit of the India psyche is infallible. The mental entity of the terrorists can not defeat the mental entity of India by these activities of terrorism which result in loss of innocent lives but no gains of any kind to the terrorist outfits.

Hopefully a better sense may prevail upon these criminals.

Bottom Line: To whichever religion a terrorist belongs, by birth or by naturalization, he or she is taking a wrong path to stage his or her protest. It will go against the Indian Constitution. The government will be forced to act and bring the terrorist to trial and prevent recurrence of the violence. The members of Hindu faith should not support the terrorist even if his or her aim and objective is in favour of Hinduism. He or she should be discouraged from resorting to violence. He or she should be made to adhere to the principles of non-violence and join in peaceful protests. He should keep faith in democracy and achieve his objective by increasing the numbers of members belonging to his religion by which he and his group can have their say in the matters.Concluded