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      It is clear that many religious dogmas will not stand water when critically analysed by findings of science. Other than a label for demographical purposes the religion one identifies oneself with does not help in any significant way in one's life .

For forming groups, associations, societies and camaraderie people of the same religion flock together. If religion also provides basis for one's language, culture and ethnicity then it helps in unity of a community.

We find that Hindus from Andhra Pradesh will prefer to form groups in the name of their language than their religion because they will not associate themselves with Hindus from Karnaataka or from Uttar Pradesh quite as much as with those who speak Telugu. Kannada speaking people in Delhi will mix with other Kannada people more enthusiastically than with Hindi speaking people.

This is why a newly arrived Karnaataka woman resident in Delhi would be quite excited to meet and mix with another Karnaataka woman residing in Delhi for a longer period for friendship, for a visit or for phone conversation.Even when language and culture brings people together, the religion makes its entry in case there is a wedding and both the bride and bridegroom belong to the same religion.

All weddings are solemnized by following the traditions and customs stated in the religious books. If the religious customs are not applied in a wedding then it is likely that the couple are not believers. An office wedding is preferred by people who are staunch Communists (Marxists).

There has been attempts by some outstanding thinkers through out history to set aside the principles and practices based on religion and take up more logical and rational ways and means to conduct marriages.The Catholic clergy in the medieval times were over-ruled by Republican leaders in the appointment of kings to the thrones of nations in Europe. Often Emperors Akbar and Jahangir disregarded the advice of the Muslim clerics in their dealings with Hindus during the Mughal rule.

America (USA) has kept religion out of the administration stating that state and religion are to be kept separate from each other.Religion helps to decide the majority view on social issues. For example the belief among the Hindus that the cow is sacred comes in the way of unity among people of different religions in India.

The sound of music near a mosque is a prohibited act and so Hindus will feel resented if they are asked to stop singing Bhajans while the procession passes through a street close to a mosque.

The 'cow-music' conflict has devoured all chances of Hindu-Muslim unity through-out the recent past history and continues to do so even now.

All religious customs and traditions can be argued as correct by the priests and mullahs. No one has recommended that the citizens should not practice any religion except in the Soviet Republic of Russia, in North Korea, in Cuba and in China.

In fact Communism has been successful to a certain extent in its attempt to thwart religion braking civilian development based on science and technology.Science has enlightened man to such an extent that the mythical stories in the religious books are easily declared as only concocted tales and can not be considered to have taken place as stated.

Common tales describing the heaven and hell go so wild and auras that a school graduate can consider them as fiction. However, the sticklers to religion can not tear themselves away from believing their books. The notion that one or other religious book was composed by God, His Son or a Prophet or an Avataar and therefore requires to be respected and held sacred will slowly disappear when every man becomes fully convinced of their worthlessness and turns himself a rational human being. This is already taking place but in a very subtle way.

The change will not be evident until the priestly class itself becomes convinced of the futility of following what is written in those books. The change will be so slow that even a millennium will not be enough to declare the complete demise of the religions as we know them now. New beliefs and principles based on science will become in practice.

We therefore will have to wait for those bright days of friendship and brotherhood among all people. People will stop identifying themselves with a religion or a religious book when such time will arrive.Not all religious practices are good. Especially the practice that preaches hatred and violence should be eliminated. Wars were fought in ancient times and also in the medieval times for religious beliefs and counter-beliefs.

Blasphemy is a word that has been current and there are laws since many centuries to punish people indulging in blasphemy. When the 1000 year (or longer) war is over and science wins, there will not be any blasphemy laws to terrorize people.Faith, Love, Hate, Fear, Anger, Jealousy are human instincts. These instincts are descriptions of different stages and appearances of a single consciousness that is described by Bible as the Satan. The easiest of these to lose is Faith and for a good reason. Faith is lost when knowledge and reality rules the roost and like light replacing darkness.