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By Mohan Shenoy

Analysts have left no stone unturned to explain away the low turnout. The explanations range from 'voter apathy' to the 'disconnect between the urban middle class voter and the political process'.

The number of voters listed in the rolls is what matters and therefore the citizens that do not find their names in the rolls do not come into the picture.

Out of the total number of voters in the lists many would be preoccupied with other engagements such as travel and tour resulting in their absence on the day of voting. Very few would be sitting at home and not come to the ballot box to cast their votes. The sick voters who can not walk to the vote booth will miss the process.
But the real reason is the strict vigilance of the Election Commission officials who have prevented bogus voting and fraudulent names in the voter lists.

The awareness and responsible behaviour of the election officials have prevented loading of the rolls with false names.

In the past the parties managed to include many names that were bogus and fake and there were no proper identification at the polling booths. A different person prodded by the political party workers would cast the vote.