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By Mohan Shenoy

The Mumbai battle between the terrorists and the Indian armed forces resulted in the loss to the terrorists. The terrorists not only lost the battle but also gained nothing from their deaths. It is said that the terrorists and their leaders wanted to inflict injury to the Indian psyche but they completely failed in their mission.

The Deccan Mujahiddin or the Indian Mujahiddin, the groups that had probably arranged this attack by invading from the sea route at the Gateway of India have no gains to show. Their aim to destabilize India is totally misplaced because India is such a strong country and its people are so determined to fight back with full force, such silly attempts by the terrorists.

The terrorists committed multiple murders for which they got their punishment at the end of the battle. They were killed in battle. The murders were senseless, brutal and most dastardly. They killed innocent people walking the streets of Mumbai. The terrorists were idiots and most foolish to imagine that by this killing they will reach their objective of destabilizing India or defacing India.  They killed people who had gathered to have their dinner in Taj Mahal Hotel. This was again a demonstration of their cowardice and abject miscalculation.

Many tourists, travelers, innocent by-standers and employees on duty in the Trident hotel got brutally killed. All the victims of this battle were unarmed and their killing by the terrorists with the fire-arms was totally unnecessary given the fact that the overall objective of the Deccan Mujahiddin could not be achieved by such killings. Those who got killed lost their lives because of the wickedness and pig-headiness of the terrorists who used high powered rifles to kill.

The terrorists killed many policemen using surprise attacks. The terrorists gained nothing by killing all these people. They only got blood on their hands; now the terrorists have also died in the battle which was pointless and very wasteful. This battle proves that the terrorists can kill innocent people but they can not bend the determination of India and Indian people to stand firm against such senseless terror acts. India is such a huge country and these terror attacks would not even scratch the surface of Indian giant.

The lone terrorist Ajmal Kasab caught by the policemen in Chowpatty area and then underwent exhaustive judicial trial got the death penalty imposed on him for his crimes. In fact, he was to die on the day he was caught, but the police officer who was close by saved him so that he could be interrogated and a large amount of information could be gathered from him.
 It is difficult to say if what information he gave during interrogation was the truth or lies. But no one can feel satisfied just by one of the terrorists being paid back for the huge loss of life in Mumbai attacks. A certain amount of information has been gathered during Kasab's interrogation which has lead to arrest and trial of Lakvi and other leaders of Lashkar-e-Toiba in Pakistan.

There must be many more Mujahiddin members who are the managers of these terror attacks and guide the front-line actors to these murderous assaults. Those Mujahiddin chieftains must be caught and brought to trial and given severe punishment for their actions. Those master-minds who planned these attacks should not be spared. They should be hunted down and brought to trial.

To prevent future attacks on India, and to prevent future chances of loss of life of innocent people in India by similar terrorist attacks, Mujahiddin planners and master-minds, and also the financiers and managers of these Mujahiddin groups must be traced wherever they are hiding, in whichever part of world, and brought to trial. They must get their dues in terms of justice for their crimes. This is going to be a long process. There are many friends of these terrorists and some of them may be hiding within India. There are many well-wishers of these terrorists in other countries. These countries are not secular countries like India. These Mujahiddin terrorists gain confidence and support from these non-secular countries and inflict injuries on Indian civilians for imaginary religious gains.

The intention of these fidayeen fighters is said to be revenge and punishment to Indian civilians belonging to Hindu religion for occurrences in the past. They cite the demolition of the Babri structure in Ayodhya and the Godhra carnage in Gujarat as the revenge triggers. But the Indians they kill on the streets and the hotels could be other than the Hindus. They thus cause injustice to their own religion by killing innocent people of different faiths; and some of the victims belong to the faith of the terrorists. In any case the massive edifice that is India can not be even touched by these terrorists' attacks.

The solid and steely grit of the India psyche is infallible. The mental entity of the terrorists can not defeat the mental entity of India by these activities of terrorism which result in loss of innocent lives but no gains of any kind to the terrorist outfits. Hopefully a better sense may prevail upon these criminals.