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This website is a renovated website of Adyar Gopal Parivar. I am Dr. Mohan G Shenoy inviting you to visit and explore the website.
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By Mohan Shenoy

It is difficult to understand the value of money for people since the numbers are deceiving. It is the commodity or services that have values and not the number of rupees which have to be paid to buy them. The value of money is in its power to buy.

The money which is saved beyond certain limits in the form of a fixed block changes its value from time to time according to the price indices. The amount that is saved for minor contingencies and spent within a short period will retain its value because the price of the commodity or service matches the amount saved and spent.

The money saved in a fixed block will change its value after a year or two (most of the time in the negative direction) because it can buy a smaller or lesser commodity or service as the price index rises. This is called inflation or ballooning. The number of rupees for the same item balloons.

A young man has many years of life waiting for him. It is necessary that he factors the number of years he is expected to live and save money in a proper manner to provide for his needs in the short term and long term. An older person will have a small number of years left in his life and his needs are limited to the number of years which remain in an ordinary life span.

I do not have long term needs since the remaining number of years in my expected life span are zero or near zero. If I save my money beyond a year, I am likely to lose its power as time passes and miss the chance of spending it for my interests, either personal or societal at its value existing at the time I acquired it.

I get a pension check every month and it is unlikely that this income will end at any time in the future.   Even then it is necessary for me to live in a manner that will keep me from creating a situation where I will suffer if the check stops coming at a certain future date. At the same time I shall spend the money from the check soon enough, so that I enjoy the gain at its value.How do I enjoy the amount? Suppose I spend it for personal luxury then I might get used to a high style living. I will not be able to shrink my spending in case the check stops coming. I should avoid a situation where I might suffer because the income is not enough for my luxurious life.

On the other hand if I live austerely, and spend at a frugal way, but use the extra money for those things that are not absolutely essential for my ordinary day to day life, then I will not suffer badly if the check stops coming.

I will be able to make good use of the money instantly and at the same time avoid getting trapped into a habit of spending a lot of money for personal luxury as such.I believe that a man loses his money and materials upon his death. A dying man will not have any knowledge about how his money or other assets are going to be spent or used after his death. He would not know what actually happens with the estate he left behind. If I acquire immovable property it will pass on to my heirs upon my death. It is not certain how the heirs will treat the immovable property and whether they will be able to enjoy what I left for them.

If I have movable property left after my death then also it is not absolutely certain if such property would be of value to the heirs in the manner I consider it should be utilised or if they would be successful in enjoying its real value. By treating the high income as extra income to be used for others instantly, I can avoid saving the money and then die with the sadness of losing the money upon death.

My feeling is that I should do those things with the money that will bring real joy to myself. This matter is individually different. Each person has some desire to do things which he can not do if he did not have extra money.

By living austerely I have created surplus in my earnings (the check that comes every month). This austerity is my creation and it will benefit me by enabling me to live with a small income. I will be able to spend the surplus money as I wish.
What my wife thinks
If I save the money or give the money to Lalitha (my wife)to save, then neither she nor I would be able to spend it for our personal joy and satisfaction. She might not be able to spend her savings for items that will benefit her because she has no ambitions to show off her richness. One of the joys of being rich is the ability to show it off for every one to see.

Even if she were to spend the money for gold jewelery, cosmetics, kitchen utensils, domestic appliances, cars, yachts, high rise buildings, two seater planes, then she can not utilise them without my help. It is I who will end up servicing these items for her. You know very well that I have no interest in these things. Even to enjoy a good meal in a posh restaurant, it is I who will have to escort her to the place. It is unfortunate that Lalitha is married to an ascetic like me. I can not change my ascetic nature. She can not divorce me either, because it is too late now.

My joy lies in the twin objective of austerity in my living and joyous expenditure. One can not live austerely and at the same time spend his money for his personal luxury. Although I have created the parivar, the parivar is not my primary objective. It is only a mechanism to spend my surplus for my pleasure and satisfaction without losing my austerity. What I do is the so-called joyous austerity.

One more thing. The Adyar Gopal parivar is made of people who are not rich in the sense of the word. They are all ordinary people. The richest among them do not attend the meetings. The others who attend the meeting do not come there for begging. They come for some sort of enjoyment that is available by meeting their relatives and for gossip. When I hold the lottery it gives some sort of playful pleasure to all. When I give away small amounts like 5 to 10 dollars to students it only gives them the joy of receiving a gift. The money I give is so small that it can not sustain them even for a day. When the food is served it is only the joy of eating together that is gained. They do not come there for food which they would not get elsewhere.

It is sad that Lalitha objects to this activity of mine tooth and nail. But I am not perturbed. When I do these things completely voluntarily there is no sadness if I miss it for any reason. I am happy if I can organise a meeting with the cooperation of Lalitha. But if she does not cooperate then I do not hate her for it. I will still manage to get things done without rocking the boat too much.The only way to stop her from feeling bad is to bring an end to the extra income. But that would be foolish.

The year 2010 Annual Convention of Adyar Gopal Parivar was held on Sunday the 1st August 2010 at the Sri Ramray Kudva Sabhabhavan (convention hall) located in the Navami Plaza, Near the Old Bus Stand, at Moodabidri town. Moodabidri is situated at about 35 kilometers from Mangalore City in Dakshina Kannada Dist. Karnataka State, India.

I am happy to reveal that there wereover 300 members that attended the function. I think everyone was pleased with the conduct of the meeting.

I was fortunate to have sunshine on that day rather than the deluge of rain for the previous 3-4 days witnessed in Moodabidri. The sunny day helped the ladies, the elderly and children who came to see what this meeting of an extended family of late Adyar Gopalakrishna Shenoy looks like. Compared to the previous conventions of 2007, 2008 and 2009, the attendance at the 2010 convention was threefold.

A new edition of "Adyar Gopal Shakthiphato" book was released on the day and distributed free of cost to all the households and some friends.

Yashaswi womanhood awards, Varapuja of most of the couples and Student incentive cash gifts were highlights.