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Spare our Children from Death
Due to Reckless Driving
By Mohan Shenoy

We are so careless that we do not consider it necessary to first turn around in our seat and make sure that there is no one behind our car before we reverse our car. No one expects the car to go reverse when it is facing the opposite way.

Many cars do not sound the reverse alarm before they move with the reverse gear.

The driver is guilty of murder if there is any death while he is operating his car, and it is not any less a crime if the death occurs while he is reversing the car.

A car that suddenly reverses will cause either injury or death to the person who is over-run by the car. The injured person is not guilty of any negligence for being behind the car at a time when the car is parked and it suddenly moves backwards.

It is entirely the fault of the driver if he reverses the car before he makes sure there is no one behind the car.
Sindhu, aged five, daughter of Basavaraj and Balamma who lived in Jai Maruthinagar in Bangalore, was playing in the narrow free space spared by so many parked cars in front of her house. It is natural that Sindhu was playing with her other 5-year-old friends unaware of her impending death by the car that suddenly reversed and hit her. She fell on the ground hitting her head on the pavement. She was taken to a hospital where she was declared dead on arrival, on Saturday, the 5th of June, 2008.

The car which was parked in front of the house did not belong to Basavaraj or Balamma. Parking of vehicles in front of the house leaves little space for children to play, or for pedestrians to walk through. There should be very severe punishment including death penalty to those drivers who reverse their car and knock down children and cause injury or death.

This article is by Dr. Mohan Shenoy, based on Newspaper reports.